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(CNews)   Dog trapped in burning house saved by a pumpkin tossed through window.   ( divider line
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2742 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Nov 2001 at 2:13 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-18 02:32:53 PM  
Of course, they first threw an incendiary grenade.
2001-11-18 02:33:43 PM  
were they trying to free the dog, or stone the dog?
2001-11-18 02:35:44 PM  
Did anyone bother to save the pumpkin?It obviously was being saved since it still was around.Maybe they were saving the pumpkin to put into their big bulge jeans.
2001-11-18 03:08:50 PM  
The Great Pumpkin lives! Or did, I guess. I hope someone planted the seeds, or at least ate them (roasted pumpkin seeds - yum!)
2001-11-18 04:27:51 PM  
"Barbara Bieraugel said she picked up a large pumpkin that was on the front stoop and heaved it at the front window."

halloween was a couple of weeks ago barbara. get with the program.
2001-11-18 05:41:41 PM  
pumkins are weird if they can save dogs! we found or new cure for anthax
2001-11-18 07:22:10 PM  
"Drug-smelling wasps originally detected the fire, quickly alerting neighbors and giving possible options to help dog. Dog says, 'I would have rather died than have those job-stealing wasps help save me!'"
2001-11-18 09:39:19 PM  
Ok we need a "really slow news day" tag! Drew? Are you listening Drew?
2001-11-18 09:49:17 PM  
Woo Hoo! I got an article posted!

I wonder why they didn't like my PS pic, though.
2001-11-19 12:31:13 AM  
I bet since the pumpkin was still outside it was pretty juicy and moist and splatter on impact too... Aw g'yeah....
2001-11-19 10:24:52 AM  
WTF is up with that poll below the article?
2001-11-19 05:53:36 PM  
Yeah, no doubt...what's up with that poll?

I can offer a good guess to the question... YES, I think alien technology would have come in real handy... of course it depends on what the technology IS. I mean, if all you've got is a disintegration ray-gun, well.. your options are narrowed down a bit for you. A super-advanced computer able to take over the operation of the planes while in flight would have been pretty spiffy, or some sort of teleportation device.

On the other hand, a super high-tech toothbrush might not have been so useful.
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