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(Team Coco)   The Most Important Internet Political Opinion Essay You Will Ever Read. "If you disagree with this opinion, then write an unintelligible comment that won't be read. Your opinion is ghost barf"   ( divider line
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1950 clicks; posted to Politics » on 07 Aug 2012 at 11:04 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-07 04:21:21 AM  
He was raised by weresquids.

In other words, the article is about what you would expect from the headline.
2012-08-07 06:07:47 AM  
Casper the friendly puke, the friendliest puke you know
2012-08-07 10:50:24 AM  
was that supposed to be funny or just an example of a poorly planned out mad lib?
2012-08-07 11:05:35 AM  
I was wondering what ever happened to that TV Ginger
2012-08-07 11:09:19 AM  
If you are part of a "Team" to support a certain celebrity, you should consider finding the nearest ballpoint pen and shoving it through one of your ocular cavities as hard as possible until you cease to poach our precious oxygen.
2012-08-07 11:11:41 AM  
I was planning to write in a colostomy bag of purple-flavored juice.
2012-08-07 11:12:00 AM  
Meh...tried too hard to be funny, and failed.
2012-08-07 11:12:04 AM  
i262.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-08-07 11:13:21 AM  
Don't think I've heard the word barf used since the 90s
2012-08-07 11:13:25 AM  
The biggest problem of modern politics, people tend to joint problem solving, not partisan. An intelligent conversation is a struggle for the solution of this problem is the absence of direct on proportional representation. It is the national sovereignty of small countries to weaken, more representative of the sound, as now, would such a system requires the abolition of the Senate, probably. Another option may be selected by the Senate, to regional and national groups in separate areas.

The key is to ensure that fifty percent plus one vote. It encourages people to waste in a line in the sand, and respond to certain groups to include, in order the whole population is an abomination a more fundamental attack on the freedom of our country to see. We need to take action, we can.
2012-08-07 11:17:15 AM  
Way to greenlight another Townhall link Mods...oh wait.
2012-08-07 11:18:08 AM  
I thought it was funny. You people are dead inside.
2012-08-07 11:18:12 AM  
Is it just me or am I reading this as "both sides are equally bad so vote Republican." ?
2012-08-07 11:28:23 AM  

AntiNerd: Is it just me or am I reading this as "both sides are equally bad so vote Republican." ?

It's just you. It's satire, covering both sides, mixed into one. You can apply it as an anti-Obama or an anti-Romney piece equally. I liked it, it sums up what political campaigning is nowadays, and it really would just require you to fill in the blanks with the two candidates in the appropriate places to make it a functional statement.
2012-08-07 11:33:54 AM  

AntiNerd: Is it just me or am I reading this as "both sides are equally bad so vote Republican." ?

Nah that's a standard translation of anything said on Fark.

/I see some butthurt in this thread, must hit a little close to home for some of you
/weresquid supporters, the lot of you
2012-08-07 01:13:34 PM  
Conservatives. Pissing themselves with fear since the 60s.
2012-08-07 01:40:01 PM  
Well, that sucked just a bit..
2012-08-07 01:43:35 PM  
w76xeldj skdmrqj98w ggctfw5vb iurhg, nf89349yhfdweyug 67dugu yhuw3g!
2012-08-07 02:21:35 PM  

thomps: was that supposed to be funny or just an example of a poorly planned out mad lib?

I think it is an example of how Conan's ratings are shiatty and thus his social media folks are spamming videos here for attention.
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