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(Fox News) NewsFlash #2 Position at Al Qaeda now open. Send resumes c/o Brentwood Post Office   ( divider line
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3803 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Nov 2001 at 1:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-16 01:42:50 PM  
why does Atef's picture look heavily photoshopped? I'm suspicious.
2001-11-16 01:48:19 PM  
There is no way I could send in an application today and still meet the minimum beard requirement. Damn the luck.
2001-11-16 01:48:53 PM  
Whats the ZIP code on that one?
2001-11-16 01:51:19 PM  
Quickly, before Fb-!
The only good Al Qaeda member is a dead one....
2001-11-16 01:55:11 PM  
If Atef is truly dead, then the terrorists have already....

Oh, nevermind.
2001-11-16 02:08:06 PM  
If we become #2, and #1 is frozen, what would a mini Bin Loden look like?
2001-11-16 02:11:06 PM  
So all we need to get now is Bin Laden and Al Qaeda?
[image from too old to be available]
Can I get a whoah Qaeda? No? Okay.
2001-11-16 02:11:07 PM  
2001-11-16 02:12:58 PM  
Ok.. I'm sorry but too much talk of #2 and #1 for me to be serious on this thread.
2001-11-16 02:16:01 PM  
That's one less horror in the world.

Geez, I hope at least one person gets the reference..yup, I'm a dork.
2001-11-16 02:21:22 PM  
2001-11-16 02:26:18 PM  
Silly farkers!
Don't they know that beards went out in the 80's?

That what happens to you when you commit fashion
2001-11-16 02:28:19 PM  
Since they didn't find a body, we're going to need video footage from the nose of the missile.
2001-11-16 02:36:08 PM  
Is it against the Taliban's wishes to shower? These people look so dirty!
2001-11-16 02:40:29 PM  
#2 eh? I wonder if he wore an eyepatch and cried when Dr Evil...I mean, Osama yelled at him.
2001-11-16 02:41:55 PM  
1 down, 4,999 to go...
2001-11-16 02:43:03 PM  
just from the article it seems we have another target - Sudan. After all Binny baby spent some time there to. Hmmmmm, lets see how many that is now.
2001-11-16 02:47:56 PM  
who does #2 work for?
2001-11-16 02:51:39 PM  
I am not a number, I am a free man.
2001-11-16 02:53:18 PM  
I would submit a resume and all, but I don't see a lot of growth in the company in the next five years...mass "layoffs" are probably on their way.
2001-11-16 02:53:58 PM  
That's right, boy! You tell that turd who's the boss!
2001-11-16 02:56:50 PM  
One down 4,999,999 to go
2001-11-16 03:02:07 PM  
I wonder if this guy was eligible for the "70 virgins in the afterlife" deal.
2001-11-16 03:03:05 PM  
I hope he died really really slow. I also hope it was a very painful death. Yep slow and painful. I hope he was laying there gurgling on his own blood and in the most pain he has ever felt in his life and then something heavy hit him in the nuts. I can see it now "Gurgle Cough I'm in so much pain Gurgle" WHAM! "Gurgle OW! MY NUTS Gurgle Gurgle now I am in even more pain Gurgle"
2001-11-16 03:04:10 PM  

Get Mohammed! He's what? Dead?

I am so farked.
2001-11-16 03:05:41 PM  
Wait til they get to the afterlife and find out just why
those 70 women are still virgins!

Be careful what you wish for.........
2001-11-16 03:07:53 PM  
I don't believe the guy is dead.
2001-11-16 03:07:54 PM  
Thirdrail- Sounds like me after a night at White Castle!
2001-11-16 03:10:55 PM  
Deboard: Atef right? I've got a message for ya. Make sure ya don't *bang*
2001-11-16 03:16:24 PM  
WE ARE NOT DEAD! We're all hanging around eating popcorn and watching CNN out here in Montana.
2001-11-16 03:25:02 PM  
And Martha sez.... "This is a very good thing" And anything too prevent these mudder farkers from breeding is indeed "a very good thing".
2001-11-16 03:40:33 PM  
"$5 million reward for information leading to Atef's capture and conviction."

But not dead?! Dammit, I was going to go find his head and turn it in to collect my 5 mil...
2001-11-16 03:41:09 PM  
Who are you?

The new number two.

Who is number one?

You are number six

(prequel to boobiess 'Prisoner' reference - hey maybe we can send that big plastic ball to get Osama...)
2001-11-16 03:53:28 PM  
its a good thing he was hangin out at the orphanage
2001-11-16 03:54:29 PM  
no, lets send the blob!
2001-11-16 04:02:24 PM  
"Rumsfeld said bin Laden is still thought to be hiding in Afghanistan and is a prime target"

No shiat.
2001-11-16 05:01:07 PM  
Killer. I got a 12 pack of warm PBR in my trunk. You bring a baseball bat.
2001-11-16 05:01:28 PM  
Damn, wrong thread.
2001-11-16 06:09:14 PM  
Think of the children!

When are we going to hunt down his children?
2001-11-16 08:42:37 PM  
11-16-01 02:21:22 PM Firelord

The english teachers are for sure... And, I imagine anyone that values grammar aswell.
2001-11-16 11:01:30 PM  
"English" "anyone who values" "as well"

but who cares because

2001-11-17 12:41:35 AM  
Hehe... good question Sabu.

I'm amazed we haven't found out why they are still virgins.

(that's funny)

...but I really don't want an answer.
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