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(   Authorities say that you should ignore those black helicopters which you may or may not see   ( ) divider line
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2012-08-25 01:15:59 AM  
Black Blackhawks? I thought those were green...
2012-08-25 02:10:39 AM  
I'm not trusting any black helicopter that is spraying the anthrax vaccine on our crops at night. I'm also not trusting the wanker high on goofballs that told me he saw the helicopters doing that.
2012-08-25 05:34:56 AM  
*reads article* Who calls 911 just because they hear helicopters?
2012-08-25 06:32:58 AM  

bobhy: Black Blackhawks? I thought those were green...

You can get them in other colors...
2012-08-25 08:23:51 AM  

HotIgneous Intruder: GoodDoctorB: Wow, what brand of tinfoil do YOU use?

Your hat gets way better reception than mine.

He's absolutely correct. Robin Sage is the Green Beret course capstone experience in which the students are trained to suppress freedom fighters of other political ideologies by training freedom fighters friendly to our ideology to kill them. It's a mini-course version of how the CIA created Bin Laden, btw. They -- the green beret candidates -- use bribery and hearts and minds persuasion propaganda to get "tribes" of civilians to get with the globalist program and kill people we don't like.
It's really working well in Afghanistan.
But it'll work much better here in the US and A, where people are not much more sophisticated.

Have a friend who's a LEO with the Alamance County Sheriff's office, we were talking about this the other day and he said that years ago (very pre 9/11, he's retiring next year) one team of Berets dressed in civvies with unloaded weapons in their vehicle (traveling from Bragg to a training site "undercover", they were supposed to treat LEOs as "hostile" so they didn't reveal their military IDs at first) got drawn on by an NC highway patrol officer who didn't know about the exercises after he pulled them over for speeding.

Apparently communications between organizations are much better now.
2012-08-25 09:11:50 AM
2012-08-25 09:33:58 AM  
I do find it amusing that the US government spent decades denying the existence of silent, black stealth helicopters and then bragged about them right on the front page of the news when they took out Osama bin-Laden.
2012-08-25 09:59:00 AM  

CLester772: MIB 4... The aliens are coming

They're already here in their underground bases. Or if you mean illegal aliens, then they are already here as well.
In either case, they're already here.
2012-08-25 10:09:11 AM  

NephilimNexus: I do find it amusing that the US government spent decades denying the existence of silent, black stealth helicopters and then bragged about them right on the front page of the news when they took out Osama bin-Laden.

They didn't brag, and they didn't have much choice.

One crashed, and wasn't completely destroyed. Once the media got the pics of the tail boom of what was apparently a stealth modified Blackhawk, there was no plausible deniability.

That the US had stealth helicopter tech was no secret either, the Army cancelled the RAH-66 Comanche after building two working prototypes, because they decided that a helicopter designed for a Cold War type conflict in that it was meant to engage tank columns a European land war while being invisible to radar was not that useful in our current and projected conflicts. Looks like they got some money out of the R&D though.
2012-08-25 10:19:06 AM  

Ghryswald: Silverstaff: It is proof that military training exercises, including USSOCOM ones, are done off a military reservation.

Had my first taste of rattlesnake as part of an off-post training mission in the mountains of North Kakalakky back in the 80s.

Our biggest eye-opening mission brief was "nobody goes anywhere without 3 others, the hicks up here will kill your for that M16."

This. When I was in the reserves back in the '80s, we were given the same orders. Also, officially, we weren't supposed to have live ammo unless we were on the qualification range, but nobody in my unit didn't have at least one 20 round mag with him, and the section chief was permitted to keep one ammo can with magazines and a 100 round belt for our M-60. Unofficially, of course.
The weird thing was, when there was a credible threat, 96th ARCOM's solution was to have us go on exercises without our rifles, which suited us just fine, cause that meant one less thing to clean at the end of the weekend. I used to get in trouble all the time for having a civvy case for my rifle. I'd only take the d@mn thing out for meals and guard duty. 
Another stunt they pulled was to issue our rifles, but without the bolt-carrier group, which in the M-16A1 pretty much meant it was useless, even if you could score a new one.

As for black helicopters, I don't know if this means anything, but on one exercise we got to chat with some guys from an NG chopper unit, and someone brought the subject up. The pilot laughed, and said there were a couple reasons you might see one painted that way. One, it was a former civvy bird that was brought into the fleet for a temporary assignment before disposal. Two, it was a soon-to-be-retired military bird used to simulate an enemy chopper. Three, it may have been a tactic to keep the airframe warm at altitude (we trained on a plateau in the Rockies), and lastly, it was meant for birds which were intended to fly only at night.
2012-08-25 06:52:59 PM  
If it is training they want, we should be shooting at them...
2012-08-26 08:35:04 PM  

bullsballs: If it is training they want, we should be shooting at them...

You'll notice that we're not hearing from any of those who do.
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