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(SacBee)   Man whose mugshot in no way suggests he is super high arrested for vandalizing police car   ( divider line
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2012-08-17 08:46:52 PM  
I don't know, the types of folks I know that would be likely to vandalize a police car looked like that when they were completely sober.
2012-08-17 09:05:32 PM  
"Why ya'll upside down?"
2012-08-17 09:54:26 PM  
2012-08-17 09:55:40 PM  
Why is it that every guy I know who looks like this is named Rob?
2012-08-17 09:56:19 PM  
Young Abraham Lincoln attends his first rave.
2012-08-17 09:56:22 PM  
so rolling...
2012-08-17 09:57:57 PM  
Looks like the stoner who won't STFU. Every party has one.....
2012-08-17 10:01:14 PM  
He must be part honeybadger.
2012-08-17 10:04:51 PM  
According to their handy "Crime mapper," I know that Elk Grove, and to a lesser extent Folsom, is a hellhole.
Zel [TotalFark]
2012-08-17 10:10:21 PM  
According to RTFA he wasn't arrested for vandalizing a police car, but for hanging out flagging down cars, looking suspicious, and smelling of drugs at a site of known drug sales.

Then due to possession of a dirty pipe they got him on parole violation. Later he allegedly ripped out some camera wiring from the car. The vandalism is after the arrest.
2012-08-17 10:12:40 PM
2012-08-17 10:19:51 PM  

fragMasterFlash: He must be part honeybadger.
2012-08-17 10:25:00 PM
2012-08-17 10:27:15 PM  
"You must be trippin,officer! I should know!"
2012-08-17 10:27:37 PM
2012-08-17 10:32:07 PM
2012-08-17 10:33:47 PM  
Are those irises, or pupils? Hard to tell from the pic.
2012-08-17 10:39:06 PM  
He reminds me of someone I went to school with. He was a great basketball player until he discovered drugs, after that a ten year old could beat him.
2012-08-17 10:44:30 PM  
I like this comment:

John Muller

Still hate that racist term 'Vandalism', it needs to go away like getting 'jewed' or 'gypped'

I wonder if there are any actual Vandals left to be offended?
2012-08-17 10:47:39 PM  
Where this guy screwed up (and it's a common mistake) is that he didn't get his driver's license photo taken while drunk and stoned. See, you can take the bus to the DMV, and get nice and wasted outside before they take the picture.

Don't worry. When someone sees the picture and your not drunk/high, you can just explain it away as another bad DMV photo, but if you're seriously farked up nobody will bat an eye because you look just as farked up as ever.

This not only works on cops, it works on bartenders. Until you get drunk and tell them about it.
2012-08-17 10:49:10 PM
2012-08-17 10:50:06 PM
2012-08-17 10:52:46 PM  

jmadisonbiii: [ image 249x312]
[ image 270x290]

Hmmmm. This perp has a "What's up dude " look.
Manson always had a " I am " look.
Big difference.
2012-08-17 11:33:45 PM  
I dunno, looks to me like he's just trying to be a smartass
2012-08-18 12:17:53 AM  
I say good for him.
2012-08-18 01:11:04 AM Ooh, yeah..
2012-08-18 02:11:59 AM

/thanks and credit go to red5ish
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