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5944 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Nov 2001 at 5:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-16 05:42:48 PM  
2001-11-16 05:45:12 PM  

Let's get those nerds! What're we waiting for!!!!

I like seeing a bunch of geeks commenting on different types of geeks.
2001-11-16 05:45:42 PM  
thats why I'm waiting a few days before seeing the hopefully avoid most of the geeks
2001-11-16 05:45:45 PM  
Crap, me and a bunch of firend ae seeing it later. We all read thee book (I'm 16), but the audience better not farking act like they di in the story!
2001-11-16 05:45:46 PM  
Oh no. I just got home and my wife proudly displayed 6 tickets. 2 adult and 4 kids. That's her, me, and our 4 kids. The movie starts in 1/2 hour. I'm scared.
2001-11-16 05:59:48 PM  
I'm going to see the movie because the books were damn good. But I'm going to wait until I can enjoy it.
2001-11-16 06:03:58 PM  
I too saw the movie at a dork-ridden midnight show.

Personally, I thought the movie was on the level with Star Wars Episode 1 ... it was OK and fun at times, but there's a whole lot of Jar Jar Binks in this Harry Potter movie. The kids are great actors, but I just didn't buy any of their emotion during the movie.

The dorks around me met it with a tepid response. One dork behind me said "they left out so much stuff, that sucks" ... and I thought about how it was 3 am and this damn movie was 2 1/2 hours LONG. I felt like they had included EVERYTHING, plus passages from other books just to make it longer.

In short, I didn't farking like it. Never read the books, and have no plan to.
2001-11-16 06:07:39 PM  
Master Bateman...

May I suggest developing a life-altering substance abuse habit? It would surely limit the amount of disposable income you have devoted to midnight movies... and subsequently, your problem with the geeky rugrats will be solved!

I say, wicked brilliant!
2001-11-16 06:08:11 PM  
Those of you that went to see a midnight showing of this movie and are calling everyone there geeks are in Harry Potter geek denial. You were in the same showing as the rest of these goons and are no better then they are. Fools!
2001-11-16 06:24:11 PM  
What did you really expect going to see the midnight opening of THIS movie?
2001-11-16 06:28:12 PM  
Yeah, it's cool that kids are reading and all, but personally, I'm gonna pass on the whole Harry Potter schtick. Well, except tonight. I'm leaving in half an hour to go distribute copies of Friedrich Nietzche's "The Will To Power." I also have a few copies of Yevgeny Zamyatin's "We". Hooray for literacy!
2001-11-16 06:34:59 PM  
Everyone there was a dork, except me; it was so crazy man.
2001-11-16 06:36:25 PM  
I'm gonna see it in a few weeks when it goes the way of Star Wars Episode I.

I'm hoping it won't, but I think it will.
2001-11-16 06:46:58 PM  
Face it folks this is the beginning of a very long and stupid set of crap-flicks. I can see it now. Harry Potter and the Curse of the Bad Sequals
2001-11-16 06:50:23 PM  
PorkGod - I'm a movie fanatic, I see most everything, good or bad. I saw Glitter and FreddyGotFingered after all and was alone in the theatre. I never read the book so I'm not like them. Though I readily admit on my site that I'm a geek. :)

Axias - I didn't expect it to be that bad. My friend told me after the movie that the woman sitting next to her was nearly CRYING when the broomsoccer game was about to start, and she was mumbling "quittich" or whatever to herself about to burst into tears.
2001-11-16 06:52:57 PM  
Oh, and I can't wait to see how the theatre is at Lord of the Rings (which I also didn't read.)
2001-11-16 06:55:38 PM  
You are correct, FYYFF. They plan (shudder) SEVEN of 'em.
2001-11-16 06:57:58 PM  
Isn't this just a well written kids book aimed at about 6th grade level?
2001-11-16 06:58:09 PM  
I've heard that if you haven't read the books, you'll miss some stuff in the movie. Seems that that's been confirmed by this guy's experience.

Read the books. Love them. I just hope the movie can live up to it.
2001-11-16 07:07:20 PM  
What a whiny little bitach... the fact that this clown WASN'T expecting a bunch of geeks at a 12:01 showing speaks volumes.
2001-11-16 07:07:26 PM  
I wasn't really impressed by the book. It was ok, notthing spectacular.

But with the air cleared culturally by these movie cultists (something like a RHPS showing, I'd imagine), now we can sit and watch LOTR in peace. Right.
2001-11-16 07:07:42 PM  
Goo-goo, ga-ga. Geeks. Feh.
2001-11-16 07:10:09 PM  
Isn't patrick bateman the guy from american psycho?
2001-11-16 07:11:01 PM  
Wfrgms, it's not that I didn't expect them, it's that I didn't expect them to behave the way they did. These were fully grown adults, on the verge of tears and joyful panic at the sight of EVERY SINGLE SCENE. Hence the SCARY tag.
2001-11-16 07:11:52 PM  
Tre_bumpn, yes. It's my favorite movie. Hope all the AmPsyAntis don't go ballistic on me now...
2001-11-16 07:12:30 PM  
I love the general sentiment how "everyone at the movie except me was a dork." Please realize that these other dorks (and geeks, and nerds) likely place themselves in the same category that you do: they are the normal one and you are the dork.

Now apply rules of democracy and realize that you are all dorks!

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing; I read and enjoyed the books as well, but as least I have no delusions about my sense of being (hell, I study computer science to boot!). One last note, I plan on seeing this movie Sunday afternoon in which I *can* claim that everyone else there is a small child or a parent except me!
2001-11-16 07:13:16 PM  
Sorry but the Sacry tag really blows goats. The others rule, and I was trying not to say anything about the Scary but damn. My 9 year old son could come up with something a little bit cooler than that.
2001-11-16 07:14:13 PM  
Harry Potter, Meh. If my nephews weren't already going to see it, I'd probably take them to it, but I'll just wait for the home release. Maybe by then I'll have read one of them.

BTW, get the Volusia. Hell of a bike for the money.
2001-11-16 07:24:14 PM  
Bottle - I never said that. In fact, if you read the page you'd see that I admit to being a geek too. The difference, I should have mentioned, as that the theatre was fully of special-brand Harry Potter geeks, which the article was about. There's enough people in the world talking about computer science geeks like you and me.
2001-11-16 07:34:24 PM  
Are these those books where the kid farks the dog?

No wait, that was a dream I had (except the dog farks the kid).
2001-11-16 07:48:09 PM  
Oh how special...a non-review by an angry punk with a geek phobia. How Fark-worthy.
2001-11-16 07:55:58 PM  
hello, my name is oregano, and i'm a big geek. i'm going tonight with friends. wish me luck. i didn't read your article in case it gives anything away, but i will after i come home.
2001-11-16 07:55:59 PM  
this is the reason I stopped going to the movies.
stupid people who laugh at everything just to pretend they "get all the jokes"
and since I live in Mexico, they all like to show that they understand english, slang and jokes. It´s pretty unnerving actually, the way they over-laugh.
2001-11-16 07:57:58 PM  
I just got back from Harry Potter and I thought it was quite good. I think you have to read the books to really appreciate it, though, as they glossed over a lot of things that folks who hadn't read the books wouldn't have caught.

I'll say one thing, though: judging from the trailer, the Scooby-Doo movie is going to be lame with a capital L.
2001-11-16 07:59:04 PM  
Ahh... brings back memories of the release of the Star Wars special edition movies awhile back. Opening night. First showing. In a line 40 feet WIDE by, well... I don't know how long. This is once you've already bought a ticket and had it torn. We're like 50 feet from the first of two theaters. We've waited a good hour and a half. Now I'm just peachy waiting in line 'cause, frankly, I've seen the movie a million times and, whatever. Good stuff. Entertaining, but Academy Award winning it's not. The crowd watching is just wonderful however. Anyway...

Now get this. The time for them to start seating begins. (No, I don't know why they waited until EVERYONE was there.) So some dumbass theater employee decides he's the resident expert in crowd control. (Either that or he lost a bet between all the employees.) People are getting impatient at this point. It's hot. In a movie theater. First for everything, I guess.

So he walks to the front. The crowd cheers, then quiets.

He removes the velvet rope that is the only thing between 1500 insane fans and the theaters...

and yells "GO!"

Farking brilliant.

Got good seats though.

And I'm waiting 'til tomorrow to see the Potter flick. Haven't read the book. Should be entertaining. Hopefully not that much though...


now where's that bong?
2001-11-16 08:09:48 PM  
Am I the only one who doesn't understand this craze? This is really nuts.. What the fark are adults even doing in that theatre unless they brought their kiddies?

Is there some farking keen references for adults in it?

These grown-ups must have no farking life and collect Beanie Babies and wear sweatshirts with embroidered kitty cats on them.
2001-11-16 08:10:39 PM  
Wow. I've given several people orders to provide for my immediate Death if I ever "OOh! and Ahh!" a broomstick. Glad this is one movie on my "missed that one" list.
2001-11-16 08:21:24 PM  
11-16-01 07:55:58 PM Oregano
hello, my name is oregano, and i'm a big geek. i'm going tonight with friends. wish me luck. i didn't read your article in case it gives anything away, but i will after i come home.

Oh geez I hope you run home after the movie and tell us all about your experience. I am going to go out now and get drunk, find some barfly to bang all night long, and then come back here to this thread to find out how your movie was.
2001-11-16 08:35:06 PM  
Ha Ha, Gonads 2000
2001-11-16 08:35:31 PM  
PatrickBateman is a whiny biatch. Why can't people have fun? If laughter upsets you so much, stay home alone and make everybody happy. Your seat could have gone to somebody who wanted to watch the movie to enjoy it, not someone who wanted to go to have a reason to complain. And why put it on the internet? The commentary wasn't funny, and it makes you look ignorant (Dork...geek...dork, dork...nerd etc). You seem awfully judgemental for someone who is on the same ground as the rest of the theater: you did go to a midnight showing of the film. The fact that they read just means they will have a better time.

I wrote this because I am bored and sick of judgmental people.
2001-11-16 08:52:25 PM  
I didn't go to complain Jeb. I like movies, and this behavior made it hard to enjoy this one.

I totally see how they could have a better time having read the book, but you really don't get it. These people were hysterical throughout the entire movie. They never stopped alternating between uncontrollable laughter and "ooh ahhs". It was quite a sight.
2001-11-16 09:02:58 PM  
On a SIDE NOTE, I too plan to take my kids to see it when the nuttiness has died down a little. But I, too, am getting EXTREMELY ANNOYED with the ever increasing amount of COMMERCIALS before a movie. It's getting totally irritating. Who gives a shi-t about people in a hot city drinking Coca Cola or some brat's obsession with the new M&M?!?!? Irritating.
2001-11-16 09:08:02 PM  
I'm reading American Psycho right now and this headline caught me way off guard.
2001-11-16 09:23:30 PM  
Saw the movie today. It was OK. However, there is a BIG plot hole. For those who have already seen it, think about who announced the troll (and was subsequently on the ground in the room), then think about what was said at the end about the guy in the black sneeking out at that time to stop a certain person. Big oops in the storyline.
2001-11-16 09:25:42 PM  
I'm going on Sunday...

if the audience id like that, I am walikng right the fark out of there.
2001-11-16 09:33:39 PM  

I went to a football game last weekend. It was brutal. People having barbacues, wearing face paint, yelling and screaming. It was a major event for them. Bunch of football fans, I tell ya!

My point is, what did you expect?

Me? This kinda thing is not for me at all. But if people can get excited and worked up over a movie, I say good for them. It actually makes me feel happy to see people enjoying something so innocent so much.
2001-11-16 10:35:12 PM  
i hate harry potter, everything about it. and that rowling... shes an airhead. Look at the troll! It's too fat, that is definetely an Ogre! I would break into the movie wearing a 'harry potter blows' tshirt and stand up in the middle of the movie and scream, 'WHAT THE HELL? HOW THE FU<K CAN YOU SH!TS STAND THIS CRAP?' My, that would be entertaining. (i actually do shiat like this sometimes, to see the reaction on ppls faces)
2001-11-16 10:44:02 PM  
CandyPink - the AP book is awesome. Hope you like it.
2001-11-16 10:55:36 PM  
American Psycho Rules, that's all I have to say.
2001-11-16 11:26:40 PM  
This is why I refuse to go to the movies anymore. Why pay $10 for a ticket, another $10 for popcorn and soda x # of people in your group and miss half the movie because of people talking over the dialog. When I can wait a few months and rent it on DVD for $4 or buy it for less than 2 or 3 of us going to see it at the theater. All movies should go straight to DVD. Close the theaters.
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