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(WTKR)   Next time, maybe wait until you've removed the propane tanks from your vehicle before lighting that cigarette   ( divider line
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3265 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2012 at 10:55 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-30 10:14:26 AM
2012-08-30 10:18:22 AM  
Article fails to mention who was holding his beer.
2012-08-30 10:57:23 AM  
No sympathy
2012-08-30 10:58:23 AM
2012-08-30 10:58:33 AM  
"Propane ... runnin' all round my brain!"
2012-08-30 11:00:11 AM  
Sounds like he went cheap on his propane and propane accessories.
2012-08-30 11:02:23 AM
2012-08-30 11:03:43 AM  
FTA: What amazes Schlegel is not only that his neighbor survived, but that he was able to talk through the ordeal.

Best place to be in a propane explosion is right at the center of it, actually. Both the blast wave and a majority of the flames tend to be sent out in a wave behind you. Five, ten feet or more than that away and you're going to get both hit and burned a ton harder.

Dear old Dad learned this while being at the center of such a fireball one day at work. Singed his eyebrows off and he looked funny for a while, but he was none the worse for wear apart from it.

If he'd been nearly anywhere else in the room, particularly near the doorway, we'd have been visiting him in the ICU.
2012-08-30 11:05:17 AM  
Rednecks and combustibles: good times, good times.

As heard in many a meth lab explosion milliseconds before the BOOM:

"Fark you Earl, I can smoke wherever I want"

/lived near Mattoon, Illinois
//real boom town kinda place
///never will miss the smell of cat piss
2012-08-30 11:09:14 AM  

angry_scientist: Sounds like he went cheap on his propane and propane accessories.

Something like that. I started finding out about those propane tanks and how they work--I was also worried about exploding gas and tanks flying through the air and stuff--and I was told that if used correctly, they wouldn't explode, catch on fire, had all kinds of safety valves to shut down leaks, etc.

I use lighters in my little camper all the time (to light the stove--that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and I'm going to be pissed if the propane tanks explode.

//for about a half-second, then I'll be dead.
2012-08-30 11:29:19 AM  
Hey subby, you transport your propane the way you want and I'll transport mine the way I want.

/Goddam goodie two shoes know it alls...
2012-08-30 01:33:40 PM  
To bad he could have not won the Darwin Award. He already had kids.
2012-08-30 02:00:24 PM  

jimw: To bad he could have not won the Darwin Award. He already had kids.

The kids were nearly in the car apparently. Darwin's slacking hardcore.
2012-08-30 02:03:16 PM  
The dude died of his injuries. So Darwin sorta won...still remember a neighbor at the campground who was trying to light a bonfire with gasoline..from a small gas tank...he set his foot on fire. My Mom and I laughed from a safe distance.
2012-08-30 02:16:21 PM  
Hrrmmmmm... My car sure smells funny today, let me light up a smoke...

\\Really? You really didn't smell that?
2012-08-30 02:37:11 PM  
Smores? Who has the Smores?
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