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(Slacktory) Video It's nice to see Carl Weathers getting some work even though it's just commercials...whoa...what the? ....they just keep getting creepier. Can't sleep, Carl Weathers will eat me   ( divider line
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5154 clicks; posted to Video » on 02 Aug 2012 at 1:18 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-02 01:28:56 PM  
WTF? I don't even.
2012-08-02 01:30:53 PM  
What the hell are they even advertising? The site they advertise doesn't even exist. Were these just made as a joke?
2012-08-02 01:31:07 PM  
I must break him.
2012-08-02 01:32:02 PM  
You got a stew goin'!
2012-08-02 01:34:06 PM  
What happened to you, Carl? You used to be someone we could trust.
2012-08-02 01:39:25 PM  
Yeah, I'm sure the unsolicited approaches by an aging actor with bad eye cosmetic surgery would have gone over real well in Seattle
2012-08-02 01:51:28 PM  

Durendal: What the hell are they even advertising? The site they advertise doesn't even exist. Were these just made as a joke?

according to wiki:

"He also appears in an ongoing series of web-only advertisements for Credit Union of Washington, dispensing flowers and the advice that "change is beautiful" to puzzled-looking bystanders."
2012-08-02 02:15:49 PM  
I thought he died in Rocky III.
2012-08-02 02:19:36 PM  
I would love for him to bellow a scream like he did in Predator as he was getting shanked to a stranger.
2012-08-02 02:29:07 PM  
I'm just glad to see he got his hand back.
2012-08-02 02:33:33 PM  

NutznGum: You got a stew goin'!

Stew baby!
2012-08-02 03:51:08 PM  
I was just thinking why does egg with bacon grease on it taste greasy but bacon just tastes bacony.
2012-08-02 04:53:37 PM  
I guess it might be considered rude to point out that when you grow up, you eventually grow out of the snarky "I've got to dish on everyone and everything even slightly dishable, just to prove how clever I am" phase. Five-year-olds think bellybutton jokes are hysterical, too. And they're right. If you're five years old.
2012-08-02 07:04:06 PM  

jonjr215: I thought he died in Rocky III.

Rocky IV.

During the making of Rocky Balboa (VI) Stallone called Weathers "Apollo Greed" for demanding too much money for stock footage of Apollo to be included in a flashback montage.
2012-08-02 07:15:43 PM  
I was waiting for her to mace his ass.
2012-08-02 08:14:16 PM  
Weird to see the uncanny valley principle in action with a real human.
2012-08-02 09:11:11 PM
2012-08-03 12:52:58 AM  
All the outdoor shots are obviously in Seattle. As a Seattleite I'm concerned for the safety of our public spaces.
2012-08-03 01:03:43 PM  

They got you pushing flowers now?
2012-08-03 04:20:26 PM  
You son of a biatch... *SLAP*
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