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(Fark)   If in 3000 years the future civilization could look back at one youtube video, which would you want them to see?   ( divider line
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3912 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2012 at 4:54 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-15 05:24:37 PM  
2012-08-15 05:25:43 PM
2012-08-15 05:25:57 PM  
NSFW, for those of you who are just waking up from your 21 year sleep...

Big Bill Hell's Cars

Because, really... isn't some dude ripping you off, calling you names and screwing your wife truly representative of how life is today?
2012-08-15 05:26:13 PM  
2012-08-15 05:26:31 PM  

Evil Mackerel: Troops

The star wars version, to be clear.
2012-08-15 05:26:32 PM  

the-meter-man: I have a bad case of diarrhea

Why hello there, my new ring-tone.
2012-08-15 05:28:08 PM 3xv8&feature=youtube_gdata_playe r

This is the correct answer - The Log Driver's Waltz! Childhood CBC ftw!!!
2012-08-15 05:29:45 PM  
Viking Kittens
2012-08-15 05:29:49 PM  
Has this one been mentioned?

Takeo Ischi - New Bibi Hendl (Chicken Yodeling) 2011
2012-08-15 05:30:10 PM  
"Bag of Weed" from The Family Guy.
2012-08-15 05:30:20 PM  

arethereanybeernamesleft: What about the Czech guys Chosin & [something]? I can't remember their name, and I've been looking for them. I can hear the song in my head, but have no idea how to spell the names.

Jozin z bozin.

I would however vote for the Thai insurance videos or "all about Marimo".
2012-08-15 05:30:51 PM  
2012-08-15 05:32:14 PM  

digitalrain: Linky goodness

You owe me a new pair of pants.
2012-08-15 05:33:08 PM  
Keyboard Cat. Or I Am Maru.
2012-08-15 05:33:28 PM  
Gary of course singing our favorite song ("Dragostea din tei" or as we remember it Numa Numa):
2012-08-15 05:33:33 PM  
I wish I could remember what it was called, but there was one of a guy dressed in drag lip syncing a Britney Spears song and doing all these weird physical contortions. I think at one point, it pretty much looked like he had shoved his head up his ass. Maybe it was done to "Circus"?
2012-08-15 05:34:05 PM  
champion goober Walks on Water

2012-08-15 05:34:09 PM  
2012-08-15 05:34:48 PM  
Honey Badger
2012-08-15 05:35:18 PM  
I'd rather not spell it out for them:Link
2012-08-15 05:35:35 PM  
The Thor video "Keep the Dogs Away"

2012-08-15 05:35:57 PM  
any of the promo videos for the annual Gathering of the Juggalos.
2012-08-15 05:36:21 PM  
2012-08-15 05:37:40 PM  
YAHH!!! yah-yah yahhhhhh!

2012-08-15 05:37:56 PM  
screw YouTube.

play the footage that Sol Roth watches as his life ends in Soylent Green.

/Tuesday is Soylent Green Day
//Wednesday is Anything Can Happen Day
2012-08-15 05:38:09 PM  
2012-08-15 05:38:23 PM  
The censored version of The Count on Sesame Street counting.
2012-08-15 05:38:26 PM  

Egoy3k: Rickroll.

First thing that came to mind before clicking on comments. Came for the expectation this would be first, left very satisfied.
2012-08-15 05:38:51 PM  
sorry - but bookmark
2012-08-15 05:39:15 PM  
Why Beer At Ben's of course!

/we gotta see Ben
2012-08-15 05:39:42 PM  
David after Dentist, to show what happens when you get too much nitrous.
2012-08-15 05:40:02 PM  
2012-08-15 05:40:13 PM  

Flab: Jozin z bozin.

Yep. (Bazin)

I even forgot about the guy from the Bosstones being on there.
2012-08-15 05:40:15 PM  
definitely Rebecca Black - Friday.

or, He Man - what's going on

or, anything Maru.
2012-08-15 05:40:53 PM  

Egoy3k: Rickroll.

2012-08-15 05:41:01 PM  
Hitler discovers that we're sending messages to the future.
2012-08-15 05:41:10 PM  
2012-08-15 05:41:10 PM  
Flextrek 37,000,000,000,000 Whipsnake

/You're no Steve Climber
//But Steve Climber is
2012-08-15 05:41:24 PM  
It has to be this one:

2012-08-15 05:41:47 PM  
2012-08-15 05:44:36 PM  
THE INTERNET NSFW-ish considering this is entirely what the internet is.
2012-08-15 05:44:59 PM  
How about Baby got Back sung by the movies? I likes. 5ZB_o&feature=youtube_gdata_play e r

/on phone and don't know how to do the fancy link thing from here
2012-08-15 05:45:26 PM  
My son scoring in his soccer game.
2012-08-15 05:46:17 PM  
Any of the Johnny Carson animal videos, but particularly this one:

or this:
2012-08-15 05:46:42 PM  
Joby the Dog

This is the greatest internet video I have ever seen. It has everything.

/some nsfw language
2012-08-15 05:46:43 PM  

blatz514: digitalrain: Linky goodness

You owe me a new pair of pants.

I hope its only because you peed them laughing. The alternative is too...disturbing to contemplate.
2012-08-15 05:46:51 PM  
If in 3000 years the future civilization could look back at one youtube video, which would you want them to see?

Blegh, none of them.

Take a look at FERMI, future anthropologists, disregard all the other crap. I have.
2012-08-15 05:47:23 PM  

hdhale: Boxxy of course.

[ image 618x402]

Came for this, now satisfied!
2012-08-15 05:48:31 PM  

beta_plus: The X-Box Downfall Parody.

All the Downfall parodies really...Hitler never dreamed of being that funny. If he was, there never would have been a WW II and he would have been a breakout character actor in the early days of TV.
2012-08-15 05:48:32 PM  
Is it bad that I still laugh at this?

/future civilizations need to know these people were mocked
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