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(Some Guy)   How come Americans don't care about politics but conventions matter?   ( divider line
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544 clicks; posted to Politics » on 28 Aug 2012 at 10:12 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-28 08:48:58 AM  
Americans like pageantry.
2012-08-28 08:56:17 AM  
Because Romney = Honey Boo Boo.
2012-08-28 09:27:35 AM  

hinten: Because Romney = Honey Boo Boo.

Romney is more articulate than Honey Boo Boo. I can give him that much.
2012-08-28 09:28:58 AM  
Conventions are infomercials covered by 15,000 media lemmings.
2012-08-28 10:13:28 AM  
Parties are cool
2012-08-28 10:16:12 AM  
monoski: Parties are cool
d23 [BareFark]
2012-08-28 10:16:34 AM  
If conventions mattered, here is what would happen:

1) People on the convention floor would be real people (instead of conventio-bots) and realize that Mitt Romney is a self-serving scumball that is only trying to grab the presidency for his own personal ego and again.

2) The delegates would kick Romney out on his ass and draft someone that would be marginally better.

Instead, conventions are filled with people like this:
2012-08-28 10:18:08 AM
2012-08-28 10:18:43 AM

Everybody likes pics of hot cosplayers.
2012-08-28 10:21:11 AM  
Like the Superbowl. Most watch it for the commercials.
2012-08-28 10:22:06 AM  
Because talking heads need something to talk about?
2012-08-28 10:27:21 AM  
Ratings. Next question, please?
2012-08-28 10:32:44 AM  
Just went to a convention this past weekend. Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard was amazing but the crowd with J2 was insane.
2012-08-28 10:47:18 AM  
They don't...
2012-08-28 11:02:19 AM  
People care about conventions precisely because they don't care about politics. Mitt Romney has essentially been running for president since 2007, yet this week is when he (to quote multiple pundits) will introduce himself to the electorate. Once Obama is done, someone like Chris Matthews will say "now the campaign begins" as though nothing has been happening since the Iowa straw poll.

People who are willfully low information voters will engage in politics for the next 10 weeks, so we have to start off with a bang.
2012-08-28 11:24:23 AM  
Go back a page and look right.
2012-08-28 11:39:01 AM  
Won't watch a second of either myself

Can only take being lied to is small doses before I get all stabby .
2012-08-28 11:42:30 AM  

Aarontology: Americans like pageantry.

Done in one. American's like to be involved in "events". It's why women hate football but love Super Bowl parties.
2012-08-28 11:49:27 AM  
conventions matter

To whom? They are an utter waste of time and money. The party insiders have decided everything before they even begin.
2012-08-28 12:00:35 PM  

Bashar and Asma's Infinite Playlist: Everybody likes pics of hot cosplayers.

Ahem. Let it be known I work with these two ladies. They arent teabaggers, but rather basketmakers at Colonial Williamsburg, an engaging living history museum on the site of Virginia's colonial capital city.

/currently wearing my breeches, waitcoat, and cocked hat.
2012-08-28 12:03:35 PM  

bdMurray: Ahem. Let it be known I work with these two ladies. They arent teabaggers, but rather basketmakers at Colonial Williamsburg, an engaging living history museum on the site of Virginia's colonial capital city.

Do you get angry teabaggers trying to pick fights with you about the founding fathers' true intentions?

I imagine "Hey buddy, I'm not actually Thomas Jefferson. You're scaring the kids," takes place fairly often.
2012-08-28 12:05:59 PM  
Conventions are parties thinly disguised as business.
2012-08-28 12:08:23 PM  

monoski: Parties are cool

/ OBLIG: Your blog sucks.

// Find it amusing and don't disagree. Just oblig.
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