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(Hot Air)   Anderson Cooper: You do realize that you're lying about Mitt Romney's views on abortion, right..Debbie? Debbie?... "Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down"   ( divider line
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2012-08-25 12:57:06 AM  
Romney flip-flop and lies on abortion a n-bridge-21st-century/pac-ad-sketches-romney-abortion-flip-flopper o n a bout-cardinal-omalley-to-the-nation-during-the-wednesday-debate
2012-08-25 05:46:41 AM  
I would like someone to forcibly rape this thread.

And then abort it.
2012-08-25 09:30:04 AM  

Bucky Katt: Romney flip-flop and lies on abortion a n-bridge-21st-century/pac-ad-sketches-romney-abortion-flip-flopper o n a bout-cardinal-omalley-to-the-nation-during-the-wednesday-debate

A politician not staying consistent with his views to keep the people on his side..?
2012-08-25 11:51:44 AM  

Fart_Machine: lennavan: Fart_Machine: As to your comments I already answered them. Beliefs are subjective and subject to emotion which is why this debate will never have a satisfactory answer for some people.

Your original point was:

Fart_Machine: Late term abortions are already regulated at the state level and happen with such infrequency that his entire argument is an emotion-based canard.

I'm telling you bringing up late term abortions gets at the logic behind your beliefs because these beliefs are rooted not just in emotion but also in logic. I even gave you the example of the logic "it's her body, her choice." That's not emotional, that's logical. Sure you cannot separate out the emotions but to simply dismiss that entire line of argumentation as solely emotion-based and dishonest is lazy and dishonest yourself.

Where is the logical response as to when life begins? And do you want to claim that late term abortions are the dominant form of abortion? Bringing this up is meant to provoke an emotional response and is a bogus argument.

This is the second time now you've completely made something up. Last time I let you go, you claimed your reply to me was recollecting someone else who posted in the thread yet you were not associating it with me in any way. Which is odd given you posted it in reply to me. Now you are saying I'm claiming late term abortions are the dominant form?

I've been trying post after post to get you to reply to the first thing I posted to you. Here it is again. I have bolded the relevant part where I actually directly tell you late term abortions are infrequent. I actually used the farking word infrequent you dipshiat.

No, it's really not. That argument gets fundamentally at your beliefs. That it is already regulated in a way everyone accepts and is so infrequent should make it a significantly easier one to have. Yet it's not because it forces people to see their own cognitive dissonance.

Why are you pro-choice? What is your reason? Some people say it's because it's a woman's body a woman's choice and that's that. Except they don't actually believe that. As you said, late term abortions are already regulated and we're cool with that because pretty much everyone is against late term abortions. So they don't really believe in that woman's body woman's choice thing. So why are they pro-choice?

Here's what's happening here. You yourself get emotional about the subject of abortion. You're totally sure about your beliefs and positions but you're terrified to defend them because you know your beliefs must be true, they just have to be. But in defending them, you might realize they are wrong, which simply cannot be. So you're just gonna refuse to discuss or argue your beliefs and instead project your own emotional issues onto the rest of us. This conversation is going to go nowhere because that's exactly where you want it to go.

No one's forcing you to be a dick. Why do you choose to be?
2012-08-25 08:02:13 PM  

keithgabryelski: The Democratic leadership should tell her to keep her mouth shut.

That would be helpful if she werent the head of the DNC and by all accounts, the mouthpiece of the party.
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