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A few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 8/5 - 8/11 
Posted by Unfreakable at 2012-08-15 6:07:33 PM (2 comments) | Permalink
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Nothing to add this week, enjoy the headlines

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2012-08-05 to Sat 2012-08-11:

img.fark.net  Spice kills man in transport accident after failure to navigate a route    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Woman refuses to pull over for police and leads them on a high speed chase because she was topless on her way to surprise her boyfriend. BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Nine-year-old Detroit boy's lemonade stand raises $3400 for city government, while he somehow manages not to be shot, stabbed, robbed, set on fire, shut down by the health department or shaken down by the city council    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Males less supportive of gay marriage. Way to stick it to the man    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Study finds one in four parents spank their children in public. The other three not in Walmart that day    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Typhoon Haikui Strikes - East Coast of China Hit - Evacuate Now    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Authorities responding to medical emergency at American research station in Antarctica. Initial reports are confusing, mentioning traumatic double amputation resulting from teeth in thoracic cavity    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Massachusetts' largest white oak killed. Police are rounding up all the black oaks in the area    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Beetles killing California's avocado trees; symptoms include white secretions from bark. I knew this day wood cum    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Neil Armstrong recovering after heart bypass surgery. Doctors say he is already up and around and has taken his first small step for a man    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Long-haired freaky person decides to "clean up the neighborhood" by stealing 57 campaign signs from 18 different candidates. Apparently thought they were blocking the scenery, breaking his mind    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Manchester United learns it's not so easy to sell 'Packers stock' when the fan base completely made up of alcoholics. Okay, bad example    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Nebraska offensive lineman Tyler Moore leaves team. He's not going to make it after all    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Ochoclinko    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Gene linked to PTSD. You should stay away from him    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Stressed men drawn to heavy women, and not just by gravitational fields    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Work on Curiosity comes to a halt when Windows Update, Flash Update, Java Update, Firefox Update, and Rover SP 4 updates popped up on the rover's screen    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Matt Lauer says "Indian giver" live on The Today Show, comes under fire from various organizations. If only he could take it back    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Now I understand everyone's shiat's emotional right now but I've got a three point plan that's going to fix everything: An Idiocracy spin-off with President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is in the works    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  The mom from What's Eating Gilbert Grape has lost 244 pounds. Looks like someone has really lit a fire under her    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  First round of RNC speakers announced: The Joker, Two Face, The Penguin, The Riddler and (in black Ferragamo boots) Catwoman    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Able to recognize a steaming pile when they see one, Scotts Miracle-Gro endorses Romney    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Nancy Pelosi says she saw ghosts in the White House. In response, White House has removed all mirrors from any room Nancy Pelosi visits    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Hyundai recalls cars because air bag won't deploy if passenger is less than 130 pounds; absolutely no Americans have been injured so far    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  It's time to see older workers as an asset, not just as a source of food and replacement organs    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Carney blows whistle on bad banks, offers three ring tosses for a buck    img.fark.net
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2012-08-16 10:29:56 AM  
Some of these were fantastic. Typhoon haiku, long haired freaky person, and Tyler Moore cracked me up.
2012-08-16 03:34:53 PM  
Typhoon haiku was great, but off by a syllable
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