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(Yahoo)   Wil Wheaton robbed again this year as People magazine names Johnny Depp sexiest man alive   ( divider line
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8633 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Nov 2003 at 8:43 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-20 09:08:15 PM  
er, Wil, scottishweapon.
2003-11-20 09:10:19 PM  
I'd hit it. Both of 'em are hotties.
2003-11-20 09:10:27 PM  
Johnny Depp in Dead Man - brilliant.

I hate it when they list the popular films and leave out the best one.
2003-11-20 09:12:20 PM  
Who is contesting this? Peter Deluise?
2003-11-20 09:12:30 PM  
Depp's first movie was A Nightmare on Elm Street. "Kitty, kitty. Chow, chow, chow."

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas rules.

That is all.
2003-11-20 09:12:44 PM  
Johnny was good in "Blow".

I also loved him during the "21 Jump Street" years.
2003-11-20 09:12:44 PM  
Female fapping sounds a bit like a small, wet, ticking/flicking sort of noise. Not that I would know anything about it.
2003-11-20 09:14:40 PM  
Ever since Edward Scissorhands, I'd do anything and everything for him. :P
2003-11-20 09:15:25 PM  
I thought he was really good in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas too.

I can't understand why people panned the movie, it's pretty much as the book puts it. Unless of course the detractors never bothered to actually read the book in the first place...
2003-11-20 09:16:54 PM  
First, I read the article as something about Wil getting robbed and I didn't care.

Then I read it correctly and I still didn't.
2003-11-20 09:20:37 PM  
if you didn't care, you wouldn't post.
2003-11-20 09:20:59 PM  
This one's for the girls:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-20 09:21:34 PM  
mr. pinkeye, that pic makes him look young enough for

2003-11-20 09:22:03 PM  
cry baby was too a good movie entrekken. odd perhaps but good in it's own way.
2003-11-20 09:24:02 PM  
Depp's upcoming movie is "J.M. Barrie's Neverland".

Ta-Da! Yet another article we can connect to Michael Jackson!

Totally on-topic: Johnny Depp is scrum-dilly-umptious!
2003-11-20 09:24:02 PM  
If you did care you wouldn't post. :|
2003-11-20 09:26:56 PM  
How did Justin Timberlake even make the list? He's not fit to kiss the ground Depp walks on.
2003-11-20 09:27:00 PM  
so maybe 'squish, squish, squish'? there's no onomatopoeia associated with 'flick'
2003-11-20 09:28:35 PM  
Man... they totally overlooked B-Shoc once again...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-20 09:28:46 PM  
After much consideration, I think Frank Stallone should have won. ... LOL AQUIG
2003-11-20 09:29:24 PM  
Yeah fark him
2003-11-20 09:30:20 PM  
luigi_chan : Donnie Brasco was a most excellent flick, aye lassie!

Most people ne'er heard of it.
2003-11-20 09:32:29 PM  
I am mortified not only did Wil not make it but choice number two didn't even place....WHERE THE HELL IS HASSELHOFF?
2003-11-20 09:33:19 PM  
Wil Wheaton isn't even the sexiest man in his own house.
2003-11-20 09:33:39 PM  
Ah, yes but now we await Willie Wonka....
2003-11-20 09:34:22 PM  
Don't worry Wil, all is not lost. The NHL All-Star voting is still going on, and I wrote you in for West Coast defense.

Hope you know how to skate...
2003-11-20 09:34:27 PM  
You're going to hell.
2003-11-20 09:34:34 PM  
el mental

Squish is too....squishy. And actually, "flick" does have a bit of onomatopoeia to it....still, it doesn't capture the essence of female fapping. What to do, what to do?
2003-11-20 09:34:53 PM  
Fourdoorlovemonkey: for that, you need to be reading Das Volk instead.
2003-11-20 09:36:26 PM  
Did Jonathan Brandis make People's list for Sexiest Man Not Alive?
2003-11-20 09:37:21 PM  
Why don't you actually record yourself then closet? Then try mixing it in like a sample with some r&b or something... joke
2003-11-20 09:39:13 PM  
Nice one, comslave.
2003-11-20 09:40:10 PM  
hes my favorite actor.. and no, im not gay.
but i would be for him.
2003-11-20 09:41:04 PM  
okay, fair enough at least the Germans love Hasselhoff but can we agree Shatner should be in the top ten? How about Burt Reynolds moustache, that should get it's own special mention "Best supporting facial hair on washed up celebrity."
2003-11-20 09:41:13 PM  
It sucks that my first name is Jonathan. When the girls scream "Oh, Johnny!", I can never tell whether they're refering to me or Depp.

While I respect Johnny Depp, I can't help but feel insanely jealous of him at the same time.
2003-11-20 09:41:46 PM  
it doesn't capture the essence of female fapping. What to do, what to do?

That might make for an interesting AudioEdit...
2003-11-20 09:44:04 PM  
This is great news, it effect my life SO much.

2003-11-20 09:44:17 PM  

If I recorded myself, people would be like "that's sick...drowning a cat like that..." ;-).

I'm leaning towards the word "blip" right now...but that's not quite right...argh...this is gonna bug me forever!
2003-11-20 09:44:42 PM  
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas rules.

I agree -- I saw it 3 times. I'm going on 70. The younger generation has no sense of humor.
2003-11-20 09:46:08 PM  
Around my house the female fapping noise is more of a high-pitched electric motor hum.
2003-11-20 09:47:00 PM  
I think you mean it AFFECTS your life. But what do I know?
2003-11-20 09:48:58 PM  
Yessss.... St.Alfonzo ...."buzz buzz" might work!

"Oooh buzz...Johnny!" Yes, I quite like that. Heh.
2003-11-20 09:49:51 PM  
Closet Exhibitionist

According to "Sexy Losers" comic strip, it's *schlik, schlik, schlik*

Hopefully this will meet with approval.
2003-11-20 09:51:41 PM  
As someone with no authority whatsoever, I hereby decree that 'fap' can indeed be used by both sexes in reference to self-love.

So sayeth the dorf, so shall it be. Fap away, ladies.
2003-11-20 09:51:47 PM  
Another Colorado Springs person. Not many of us. obnoxious profile but whatever.
2003-11-20 09:52:30 PM  
DeeDovey: I agree -- I saw it 3 times. I'm going on 70. The younger generation has no sense of humor.

Please be my new grandfather. ;)

Depp's making a sequel called Rum Punch. Del Toro's going to be directing this time.
2003-11-20 09:52:34 PM  
Pardon me, I spelled it wrong: *shlick, shlick, shlick*

2003-11-20 09:52:38 PM  

Schlik...schlik...hmmmmm....pretty darn good, that one.
2003-11-20 09:53:03 PM  
DeeDovy, I think you mean "the generation after mine and before Gen-X has no sense of humor." The only folks who don't think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is funny are the people that caused Thompson the fear and the loathing in the first place: his own generation.

This stick up that generation's ass has a stick up its ass.

2003-11-20 09:53:13 PM  
Or grandmother, whichever the case may be...
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