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(9 News)   Holy cow! USPS stuck with 682M unsold 'Simpsons' stamps   ( divider line
    More: Asinine, U.S. Postal Service, inspector generals  
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2012-08-21 02:42:48 PM  
23 votes:
i36.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-08-21 05:56:50 PM  
7 votes:
9news.comView Full Size

I think if the cops searched you, this would be mistaken for an LSD blotter.
2012-08-21 04:09:38 PM  
5 votes:
Just recycle them into "Family Guy" stamps a few years later.
2012-08-21 05:46:24 PM  
4 votes:
Junk ... junk ... the airplane's upside down ...

deadhomersociety.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

2012-08-21 01:54:43 PM  
4 votes:
I would have gone with a "D'oh", perhaps in a pun form such as "Guess how much D'oh the USPS wasted"
2012-08-21 06:20:46 PM  
3 votes:
rookery.s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size
2012-08-21 06:52:23 PM  
2 votes:
Holy cow??? holy cow? I think my mom submitted this.
2012-08-21 05:58:46 PM  
2 votes:
what are stamps?
2012-08-21 05:52:21 PM  
2 votes:
"Holy Cow"? Have you even seen the Simpsons, submitter?
2012-08-21 02:26:46 PM  
2 votes:
Quick! Someone attach those stamps to collectable coins and on day time television!
2012-08-21 01:52:24 PM  
2 votes:
Maybe a half price sale is in order
2012-08-21 09:53:18 PM  
1 vote:
trip-dealer.orgView Full Size

Glad to see the LSD blotters were mentioned.........carry on.
2012-08-21 08:21:30 PM  
1 vote:
Yet another in the rapidly growing pile of greenlit Copy-Paste headlines.

Between these growing more and more frequent and the Repeat tag, it's like Fark has given up even trying to respect its readers.
2012-08-21 07:15:11 PM  
1 vote:
Reminds me of one of the funniest stamps.

img842.imageshack.usView Full Size

Selling stamps to random collectors is one of the sources of income for some little backwaters (systemically raping their children doesn't pay the bills apparently). Part of having a reasonably market to philatelists is keeping supply somewhat limited. I just love that this is one of the few things they had to commemorate.

Also, for bonus, my vote for the best stamp the USA ever issued.

img20.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-08-21 06:09:23 PM  
1 vote:
They'd make a lot more money off commemorative stamps for prostitution: $.47 for the stamp, and an additional $10.00 to lick it.

//tip your waiter
2012-08-21 05:54:06 PM  
1 vote:
You would think that these would've sold out quickly.....15 years ago.
2012-08-21 05:52:07 PM  
1 vote:
The Simpsons? The Post Office is sure behind the times.

rlv.zcache.comView Full Size
2012-08-21 05:50:58 PM  
1 vote:
So they release a stamp that isn't a Forever Stamp, which means the only people who are going to buy it are philatelists.

Then they're caught off guard when only philatelists buy it?

/only commenting so I can use the world "philatelist."
2012-08-21 05:50:52 PM  
1 vote:
I told them. I told the USPS they should print "Worker and Parasite" stamps instead.

But did they listen to me? No.
2012-08-21 05:44:30 PM  
1 vote:

consider this: I cashed out my 401k and put it all in forever stamps.

media.tumblr.comView Full Size
2012-08-21 05:23:25 PM  
1 vote:
So just get Paul Anka to write a jingle and they'll fly off the shelves.
2012-08-21 03:42:05 PM  
1 vote:

cman: No "¡Ay, caramba!" yet? Fark I is disapoint

I know!

I blame myself. And my inability to spell.
2012-08-21 02:12:55 PM  
1 vote:

quatchi: beantowndog: Should have gone with Pogs.

I actually still have some Simpson Pogs kicking around here so I'm getting a real kick, etc.

Pfft, everyone knows the best Pogs were the Alf ones

/It's Alf! in Pog form
2012-08-21 01:54:40 PM  
1 vote:
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Postal Service wasted $1.2 million in printing costs by selling less than a one-third of the 1 billion commemorative stamps of The Simpsons, Bloomberg news reports.

That's not very much for the USPS. Usually they like to target their waste numbers a little higher.
2012-08-21 01:47:34 PM  
1 vote:
You should hear about the amount of space they wasted in the post office because Homer refused to tip his mailman at Christmas
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