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(New York Metro)   Jenna Jameson wants to buy Penthouse magazine (third story)   ( divider line
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19891 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Nov 2003 at 1:20 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-18 07:54:46 AM  
Why doesn't she just go to a magazine stand?
2003-11-18 08:10:33 AM  
Actually, I think that's got to be the lamest comment I've ever posted on FARK. Somebody shoot me now.
2003-11-18 08:18:15 AM  
Yes. Yes, it was.

But I'd say that Jenna Jameson could probably afford to buy Penthouse Magazine outright.
2003-11-18 10:08:03 AM  
wldncrzy14 wants Jenna Jameson to buy him (likely story)
2003-11-18 12:40:42 PM  
I'd still hit it, and not just because she's rich. Although that would be most of the reason.
2003-11-18 01:25:10 PM  
Q. What's the difference between Jenna Jameson and the Statue of Liberty?

A. Not everybody has been up the Statue of Liberty.
2003-11-18 01:25:49 PM  
I bought Jenna a glass of wine once....

2003-11-18 01:26:29 PM  
I'd hit didididdy over there until she fell over.
2003-11-18 01:27:07 PM  
Well if they wouldnt put those freak nasty pissing photos in the magazine maybe they would still be making money...
2003-11-18 01:29:50 PM  
Bad move. Skin mags are dead.

I hear there's a more convinient way to get porn these days.

It's called the Iner...Inter...Inar...

I forget. Something with an 'I'
2003-11-18 01:30:14 PM  
First OMNI goes belly-up, now Penthouse. That sound you hear is the Fourth Seal breaking.

/waiting for the apocalypse
2003-11-18 01:31:08 PM  
Satan Have you been up Jenna Jameson? I seriously doubt it.

I would hit it and glaze them perty cheeks.
2003-11-18 01:32:11 PM  
If "Rosie" was considered publishable [shudder] why not just publish "Jenna" (and skip giving Guccioni a dime)?
2003-11-18 01:36:30 PM  
I can't say why but I read that as Jenna bush

I can't say how Jameson turned to bush But I need to talk to frued
2003-11-18 01:36:43 PM  
Can you imagine the placement interviews there if she did take over? Only hairless beefcake need apply.
2003-11-18 01:40:26 PM  
Let's recall it's Asia Carrera that's in Mensa, not Jenna. If Jenna was smart she'd be doing voices for hentai tenticle pr0n as well. Right?
2003-11-18 01:41:31 PM  
rikdanger - thanks for reminding me about OMNI. Damn, I miss that magazine.
2003-11-18 01:43:02 PM  
I saw this moive once, where like she was a babysitter. Well, I don't know what happened to the baby, but this guy came in and like started [blank] [blank] her. Then they turned over and started [blank] [blank] some more. I didn't think they could [blank] anymore but then he put his [blank] in her [blank] [blank] (!) I just thought, "what happened to that poor baby?"
2003-11-18 01:44:51 PM  
Does she do 'straight' pron anymore? The last 5 years or so, most of what i've been seeing (or, uh....hearing about...yeah) is the lesbo stuff, and I....some guy told me that she only does boy/girl movies with her boyfriend now.
2003-11-18 01:45:28 PM  
PR wise, This is a really good move for her. Becoming the publisher of Penthouse would put her one step closer to media "legitimacy".
2003-11-18 01:46:10 PM  

michael jackson?

Arrgh, sick, no...
2003-11-18 01:47:50 PM  
Actually, I apologise. Too sick.
2003-11-18 01:49:07 PM  
Cosmic_Music: Um, I think you're looking for the next post...
2003-11-18 01:51:49 PM  
*waits for Jenna links*
2003-11-18 01:56:30 PM  
just tag it friends!
2003-11-18 01:56:32 PM  
Stay on target...
2003-11-18 02:08:15 PM  
I like the way you think, Tanqueray.
2003-11-18 02:14:13 PM  
Hottest. Publisher. Ever.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-18 02:15:50 PM  
-Rhino Jockey

2003-11-18 02:16:01 PM  
2003-11-18 02:14:13 PM batmn42

Damn, them's some tig ol' bitties. Too bad they're fake.
2003-11-18 02:16:13 PM  
Anyone got any working links of Jenna? For research purposes you understand.
2003-11-18 02:16:56 PM  
Hey... If I couldn't do it... why work for the AF???

come on... let a government job be what it's supposed to be :P
2003-11-18 02:19:38 PM  
2003-11-18 02:16:13 PM superc

Anyone got any working links of Jenna? For research purposes you understand.


Here ya go
2003-11-18 02:20:30 PM  
don't know if this is good or bad, really.

Of course, I haven't read a pr0n mag in years since I got the Intarweb.
2003-11-18 02:23:11 PM  
mannimal: Preach, brother! My job for the Air Force here would be shiat if it wasn't for FARK...:)
2003-11-18 02:24:56 PM  
I'm in agreement with wheatweasel. I'm all for her buying Penthouse if they'll farking cease with the "erotic pissing" that's in EVERY FARKING ISSUE. I mean, fine, good, pee on each other. But do it two or three times a year, not every month, and not in every set of pictures.

I realize that Guccioni must be so jaded that girls urinating on each other is the only thing that'll make his wee-wee stand at attention, but Jesus H. Christ, give it a rest!
2003-11-18 02:42:48 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-18 02:43:58 PM  
I don't get that whole pee thing. It's the invitiation to the melty man as far as I'm concerned.
2003-11-18 02:47:03 PM  
Why does Jenna scare me so...
2003-11-18 02:51:41 PM  
2003-11-18 02:48:07 PM revscat

DrunkenLimeyBastard: "Whaddya mean lately, mine have been gone for 3 months with no explanation and e-mails are not returned. I still have no idea why they were taken from me."

So the rule is: You can have your HTML priveleges stripped and there's nothing you can do about it hahahaha? Hmm. Alrighty then.


That's about the size of it. Still better than total bannination though. Had a 2 week one for that for embedding the personal's pic into a thread (before I knew that wasn't allowed). That wasn't the cause of the html stripping though, that came much later, still don't know why.
2003-11-18 02:52:23 PM  
Some pics were taken out of this thread because they were showing up as red X's, not because they were NSFW.
2003-11-18 02:54:45 PM  
2003-11-18 02:52:23 PM Moderator [TotalFark]

Some pics were taken out of this thread because they were showing up as red X's, not because they were NSFW.


If you're still watching, perhaps you can enlighten me as to my html suspension/revocation. If not here, then via e-mail. It's in my bio drunkenlimeybastard at yahoo dot com
2003-11-18 02:56:43 PM  
Whoever they (probably Guccionne himself) figured we could'nt get enough of the golden showers pictorials is beyond me, I know I never looked at the magazine again. I figured Bob had gone crazy, and just had not got around to changing the name to Pisshouse.
And what, 7 or 8 bucks an issue, having to go to a store and actually purchase the rag at a store? Get bloody real.
The name Penthouse has some real value in name brand recognition alone. A monthly online version of the magazine via subscription sounds okay by me. No pissing girls, that's just stupid.
2003-11-18 02:58:15 PM  
The Boobdex pics explain her move into publishing...

I'd still hit it, though...repeatedly.
2003-11-18 03:01:47 PM  
I agree with what others said. Penthouse was my favorite porn mag until they started with the waterworks. Haven't bought an issue since. Bring back the Forum stories and the hot pictorials, leave out the pee-pee.
2003-11-18 03:02:38 PM  
Feh, I must be the only one who doesn't think Jenna is the end-all-be all.

But even with that said: I'd hit it.

Did you expect otherwise?
2003-11-18 03:08:52 PM  
One thing I can say about her is that she is a great promoter of herself.
When doing personal appearances, she was very friendly and accomodating for fans.
2003-11-18 03:17:17 PM  
For what it's worth, I didn't so much mind the pics of Jenna without makeup. At least I'm assuming that's what was being talked about before. She's not that hot, she's not ugly. But... as it is, I've seen enough divergent pictures of her that I can safely say that I have almost no idea what she's actually supposed to look like. She's a chameleon, and she doesn't really appeal to me.

That said, it couldn't hurt for her to get into the publishing biz. I actually respect her business acumen quite a bit, and it's a natural fit for her.

Oh, and the Penthouse golden showers are just disturbing. Save it for some fetish mag.
2003-11-18 03:20:00 PM  
man, i grew up on penthouse (or should i say my pops enjoyed penthouse?), it was the first pronmag i had ever seen back in the day, but i had the unfortunate luck of getting a free issue recently and damn, that was some boring shiat. i mean of all 20 pics maybe 4 where hot and they continue that wierd thing where a male and female model are "just about to do it, but not yet" = not hot, just naked man i dont wanna see.

whoever takes over needs to do a complete overhaul, though even playboy is losing its sales so best of luck.
2003-11-18 03:37:49 PM  
Penthouse has gotten harder and weirder lately. It now has penitration, cumshots and peeing.

Why do people still buy these?
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