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(Calgary Herald)   American cop visiting Canada upset that he had to interact with strangers rather than shoot them   ( ) divider line
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2012-08-08 02:29:26 PM  

CrappityCrap: Oh, Fark! You and your fear of guns. So funny... ah, which reminds me. I need to get around to cleaning some of mine.

As of 2007, Canada was 13th in the world for guns per capita. Hardly a 'fear of guns'.

You want fear ... read about the guy who was peeing in pants in broad daylight because some people asked him a question (twice!!).
2012-08-08 02:36:02 PM  
So it's the friendly Canadians who are the threat? OK.

Carry on, Herr Wawra.

ryant123: [ image 600x218]
2012-08-08 02:56:19 PM  

Private_Citizen: Very late to the thread, but this guy's nuts!

As for him "feeling threatened", he didn't say, but I'll bet the gents who asked him about the Stampede (in the park that hosts it, during the event) were ....dark skinned.

Nothing makes a dumpy dork like this shrivel faster than being in conversational distance to a brown person.

/thank goodness he wasn't armed, he would have shot them and claimed he was "standing his ground".

Which, aside from the tragedy of two deaths, would actually be funny.

"Your honour, I was only standing my ground as I was in irrational fear for my life."
"Sir, we do not have such laws in Canada. In Canada, the level of force you may use to defend yourself must be proportional to the threat. As such, you are found guilty and are sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 25 years."
2012-08-08 03:50:33 PM  
I knew a guy who is really and truly mental. On meds kind of mental. He was telling me about this time he was at the park and he knew that this couple sitting in a car was there to watch him. After a while he went up to the couple and said "I know why you're here and you can tell your boss it's not going to work." or words to that effect and then walked away. He walked past where they were parked a little while later and the car was gone so he figured that they must be in trouble with their boss for blowing their cover.

When TFA says ...They looked bewildered... I can only imagine that their expression was very similar to the couple in the car that day.
2012-08-08 03:59:21 PM  

gshepnyc: There is a line from Shakespeare when Henry V says "we are the makers of manners." In the US, we have let the wrong people determine what is accpetable behavior for far too long and it has infected the way we think in just about every possible human interaction. I know far too many people who really seem to believe that every interaction, every conversation, has to have a winner and a loser, a dominant and a submissive party.

For a country founded on the ideals of equality, we are obsessed with working angles and tilting the playfields all the time. The cop in the article isn't content to be a peace officer - he wants to know he has power over other people all the time and anytime he feels he doesn't have it, he feels threatened.

Well said
2012-08-08 04:13:16 PM  
I was at the front of the line at McDonald's, and this tough-looking minority punk behind the counter asked me what I wanted. I was confused as to why he was talking to me. He then asked again what I would like. Only this time I could sense some aggression in his voice. I knew he was just moments away from pulling a gun on me. So, I dove and shielded the customers closest to me in line. I was ready to die like those heroes in the movie theater. I like to say I could have saved some lives that day with my quick action. Therefore, your Honor, these charges should be dropped. I should not be charged with assault. It was an honest mistake. You've been to McDonald's!
2012-08-08 05:55:19 PM  
In his defense if someone in a park here asked me that out of nowhere I would think they were getting ready to do something.

"Been to the stampeded yet?"

"I'm sorry I'm not sure what this stampede is that you are talking about"

*kick to the nuts* "Now you have!"
2012-08-08 07:38:10 PM  
And it looks like the two guys in the story were handing out tickets to the Stampede on behalf of some oil company(in the comments). Maybe it was Enbridge and Walt was still pissed about the oil spill in Kalamazoo Enbridge was responsible for?
2012-08-08 10:11:33 PM  
I still remember how, new to town, I'd gone to a theatre in the "wrong part" of the city. Finding the movie times were off from what the newspaper said, I thought of some way to pass the time. As I passed a pool hall, the sounds of my favourite arcade game struck my ears and went inside.
I plunked in my quarter and took the player one controls. No sooner had I done so then I realised- I was the only white guy in the place! And one young man, eyes burning in a black face full of hatred for wrongs done to his ancestors, approached me and said "That game is kick-ass, man. Mind if I play along?" I could do nothing but gulp and shake my head as he took the second set of controls.
Head pounding with terror, I played alongside my tormentor, being mouse to his cat, awaiting the inevitable cold steel of a switchblade or razor along my neck. Finally, after what seemed an eternity but was in fact only a few game levels, he released the controls and said "shiat, my table's ready, gotta go. You can have the last replay, man, good playin'."
I left there as soon as I gracefully could. To this day I wake up in a cold sweat sometimes. The horror. The horror.
2012-08-09 07:38:41 AM  

I alone am best: In his defense if someone in a park here asked me that out of nowhere I would think they were getting ready to do something.

An armed society is a paranoid society?
2012-08-09 03:48:55 PM  

Dansker: I alone am best: In his defense if someone in a park here asked me that out of nowhere I would think they were getting ready to do something.

An armed society is a paranoid society?

We dont talk to each other like that.
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