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(Huffington Post)   Jon Voight: "Barack Obama is like Cesar Chavez." Obama: "You meant to compare to Hugo Chavez, didn't you?"   ( divider line
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2012-08-29 10:49:31 AM  

mrshowrules: Jon Voight is an anomaly in that his talent actually compensates for his political idiocy IMHO.

There aren't many conservative actors as talented as him. Maybe none.

Yeah, he was great in Anaconda.

"Dee reevir can keeel joo in a tousand wess. "
2012-08-29 10:50:03 AM  

Jackson Herring: PanicMan: This is the closest thing that came to mind.

I farking love that video. I've probably watched it 40 times and now I'm watching it again.

I know, right? Fantastic.

sweetmelissa31: Next thing you know
South Korea got low low low low low low low low

I choked on my coffee. In a good way.
2012-08-29 11:00:09 AM  
Remember kids, if you're a Liberal entertainer then shut up and sing but if you're a Republican entertainer then please speak at our convention.
2012-08-29 11:37:13 AM  
The reason "liberal" entertainers bug conservatives so much, is because our entertainers are a reflection of who the general population likes.
2012-08-29 11:49:04 AM  
Oh grandpa....
2012-08-29 11:50:41 AM  

dericwater: utsagrad123: Does this mean every city in the country is going to rename a long standing street to "Barack Obama" street?

That would be the case if Voight compared Obama to Martin Luther King Jr.

I dunno. It seems to be the latest trend in mass street renaming at least here in Texas anyway.
2012-08-29 12:01:20 PM  

impaler: The reason "liberal" entertainers bug conservatives so much, is because our entertainers are a reflection of who the general population likes.

As much as the conservatives like to rip on entertainers for being liberal kooks, Hollywood hasn't asked a penny in bailout money, they pay a shiatload in taxes and the US's motion picture industry is our #2 export. Yes, there are a lot of homogays here but they're usually out and even if they're not, they aren't spewing out anti-gay rhetoric minutes before getting busted in a rest stop or hotel giving the wide stance.
2012-08-29 12:43:11 PM  

That Jon Voight gets his Hugo Chavez and Cesar Chavez talking points mixed up is a classic example of one of the RW media followers inability to even parrot back the lies he's been told successfully.

I live in the southwest. I'll just say that, in spite of that, some people out here wouldn't see the difference in exchanging Cesar for Hugo. Cesar had his enemies, and still has them. Don't ask me why. Usually, it's folks who scoff at underlings asking for unions or demanding a place at the table.
2012-08-29 01:02:01 PM  

Asa Phelps: ThatGuyFromTheInternet: [ image 500x332]

Why did you post a picture of Homer Simpson looking at Cesar Romero?

2012-08-29 01:04:33 PM  

Lionel Mandrake: I thought he was Hitler.

Right, Hitler Chavez, you heard the man.
2012-08-29 01:27:43 PM  
"I am absolutely appalled," Voight lamented. "I never thought I'd see the day when the main media would refuse to run the Republican convention. Can you imagine this? What will they edit out? What story will they tell? It's propaganda, pure and simple. And everyone -- every citizen should be up in arms."

Quit yer biatchin', they aren't airing the DNC either.
2012-08-29 02:16:24 PM  
So Jon Voight mindlessly followed the left in his early days, then had a moment in which he realized what he was doing, so he decided the solution was to mindlessly follow the right. Brilliant.

///OTOH, it's nice to know Cesar Chavez is in charge in Venezuala. They could use a break from Hugo Chavez.
//RIP Cesar Chavez
2012-08-29 04:51:53 PM  

Nina_Hartley's_Ass: [ image 247x300]


Beaten to the punch by hours. Too bad I was so busy today. Well done.
2012-08-30 02:16:48 AM  
Jon Voight officially lost all his known credibility when he began to star in such Hollywood masterpieces as Bratz or Superbabies: baby Geniuses 2.
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