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567 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Aug 2012 at 12:01 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-08-01 09:58:48 PM
(Click for bigger and better)

Old Nikkor

2012-08-01 09:59:37 PM
(Click for bigger and better)

New iPod, old music

2012-08-01 10:00:44 PM
(Click for bigger and better)

Borrowed shoes

/There's a flash inside the lamp shade.

2012-08-01 10:01:26 PM
(Click for bigger and better)

Blue bike

2012-08-01 10:39:00 PM  
Something Old:

Grave stone from 1790. Old Paramus Reformed Church, Ridgewood, NJ.
2012-08-01 10:40:05 PM  
Something New:

After seeing the rave reviews on Amazon for this mask, my husband and I knew it had to be ours. If only for the wtf.
2012-08-01 10:41:46 PM  
Something Borrowed (which also happens to be old):

Pocket watch my son inherited from my late father who inherited it from his grandfather.
2012-08-01 10:42:48 PM  
Something Blue:
2012-08-02 12:01:31 AM  

Martello Tower built around 1804 on Ireland's Eye off the coast from Howth to defend against Napoleon

2012-08-02 12:01:52 AM
Something new

2012-08-02 12:02:24 AM  

(pops bigger and cuter)
My dog treed this bobcat cub and her mom

2012-08-02 12:02:40 AM
Something blue

2012-08-02 12:03:06 AM  

I'm taking care of this basil while my stepmother is away

2012-08-02 12:03:41 AM
I'll go with something old rather than something borrowed.

2012-08-02 12:03:45 AM  

Melancholy Fairy

2012-08-02 12:22:34 AM  

Something Old (1973 International school bus)
2012-08-02 12:29:46 AM

1949 Audubon bird call (old)
2012-08-02 12:30:26 AM  

Something Blue (little blue heron at Sheldon Lake state park, Texas)
2012-08-02 12:30:54 AM

Violet-green swallow hatchling (new)
2012-08-02 12:31:30 AM

2012-08-02 12:32:27 AM

2012-08-02 12:35:56 AM

Old blue glass shot on a borrowed lens. I prefer the green glass myself. Dug both bottles up in a farm dump on my property a number of years ago. Link pops to flickr.

/Not as good as my wife on our wedding day, who got all 4 in one wearable object.
2012-08-02 12:42:57 AM

2012-08-02 12:44:07 AM

2012-08-02 12:45:23 AM

2012-08-02 12:47:16 AM

2012-08-02 08:04:45 AM  
1931 Ford
nightshot by farmgate, on Flickr
2012-08-02 09:46:41 AM

Something blue: Central Park reservoir
2012-08-02 09:50:51 AM

Something old : Manhattan skyline
2012-08-02 09:53:41 AM

Something new: giant video screen on the Shanghai subway
2012-08-02 10:03:15 AM

T-REX Restaurant
2012-08-02 10:30:49 AM

Old - Fort Jackson SC
2012-08-02 10:31:43 AM

Brand New
2012-08-02 10:33:24 AM

Pick Your favorite Blue
2012-08-02 11:11:44 AM

Something Old
2012-08-02 02:17:30 PM
Conwy Castle empty mid-week, taken from a low angle

2012-08-02 02:19:38 PM
Looking up at the Los Angeles skyline

2012-08-02 02:21:54 PM
My mate had to borrow my trench for this shoot.

2012-08-02 02:24:44 PM
The art district in Los Angeles - there's always new artwork going up and old ones being painted over, so each time you visit it's all new

2012-08-03 04:06:21 PM

Something Blue
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