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(Arnold)   You too can be part of Governor Arnold's administration. Apply here   ( divider line
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9678 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Nov 2003 at 4:25 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-19 07:46:02 PM  
I just applied for the Structural Pest Control Board.

Well, technically someone named Eat Ham did, but I thought he'd be good for the job.
2003-11-19 07:46:43 PM  
Hey, I can bench about 275. I think there's a good position available for me in his administration.
2003-11-19 07:59:09 PM  
Can I run my own Stalag?
2003-11-19 08:09:11 PM  
Holy shiat, I can't believe this got the greenlight. Arnie is about to get thousands of apps from a bunch of farkers!!!

Good job admins! me like
2003-11-19 09:14:10 PM  
State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind or Acupuncture Board, or Hearing Aid Dispensers Advisory Commission, or Interagency Aquatic Invasive Species Council [hey, who knows more about walking Chinese fish than Farkers?], or Poet Laureate [I can haiku with the best of 'em], or Women, Commission on the Status of [who better than a Farker to rate women's status?]

Just one, Ahnold.. gimme just one....
2003-11-19 09:18:55 PM  
i've always wondered where to sign up for these jobs. thanks FARK!

Alcoholic Beverage Control, Dir. of
Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority
2003-11-19 10:07:55 PM  
Some of these appointments are positions in my department! Come work with me. I'll give you Photoshop tips.
2003-11-19 10:11:07 PM  
I have a feeling Fark's gonna be mentioned in the news for this....
2003-11-19 10:35:27 PM  
Just think, you could be more qualified than the governator of California, and still not get a job.

Anyways, where is "Groping, Board of"? Or is that position already filled? :)

/flame on
2003-11-19 10:49:58 PM  
indeed, I think this one will go over well. But only if enough nuts apply to really fark up their appointments.

either film commision so I can get decent divx out there, or the horse racing board.
2003-11-19 11:50:54 PM  
I pay five bucks a month for the privilege of saying: Repeat.
2003-11-20 12:44:13 AM  
I just pay the five dollars for all the adult content that regular Farkers are missing. Oh, and the bumper sticker next to my name, that's peachy keen!
2003-11-20 04:38:31 AM  
I applied for Campus Sexual Task Force.

woo7 woo7 im gonna score me some Co-eds!
2003-11-20 04:43:37 AM  
"Is there anything in your background which if made known to the general public through your appointment would cause an embarrassment to you and/or the administration?
If yes, please feel free to explain. "

where to begin?
2003-11-20 04:54:27 AM  
I applied for the Director of the Dept. of Aging. I'm thinking of having it made illegal.
2003-11-20 04:56:09 AM  
I'm in for this position...Veterans Homes, Governor\'s Commission on...wish me luck guys.
2003-11-20 04:58:12 AM  
Welcome to TOTALFARK...Have You Met Miss Jones. We be the BEST.
2003-11-20 05:12:07 AM  
"Is there anything in your background which if made known to the general public through your appointment would cause an embarrassment to you and/or the administration?
If yes, please feel free to explain."

Oh my god - I will be having fun with this section.

Also, did anyone else notice that almost half of the positions available are for warden of a prison?
2003-11-20 05:14:31 AM  
I wonder how Schwarz.. Shwaz.. Shwarzenege.. Arnie filled in that bit.
2003-11-20 05:15:48 AM  
Yeah, that little pig from Green Acres is doing some crazy things.
2003-11-20 05:16:20 AM  
Well that's nice...

This is what happens when my state elects a leader simply because of the novelty value of being governed by the star of Terminator.
2003-11-20 05:22:31 AM  
At first I thought that this application thingee would be a hoot. You know, all off us FARKERS applying for work, what a laugh. But then I wised up and realize the average FARKER is going to scoot this thread like the black death.
2003-11-20 05:38:08 AM  
"Have you ever submitted oral or written views to any government authority or the news media, on any particular controversial issue other than in an official government capacity?

If yes, please explain."

Most Farkers can expect to be ruled out by this question ;)

Does Fark counts as part of the news media? It's not news ...
2003-11-20 05:39:11 AM  
At least he recycles!... HTML, that is... check out the source. :)
2003-11-20 05:51:27 AM  
simiproject:- How do you mean? The php will be doing the repetition of HTML if that's what you're talking about.
2003-11-20 05:58:37 AM  
i think simiproject is referring the fact that there is some commented out HTML code like this:

href="mailto:inf­o[nospam-﹫-backwards]dlonran­i­oj*com" class="footerlink"

So this is their campaign signup page, now turned int
o the apply for government page!
2003-11-20 06:02:32 AM  
Ah. Fair enough.
2003-11-20 06:03:53 AM  
Repeat, no?
2003-11-20 06:14:50 AM  
I would fight to work in This guy's administration.

Even if it meant describing in writing the last time I submitted to oral ;)
2003-11-20 06:24:20 AM  
Tad3tte:- If you want to use FARK for your first draft, we'll rate it for you.
2003-11-20 06:42:12 AM  
I hope Ed Rosenthal applies :)
2003-11-20 06:43:57 AM  
Dept of Agriculture of course :)
2003-11-20 07:25:40 AM  
This may be my ticket into the U.S.
2003-11-20 07:36:12 AM  
Watch out folks. I hear ravenspore is with Al Kiwida.
2003-11-20 07:40:50 AM  
Nice irony - there is a question asking if you are a citizen of a country other than the United States - but then the address form refuses to allow people living outside the USA from applying.
2003-11-20 07:42:10 AM  
Shame i live in the UK, I'd apply for "Alcoholic Beverage Control, Dir. of" like a shot :-)

mua-hahaha! I now control all of your alcoholic beverages! Fear my wrath!
2003-11-20 07:48:54 AM  
"Al Kiwida"?

Is that the shoe polish?
2003-11-20 08:04:16 AM  
Man, they want to know a lot of stuff. Anyway I applied for jobs in education. What's that? My experience? I have as much experience in education as the Governor has in governing a state. Thank you.
2003-11-20 09:04:28 AM  
Viva La Resistance!!!!
2003-11-20 09:16:03 AM  
I signed up for the adult offender thingy.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-11-20 09:26:04 AM  
mmmmmm...secretary of food and agriculture. Can I get fries with that?

® drive through, please
2003-11-20 09:29:36 AM  
Forget it. You have to follow Arnold's lead and work for nothing.
2003-11-20 09:52:02 AM  
I want to be the acupuncture board.
2003-11-20 10:26:22 AM  
geekchic - urrrr ... so you're saying it would make more sense to have US citizens who don't reside in in the US, let alone California, serving in Ahnold's administration that it would having foreign citizens who do, however, live in California?
If you ask me, both are stupid, but then I was against the right to vote fer wimmin too, so maybe I'm not such a good measure.

2003-11-20 10:45:33 AM  
I highly doubt that a lot of Farkers are going to go through the efforts of actually mailing the application off. The submit button only puts your info into a somewhat printer friendly format and puts it into a "database"... The instructions read that you have to mail it in to be considered. Of course, I just put my stamp on mine, but I'm doing it seriously for 5 positions. There ain't a chance in hell I'll get one, but I had to try. I wouldn't mind moving back to California to bring the Governator down from the inside....
2003-11-20 11:28:46 AM  
... "Holocaust Era Insurance Claims Oversight Committee"?? WTF. No wonder CA is in debt.
2003-11-20 02:04:16 PM  
Where does one apply for governor?
2003-11-20 02:24:03 PM  
Remember, kids, Arnold hates special interest groups*, so don't apply if you're part of Big Labor or Indian Gaming.

*The following are acceptable special interest groups:
- construction/building/development/real estate
- big energy
- HMOs
- big finance
2003-11-20 02:42:22 PM  
I, Michael Hunt, also applied for the Campus Sexual Task Force.
2003-11-20 02:43:46 PM  
My name is Pat McCann, and I have an interest in working closely with the Guvernor.
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