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(Access Atlanta)   Three ultra-light planes used to fool eight whooping cranes into migrating. Annual cost: $1.2 million. The fact that they led one of them into power lines: priceless.   ( divider line
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2001-11-16 01:47:08 PM  
It is nice to see that terrorism and war doesn't stop progress here at home.
2001-11-16 01:51:49 PM  
Its good to see Eco nutjobs getting in the way of mother nature because other humans got in the way of mother nature.
2001-11-16 01:52:34 PM  
"It's a touching sight: six juvenile whooping cranes trustingly following an ultralight aircraft called Father Goose along an ancient migratory path their kind hasn't flown for more than a century."

Man once again arrogantly trying to play God...
2001-11-16 01:53:40 PM  
I love the taste of B-B-Q Whooping Crane.
Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm Weeeeeeeee....
2001-11-16 01:56:03 PM  
ZZZZZZzziT! - the sound of fried woop.

And yes, play god man will always do. It is in our nature.
2001-11-16 01:57:11 PM  
i saw this movie....
2001-11-16 02:02:43 PM  
"As chicks, they learned to follow the birdlike aircraft..."
Good, good idea. In a related article whooping crane, aircraft collisions have increased eight hundred percent.
2001-11-16 02:08:44 PM  
mmmm tastes like chicken.
2001-11-16 02:10:09 PM  
Heywood Jablowmi: "Man once again arrogantly trying to play God..."

Ha Ha Ha. Since we made him up, we might as well...
2001-11-16 02:14:04 PM  
Haha best headline ever!
2001-11-16 02:21:16 PM  
Sounds like that crap-flick Fly Away Home
2001-11-16 02:30:16 PM  
Vexhex: "play god man will always do." Who the hell are you, Yoda?
2001-11-16 02:32:24 PM  
Very funny title, except that there's nothing in the article about any cranes hitting powerlines.
2001-11-16 02:34:46 PM  
Sonny_Crocket: you're right, unless you read the paragraph that states "Eight birds began the journey Oct. 17. One crashed into power lines during the storm and died."
2001-11-16 02:42:34 PM  
Wow, what kind of a nut job aircycle jockey flies in a storm?

Actually, that does sound fun.
2001-11-16 02:51:00 PM  
How sick and cruel to be laughing at the death of a bird! Whoever picked the "amusing" tag should be ashamed. There is nothing "amusing" about this.
2001-11-16 02:58:12 PM  
Just kidding. I can't believe someone hasn't complained yet, though. I'm sure someone must be offended.
2001-11-16 03:03:21 PM  
How is this amusing??????
2001-11-16 03:08:09 PM  
It would have been amusing if some redneck hunter mistook the ultralight for a giant whooping crane and blew it out of the sky
2001-11-16 03:11:18 PM  

Man once again arrogantly trying to play God...

Somebodies got to do it, the guy in the skies been asleep at the wheel for too long.
2001-11-16 03:18:13 PM  
Mmmm.... Fried crane hindquarters!
I love whoopass!
2001-11-16 03:40:38 PM  
This sounds like a nice story about animals(humans) reconnecting with other animals. What is amusing about one of these birds getting killed. This is a story about people who care and want to do something positive, not people who sit at their PC's and shiat on everything. I like animals better than people, people are shiat and have shiatty motives, animals just keep on keeping on.
2001-11-16 03:49:17 PM  
Ummm... The one died when a NIGHTTIME storm overturned their pens. That is to say, they were not following the plane at that time. Way to read before commenting. I think the more amusing line is this:

"Another has been too weak to fly; he is being driven to his winter home."

I hope the other birds don't catch on to THAT scam...
2001-11-16 03:55:36 PM  
I changed my mind. I am offended. It's not funny at all that people spent $1.2 million teaching 8 birds to fly and kill one and end up driving another. This should be labelled "Sick" because I'm sick and tired of you Farkers being "amused" by things like Moose and Deer and Cranes (yes I capitalized them. animals deserve respect.)
2001-11-16 04:04:40 PM  
2001-11-16 04:17:10 PM  
It's nice to know at least a couple of the 10,000+ registered Farkers have a shred of respect for the outdoors. I think way way too much time sitting in front of a computer (or some other factor creating eco-ignorance)has definetely created a chasm far too wide between humans and the environment.
---"Where does food come from?"
Farker: "Why, from the grocery store, of course."
2001-11-16 04:23:13 PM  
No the food comes from the delivery guy.....
2001-11-16 04:32:31 PM  
It's funny because it isn't me.

also, it's funny, because these "heartfelt naturalists" have done nothing more than screw up the entire evolution of the Whooping Crane ("You're not my mommy. where's your pilot?"), kill a bird, and teach another one not to bother migrating. Next year, if he lives, that bird's gonna freeze to death, sitting on the side of the I-95 with his little webbed thumb out, waiting for a ride to Florida.

Remember all the crying two weeks ago, where everyone was sick about being called anti-american if they said anything bad about the war? It's still the same with animals. I love animals - but a cockamamie scheme to migrate birds that kills off 12.5% of the flock and makes you think of the sick one in the back of a Buick playing license plate games is FUNNY.
2001-11-16 04:34:33 PM  
I do not find the fact that one of the Cranes the least bit amusing. I admire the people who have dedicated a small portion of their lives to attempting to right one of the innumerable atrocities that we have commited in the name of manifest destiny.

I am saddened that one of the cranes died and hope that the rest of them arrive at their destination safely.

I will not argue with those Farkers that find this amusing, but I do pity them for their lack of compassion.
2001-11-16 04:56:40 PM  
shame is a powerful tool.
2001-11-16 05:20:56 PM  
I am imune to your pity. If people are the problem... kill yourself. :P
2001-11-16 05:39:32 PM  
You know, I love animals, but that still must have been damned funny to see. Think about it. It must have been like a cartoon, but with better sound effects.

The amusing tag fits perfectly. Not so much because the animal died, but because the animal activists killed it. Farking pinko hippies...
2001-11-16 06:01:05 PM  
Ok, so they exposed the birds to the sound of the ultralight airplane before and after birth. So they got the birds to follow a plane, great, now the question I have is: are the birds going to follow another bird that can't make the same sounds as the plane?
2001-11-16 07:24:40 PM  
if they would not have helped ALL of the birds would have died.
2001-11-16 10:57:24 PM  
These cranes are an endangered species - the loss of even one is a tragedy. I question the maturity and sense of "humor" of anyone who thinks the death of one of these animals is funny.

Grow up, kiddies - maybe some day you can be adults, too, Drew & Crew.
2001-11-16 11:21:02 PM  
Y'know, Fenderhead, I'm pretty farking sick of people misusing and stretching the definition of the word "tragedy." In its original sense, a "tragedy" is a story consisting of the inexorable and inescapable downfall of a character with an essential flaw. I'll also accept the later definition, that of an event which involves the loss of many lives, like the Hindenburg.

I will not, however, accept it being applied to the death of a single bird. IT'S A farkING BIRD.
Extinction of species is a natural part of life on this planet. While humans may have perfected it, we didn't invent it. Thousands of species came and died off before we were even on the scene. As a matter of fact, some evolutionary biologists have the goldarned hubris to suggest that extinction of some species is necessary for others to thrive.
2001-11-16 11:41:35 PM  
What can I say, Mojo? You are obviously a man of taste, knowledge and are certainly a superior being.

I always learn so many life-affirming lessons here at FARK.

Your comments are just what I needed to realize the error of my ways. I know now that I am truly a fenderhead after digesting your remarks.

Please don't stop - your skills in putting me in my place are truly awe-inspiring. Ever thought of hosting self-help seminars? You'd be a natural.

It's such a dreary affair when a flame war begins and continues and continues and continues. . .

But - not this time.

Please - write more so we all can learn together.
2001-11-17 12:43:46 AM  

shut up. seriously. if you don't want a flame war with someone then don't be such a dick. just ignore them. retard.
2001-11-17 01:09:16 AM  
Spoonman - yet another in a series of truly inspiring young men. Dare I say that, just as Mojo, I feel you, too, can lead us all to greatness.

Flame war? Being "such a dick?" I'm afraid that I don't understand your meaning, nor am I able to penetrate the depths of your consciousness with your label of "retard." Moreover, your sensitive nature, joined naturally with an intellect of such obvious heights must certainly be sensibly obscured by your assumption of the role of a young student who can't quite put together a simple declarative sentence. Ah, youth!
naturally, you subscribe to the e.e. cummings school of punctuation, too.
2001-11-17 01:52:40 AM  
hehe. You make fun of my engrish skills. Then you forget to capitalize 'naturally' and your 'e.e. cummings school of punctuation' is clearly a proper noun, thus also requiring capitalization. I was merely stating that your sarcastic response to Mojo was highly immature, and in no way productive. In fact, that is exactly the type of response I would have given back in grade 8, when I was a smartass little prick.
Then you say 'It's such a dreary affair when a flame war begins and continues and continues and continues. . . ' which, to me, implies that you wish not to be engaged in a flame war. Yet, clearly, by responding like a 'dick' you are only adding fuel to the fire. And please, you appear to be reasonably educated, or at least somewhat intelligent. I'm sure that if you tried, you could have come up with a more witty, insulting response with those big words you have at your command. However, you did not. Therefore, I did not wish to take the effort to respond to your post thoughtfully, and thus only provided you with a small amount of insight into your hypocrisy.
And, I just wanted to point out that insulting somebody's grammar and/or comprehension of the English language is pathetic, and extremely LAME. Especially when you have errors in your own posts. So please, fark off. I happen to agree with Mojo's opinions, and he is right; extinction is a natural part of the world in which we live. Thanks for your time :)

PS feel free to dissect my post and point out EVERY SINGLE ERROR WITHIN. I wish to better myself through your vastly superior insights and opinions. dick.
2001-11-17 02:32:25 AM  
Spoon - if you knew who e.e. cummings is, you'd realize how badly you just screwed up. But - you don't. . .and you did.


PS - after your response to this one, I'm through - thanks for hanging in there.
2001-11-17 03:52:20 PM  
Ah, e.e. cummings. Somewhere in the sky, he and a Whooping Crane are writing oddly punctuated poetry about power lines and man's inability to think straight half the time.
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