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(The Daily Caller)   The same people that voted for Obama 2-1 over McCain say the dismal economy is impacting their day-to-day lives in a negative way and are beginning to realize the promised rainbow farting unicorn isn't going to appear   ( divider line
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2012-08-24 01:46:46 AM  

tooeasy: It's good to see that Obama has learned so well from Bush: use wedge issues to distract from your record. It's the kids and the poor that will suffer from the Obama economy, but knock yourselves out, guys

It's the kids and the poor who will suffer either candidates economy. Dont try to paint Romney as being a benefit for the poor. Between the two candidates the one most likely to throw a bone to the poor it would be the Democrat candidate.

If you disagree, then explain where in Romney's past he contributed to the lower half of the population.
2012-08-24 09:11:51 AM  

Gyrfalcon: hubiestubert: The economy is coming back. And that terrifies some folks who have kicked in their heels the whole frippin' time...

It worries them so much they're trying to kickstart a war in Iran just to divert our attention.

Which, given how Obama has handled conflict during his first term, might not be the smartest thing...

Do they really want to hand ANOTHER boogeyman to claim that he got rid of?
2012-08-24 09:33:05 AM  

Shamwow: Leeds: Degenz: Leeds: Obama knew the economy was in the crapper, but he was so new to having any sort of responsibility at all that he didn't appreciate what being president meant.

So while the economy sank further and further into the shiatter, he spent 2+ years trying his damndest to address social issues, most notably the increase in healthcare entitlements.

He might actually be mature enough now to actually be the president but considering it took him close to 3 years to even understand the position I don't want to lock him in for 8 years.

When Romney is sworn in I'm certain he'll actually address the issues at hand (still the economy, folks) instead of playing with pet projects that actually exacerbate the problems we face as a country. That's the difference between voting in a leader and voting in a slick sheister like obama.

Four paragraphs of right wing herpty derp echo chamber bullshiat.

If 3 1/2 years of failure summed up in 4 paragraphs is still too complex for you to understand- then I certainly hope you leave voting up to those of us who don't share your handicap.

Now to summarize the previous statement in a form even an idiot like you could understand:

"Don't vote, leave that to smart people."

If you can convince the conservatives to concentrate on the betterment of the country instead of fulfilling every avarice desire they have no matter now much it cost America the US would be in much better shape. Unfortunately greed and blaming the other party is now the conservative way.

You're not entirely off base. I am actively lobbying to modify our party's stances on a number of issues and I feel it's my civic duty to change some of our planks.

Since I posted in this thread last I have been on the phone with delegates going to the Convention this weekend trying to get them to dissent to a few planks that will be codified during Monday's session.
2012-08-24 03:10:44 PM  
HAHA ! Nice headline subby.
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