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(io9)   Some key signs that you might have misunderstood an alien's intentions   ( divider line
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3966 clicks; posted to Geek » on 30 Aug 2012 at 11:00 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-30 11:07:36 AM  
It's a cookbook!
2012-08-30 11:27:24 AM  
But when the aliens say "We come in peace" we should totally trust them
2012-08-30 11:30:10 AM
2012-08-30 11:31:07 AM  
You know who else had misunderstood intentions?
2012-08-30 11:40:50 AM  

uberaverage: You know who else had misunderstood intentions?

Eric Burdon.
2012-08-30 11:46:07 AM  

uberaverage: You know who else had misunderstood intentions?

2012-08-30 01:12:57 PM  
Loving this particular article, if only because it touches a bit on why we'd have issues talking to aliens :D

Then again, I like alien aliens. :D Probably some of my favourite aliens depicted in books were the k'nnn (so darn alien that they had to have the concept of trade explained to them even though they have the best FTL technology in their compact, and even then their sense of trade is "we take what we think is shiny and leave random crap behind"--oh, and the only species that can talk to them at all is ANOTHER weird-ass methane-breather species that looks vaguely sandworm-ish and has five networked brains and as a result pretty much speaks in matrix algebra with WORDS); I also tend to like aliens with not-really-even-atomic-based chemistry (things like the photino birds in the Xeelee series (life based on supersymmetrical partners of photons) or the Cheela from the Dragon's Egg books (basically quark-based life that evolves and lives on a neutron star--whole Cheela civilisations grow and die in less than a month and they're only about the size of a very, very dense sesame seed).
2012-08-30 02:23:49 PM  

uberaverage: You know who else had misunderstood intentions?

2012-08-30 03:03:23 PM  

uberaverage: You know who else had misunderstood intentions?

The Animal's?
2012-08-30 03:55:47 PM
gun ports open.
/and hot.
2012-08-30 06:40:42 PM  
I've always thought the line from B5 was very prescient in the aftermath of 9/11:

"Among Minbari, one individual leads but we move as one. We are at our best when we move together, and we are at our worst when we move together. When our leader was killed by your people, we went mad together."
2012-08-30 07:32:15 PM  
If we were ever to receive an alien message with one of those mathematical signatures that show its from an intelligence or something...

Just think what INCONCEIVABLE PILES OF CRAP people would write -- about all the "hidden" information in the message that they discovered with their pattern recognition skills.
2012-08-31 01:58:47 PM  
Uh, yeah, I'm sure that alien wants to say it was all a "misunderstanding" now. Two business travelers meet in a hotel bar, strike up a conversation, talk about our day jobs. I'm from Phoenix, you're from Iota Draco IV, yadda yadda yadda. Then somehow through a crazy "misunderstanding" we end up in his room doing a little scientific anal probing. Just one of those wacky mixups, right?

Look, dude, I already told you I'm not going to tell your larval brood-wives. But don't pretend you didn't know what was going on.
2012-08-31 04:05:26 PM  
After you've made Sarak The Preparer cry?
2012-08-31 07:43:55 PM  
Dammit...I'm just 1/3 of the way into "The Forever War" and this effing article just spoiled it.

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