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(NPR)   Rocker turned science guy designed the Mars lander that just touched down on the Red planet. Let the Buckaroo Banzai comparisons and hunt for Red Lectroids begin   ( divider line
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2623 clicks; posted to Geek » on 06 Aug 2012 at 6:13 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-06 06:42:07 AM  
Brian Cox was involved?
2012-08-06 07:05:51 AM  
I met Buckaroo Banzai out at Burning man in 1999, and she was a woman. A smoking hot Asian girl who was the lead guitarist in a rock band, a multiple black-belt, a neuro-trauma surgeon for whom particle physics was a hobby. At the time I met her we wre sharing a ride on motorized couch and she was wearing nothing but a parasol, some body paint, and a smile.

and people ask me why I love that place//
2012-08-06 07:19:32 AM  
I met Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter once at a place out west. He is a Master of the Universe.

He's probably the only guy that could put "are you farking kidding me?" on his epsq as the answer to 'did you ever take drugs, what and when' and get away with it.

He has higher clearance than Chuck Norris.

An example of a rocker turned military theorist/weapons analyst/weapon concept developer/strategic planning guy.
2012-08-06 07:27:09 AM  
Buckeroo Banzai = most overrated film ever
2012-08-06 07:37:15 AM  
How soon until Hanoi Xan's sabotage is revealed?
2012-08-06 07:45:46 AM  
*clicks link*
*looks at name*

... I thought he was a mediocre Jewish comedian who did all those movies.
2012-08-06 07:47:21 AM  
Yeah, I don't see anywhere that says what band he was in. He's less of a rocker and more of a "rocker."
2012-08-06 08:05:09 AM  
I was expecting Skunk Baxter.
2012-08-06 08:08:09 AM  
I was expecting Brian May
2012-08-06 08:20:12 AM  
I heard this interview while driving to work the other morning. It was super cool, and I especially liked the roundabout way he got into engineering----barely finished high school, skipped college, and didn't go to school until he found something that really motivated him. I think a LOT of our young people could learn a lesson. Don't just go to college because you don't have anything better to do; take a year or two off working a shiatty job while stuck at home with mom and dad, then pursue something you really have a passion for.
2012-08-06 08:54:51 AM  
I went to High School with Adam and this Super Science persona came as a complete surprise. He was awesome back then, but not Rocket Science awesome. The whole family is pretty awesome come to think of it. His Mom managed Johnny Mathis, Dad was a Banker that just dropped out to do horse trials or whatever caught his interest and his brother Peter makes handmade skis in France.
2012-08-06 08:57:56 AM  
Am I blind, or does it not mention anywhere what band(s) he actually played in?

/was expecting the singer from Bad Religion
2012-08-06 09:44:49 AM  
What a Cambridge professor of astrophysics may look like:

And any thread about Rock and rollers turned scientist would be incomplete without Phillip "Taylor" Kramer, the computer genius who mysteriously disappeared after claiming to have made an incredible scientific breakthrough.
2012-08-06 10:21:27 AM  
What, no air droppable watermelons jokes yet?
2012-08-06 10:33:48 AM  
He was supposed to take on organized crime not design and lander.
2012-08-06 11:42:06 AM  
Someone rang?
2012-08-06 03:14:38 PM  

mikemoto: Buckeroo Banzai = most overrated film ever

Hey now. Don't be mean; we don't have to be mean, 'cause, remember, no matter where you go, there you are.

Rat Bastard!!!: What, no air droppable watermelons jokes yet?

"Why is there a watermelon there?"
" ... I'll tell you later."

/I never actually thought I'd have a use for these pics
//I've been ionized, but I'm okay now.
2012-08-08 08:52:56 AM  
hmm.. He looks like he's a Baldwin.
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