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(WPTV)   The ocean is not a suitable getaway option when running from the police   ( divider line
    More: Florida, carjacking, Fort Lauderdale police department, oceans  
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2012-08-14 08:45:44 AM  
You're supposed to hit a Pay'n'Spray when the cops are after you. Everyone knows that getting in the water is game over.
2012-08-14 08:52:39 AM  
Didn't I see this on an episode of CHiPs?
2012-08-14 09:08:22 AM  
Says you.
2012-08-14 09:22:24 AM  
Hmm. It worked on Miami Vice.
2012-08-14 09:23:02 AM  
I think I've done this before on Grand Theft Auto...worked there!
2012-08-14 09:24:42 AM  
Water way to go.
2012-08-14 09:27:23 AM

2012-08-14 09:29:39 AM  
No, maybe not running away. How about swimming away?
2012-08-14 09:30:36 AM  
The ocean, Bob?
2012-08-14 09:37:32 AM  
Trying to escape to Cuba?
2012-08-14 09:38:47 AM  
Patrick Swayze could do it.
2012-08-14 09:40:17 AM
Needed to steal a Lotus.
2012-08-14 09:50:06 AM  
Is that a pic of the female cop holding the clothes of the perceived perp who looks like a kid running off in the opposite direction? She got his $200 shoes and he is off to play in the surf.
2012-08-14 09:51:43 AM  
B.b.b.b.but BURN NOTICE!
2012-08-14 10:01:24 AM  
Yet you would be surprised at how many seem to try it...
2012-08-14 10:08:14 AM  
If he got rid of a weapon than it did work out for him.
2012-08-14 10:18:29 AM  

topcon: The ocean, Bob?

Came here for this, leaving satisfied.

/Fine ham abounds
2012-08-14 10:22:18 AM  
Praise the lord and Mr. Ford and follow that microbus 10-4...
2012-08-14 10:22:31 AM
2012-08-14 10:32:18 AM  
No more accusations, just friendly crustaceans, under the sea!
2012-08-14 10:38:47 AM  
Not a bad way to lose the gun he was carrying.
2012-08-14 10:39:00 AM  
Unless you're Aquaman subby...

or Michael Phelps.

/wondering what a fight between the two would look like...
//decided they'd stop fighting and get high instead.
2012-08-14 11:34:38 AM  

Oh really? Ask D.B. Coopersquarepants because HE did it.

2012-08-14 11:48:53 AM  
Micheal Phelps unavailable for comment.
2012-08-14 01:16:10 PM
2012-08-14 02:01:36 PM

You mean the cops don't stop looking for you after a few minutes?
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