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(SFGate)   Ten reasons why Paul Ryan could hurt the Republican ticket   ( divider line
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2012-08-14 03:55:46 AM  
Republicans already are playing defense: "Do not say: 'entitlement reform,' 'privatization,' 'every option is on the table,'" the National Republican Congressional Committee said in an email memo obtained by Politico. "Do say: 'strengthen,' 'secure,' 'save,' 'preserve, 'protect.'"

I see Frank Luntz has been hard at work.
2012-08-14 07:31:32 AM  
He will be labeled an extremist.

Nice to see the new truth in advertising laws are in full effect.

Fun part will be drinking every time FOX call him and his ideas "mainstream".

/Unless you are my liver, of course.

Pretty obvious list, I think Fark had all of that hashed out before the announcement was made official but it's still nice to see.
2012-08-14 07:48:08 AM  
Republicans: This is a christian nation! b out-paul-ryan/2012/08/13/fd40d574-e56d-11e1-8741-940e3f6dbf48_blog.htm l
Ryan spoke to the Atlas Society, a Rand-devoted group, in 2005, telling the group that Rand was "the reason I got involved in public service, by and large." He cited two excerpts from "Atlas Shrugged" that he goes back to frequently: "Francisco d'Anconia's speech ... on money" and "the 64-page John Galt speech."

"I give out 'Atlas Shrugged' as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it," he said. "Well... I try to make my interns read it."

Anton LaVey: Referring to Satanism, "just Ayn Rand's philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added" b ishops-paul-ryan-s-budget-and-ayn-rand
Catholic Bishop's: "In short, your budget appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her call to selfishness and her antagonism toward religion are antithetical to the Gospel values of compassion and love."

How is Fox news not all over this? Remember when those same bishops had to work with a solution with Obama on birth control?
2012-08-14 07:58:49 AM  

devek: Republicans: This is a christian nation!

"So is hell, my friend." -- Mark Twain.
2012-08-14 08:05:31 AM  
5. Even if Romney reassures seniors, he could face a rebellion among baby boomers.

Romney's double-digit lead among baby boomers could be threatened by a protracted debate over Medicare. As Romney and Ryan try to reassure over-65 voters that they won't be affected by changes to Social Security or Medicare, they may incur the ire of baby boomers who fear that they will feel the impact of any changes

So Romney doesn't want us to talk about privatizing Social Security and Medicare even though he selected as his running mate the person who designed the plans to privatize Social Security and Medicare.
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