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(9 News)   Holy cow! USPS stuck with 682M unsold 'Simpsons' stamps   ( divider line
    More: Asinine, U.S. Postal Service, inspector generals  
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2012-08-21 09:29:33 PM  
Implode the USPS already.
2012-08-21 09:38:39 PM  
Commemorative Simpsons stamps? Welcome to 1990, USPS.
2012-08-21 09:53:18 PM

Glad to see the LSD blotters were mentioned.........carry on.
2012-08-21 10:32:54 PM  

jtown: downstairs: I only recently learned that stamps are now 45 cents.  I mail so rarely, that its hard to pay attention.  However, I've been mailing stuff for 44 cents all year.  Nothing ever got returned.
/not so CSB

No shiat. I'm pretty sure I've mailed stuff with 44 cents worth of stamps (still working on a roll of 42 cent stamps I found in my house last year supplemented with 2 cent stamps). Heck, I just bought a sheet of 2 cent stamps a month or so ago. I guess I need to get some 1 cent stamps next time I'm in town.

I assume the post office (as a corporate entity) has realized that it's dumb to try to collect that extra penny and they loose far more than they collect by quibbling over individual pennies. It also costs more than a penny per stamp to print all those penny stamps, distribute them, and sell them. That's why they finally came up with the "forever" stamps. It's just cheaper to deliver at the old rate than go after 1-3 cents per transaction.

actually they still deliver the mail, but try to stick the receiver for the difference in postage. I know this as my wife does a really dumb holiday "card exchange" with her online friends who can't seem to put the correct postage on the things. So we end up with the cards and a little envelope asking us to leave 13 cents (or whatever) to pay for the difference in postage. Since it is only a few cents I generally put it into the envelope and leave it there for the postman to pick up the next day, though I suppose there is really nothing he could do if I didn't (I like our postman though).
2012-08-21 10:36:49 PM  
Payday's tomorrow, and I have to go to the post office anyway. If they have any of these laying around, I'll buy some, and some 1-cent stamps too, to help out their little problem.
2012-08-21 10:45:29 PM  

Lawnchair: I've put at least $1000 in 20-year-old-plus stamps on packages over the last couple of years.

I'll buy some of your old stamps. Eip.
2012-08-21 11:04:17 PM  

SandMann: The Simpsons? The Post Office is sure behind the times.

[ image 152x152]


2012-08-21 11:04:18 PM  
Maybe they wanted to lose money...another political reason to further privatize the post office.

Cause ONE BILLION stamps in the internet age? And TFA seemed to suggest that only 1 person was involved in choosing how many stamps to print.

Anybody know how many stamps a popular series has sold in a 2-year timeframe? Anywhere close to a billion?
2012-08-21 11:19:56 PM  

puppetmaster745: How is something collectible if there's 1 billion of them?

The idea is to buy something like 100 million for yourself.
2012-08-21 11:21:38 PM  
that's what those douches get.

I remember back in the day, a postal representative scoffed at even the thought of a bart simpson stamp.
Apparently, that was below their dignity. Now, they come out with it 10 years after people have stopped using stamps.

No wonder they lose money every year.
2012-08-21 11:23:39 PM  
The USPS squandered a golden opportunity when it did not issue 42c "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" stamps.

They did not have to be "Forever" stamps, and people would have only bought them that way.
2012-08-21 11:24:04 PM  
Jiminy Jillikers!
2012-08-21 11:41:45 PM  
Now they'll never do their promised Welcome Back Kotter edition.
2012-08-22 12:10:50 AM  

Jon iz teh kewl: d'oh! i thought those would sell well!

But then are an idiot.
We all know this.
2012-08-22 12:18:40 AM  

Disgruntled Goat: Yet another in the rapidly growing pile of greenlit Copy-Paste headlines.

Between these growing more and more frequent and the Repeat tag, it's like Fark has given up even trying to respect its readers.

What is keeping you from finding another site. Go! Be fruitfull! Multiply!
2012-08-22 06:52:55 AM  
Why would anyone be MAILING a "collectors stamp" in the first place? Why not just buy a regular ass stamp?

I could never figure this out with women and checks also... JUST GET THE damned CHEAP ONES! Why pay extra to pay?

Would you go buy a classic car just to see how many miles you could cram onto it?

Would you PLAY with an autographed Babe Ruth ball?

2012-08-22 06:54:04 AM  

fusillade762: TV's Vinnie: Just get back to delivery the mail and selling stamps, get rid of the merchandizing crap, and maybe, just maybe, the USPS might get back in the black again.

Not gonna happen as long as congress requires them to pre-fund retirement funds for employees that haven't even been born yet.

Operationally speaking, the USPS nets profits every year. The financial problem it faces now comes from a 2006 Congressional mandate that requires the agency to "pre-pay" into a fund that covers health care costs for future retired employees. Under the mandate, the USPS is required to make an annual $5.5 billion payment over ten years, through 2016. These "prepayments" are largely responsible for the USPS's financial losses over the past four years and the threat of shutdown that looms ahead - take the retirement fund out of the equation, and the postal service would have actually netted $1 billion in profits over this period.

Also part of that bill requires that any surplus can not be used to pay down debt. In addition, the usps can only charge private shippers (fedex, ups) the bare bones cost to put their package on to their planes; the usps can not make a profit when letting its private competitors use their infrastructure.

Disgruntled Goat: Yet another in the rapidly growing pile of greenlit Copy-Paste headlines.

Between these growing more and more frequent and the Repeat tag, it's like Fark has given up even trying to respect its readers.

Hey now, this isn't gawker.

office_despot: i would buy these stamps. Heck, I would buy ANY stamp I didn't have to stand in line for! This morning I went to the post office and was informed that because of a "management decision" the machine in the front was no longer selling booklets of first-class stamps. For those, I now have to stand in line.

WTF. If the USPS can't even make it convenient to buy STAMPS, how do they expect to stay in business?

For the last decade or so, I haven't had to buy stamps because my bank's atms sold them. Now they are stopping that because they were bought out by some Canadians and they don't understand why people avoid the post office.

cretinbob: [ image 600x450]

Now that is what they should have sold. Even better if this was made into a 1 cent to sell out the rest of the inventory.

puppetmaster745: How is something collectible if there's 1 billion of them?

Because they are commemorative, not collectible.

SevenizGud: It's a shame this money was wasted, and that the stamps passed expiration, and now cannot be sold. I guess they'll have to burn them, as now they have no value whatsoever.

They could just sell them with a 1 cent stamp. If they are able to sell another 3 million, they break even.
2012-08-22 08:33:25 AM  

Choadzilla: Why would anyone be MAILING a "collectors stamp" in the first place?

I'm sure the Post Office would prefer that you not use the "collector's stamps". $0.44 cents revenue each, only costs about .17 cents each to make.
2012-08-22 09:07:49 AM  

cretinbob: [ image 600x450]

Good one.
2012-08-22 08:28:50 PM  
Placing a monetary value on a stamp is tantamount to printing currency. This should stop. All outstanding 1st class stamps should be re-classed as "forever" and, in the future, simply sell for the going rate at any given time. This way I can finally use up that big roll of .32 stamps I bought back in the day. The USPS has had my money, and now it's time for them to provide the delivery service I retained from them.
2012-08-24 03:23:10 PM  
I see the problem here: The original thread only got 17 posts.

/So much for interest.
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