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(Fark)   If in 3000 years the future civilization could look back at one youtube video, which would you want them to see?   ( divider line
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3912 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2012 at 4:54 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-15 05:08:29 PM  
That MacDonald fella.
Attenshuuun citizens of California! (coughcough)
2012-08-15 05:08:42 PM  
2012-08-15 05:08:58 PM  

RexTalionis: Link

O wow thats some bad music, try this one: Carl Sagan:Pale Blue Dot

My pick would be this though: Sagan Series
2012-08-15 05:09:42 PM  
Anything with ferrets
2012-08-15 05:09:52 PM  
GTA horse gets my vote Push it to the limit!
2012-08-15 05:09:55 PM  
Grape stomp reporter
2012-08-15 05:10:12 PM  
2012-08-15 05:10:33 PM

Just because.
2012-08-15 05:10:53 PM  
2012-08-15 05:10:53 PM  
yoga farmer.

or slow lorris. g'awwdamn they're cute.
2012-08-15 05:10:59 PM  
If it has to be a cat i would say Supercat.
2012-08-15 05:11:01 PM  
Reggie the Artist... link...
2012-08-15 05:11:16 PM  
Cleeeewd become a squeeeer shape.
2012-08-15 05:11:18 PM  
Islamic beheadings. Let them see the beginning of the end.
2012-08-15 05:11:39 PM  
oh long johnson!
2012-08-15 05:11:54 PM  
I step away from the mic to breathe in.
2012-08-15 05:12:01 PM  
I am surprised no one mentioned the hours of entertainment that "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" clip will provide to future viewers.
2012-08-15 05:12:28 PM  
2012-08-15 05:12:38 PM  
Boxxy or however you spell her name, as we'll all be talking like that by then.
2012-08-15 05:12:39 PM  
Consequences will never be the same
Nearly anything from FPS Russia
2012-08-15 05:13:04 PM  
2 girls, 1 cup. Okay so it's not a YouTube video, but I think it clearly defines our generation.
2012-08-15 05:13:29 PM  
Oh, who can forget:


/least I got chicken
2012-08-15 05:13:46 PM  
You got your TF mixed up in our literland, dickmitter.
2012-08-15 05:14:08 PM  
Pale blue dot
2012-08-15 05:14:25 PM  
2012-08-15 05:14:52 PM  
Hampster Dance
2012-08-15 05:16:07 PM  
2012-08-15 05:16:17 PM  

No, the internet was invented so this video could exist. No other reason.
2012-08-15 05:16:48 PM  
2012-08-15 05:16:55 PM  
Lil Brudder because he has the heart of a champion.
2012-08-15 05:17:01 PM  

Huck Chaser: The one of the slow loris being tickled, because awwwwwwww.

Well yeah, except for the whole torturing the poor thing.
2012-08-15 05:17:07 PM  

Great_Milenko: This sums up the current generation of Americans

omg. He really was fat. I was just trolling.
2012-08-15 05:17:21 PM  
Dunno. I guess rickroll, the biebs, all your base, the wii fit girl, or that black lady eating hot peppers. Tough choice.
2012-08-15 05:17:24 PM  
I'd want them to witness the glory of Total Ghost!

After all, Total Ghost is from the Berlin of the future, or whatever.
2012-08-15 05:17:51 PM  
I'm hopeful that the only thing they WON'T see is that damn spinner while youtube constant server latency raises its scabby head.
2012-08-15 05:18:20 PM  

xanadian: meow said the dog: I will be the proxy for TMLO and also do the agreement with this choice:


Yes, but you have to use the CORRECT version. The URL is infamous.

Pasta Noodle Dick

Yep, that's the one. The Decline of Western Civilization part 4.
2012-08-15 05:18:28 PM  
2012-08-15 05:18:31 PM  
Bob Ross Remix.
2012-08-15 05:19:21 PM  
Exactly 3,000 years?
This is an important point, because there will be some pretty big changes in 5014.
2012-08-15 05:19:27 PM  

Great_Milenko: This sums up the current generation of Americans

I agree. That any American would believe that is not entirely staged is a sad indictment indeed.
2012-08-15 05:19:40 PM  
What about the Czech guys Chosin & [something]? I can't remember their name, and I've been looking for them. I can hear the song in my head, but have no idea how to spell the names.
2012-08-15 05:20:34 PM  
It would have to be porn, right?
2012-08-15 05:20:59 PM  
2012-08-15 05:21:31 PM  
too bad this doesn't count as a youtube video (despite the fact I watched the show on youtube)

but, i would submit mighty boosh, episode: Old Gregg
2012-08-15 05:22:11 PM  
2012-08-15 05:22:49 PM  
2012-08-15 05:23:59 PM  
2012-08-15 05:24:01 PM  
utsagrad123: 2 girls, 1 cup. Okay so it's not a YouTube video, but I think it clearly defines our generation.

BME pain olympics
2012-08-15 05:24:11 PM  
Anything with Neil deGrasse Tyson
2012-08-15 05:24:35 PM  
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