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(MSNBC)   Your favorite fast food joints and how many critical health violations they've racked up   ( divider line
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2003-11-17 03:42:44 PM  
If you eat at a fast food restaurant, you should realize you're risking something.

However, the Dateline program was screwed. KFC had more salmonella troubles than other joints? Well duh, they serve more chicken than other joints. Of course the odds will be higher.
2003-11-17 03:44:13 PM  
et tu, Burger King, et tu?
2003-11-17 03:46:47 PM  
"I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's"
2003-11-17 03:57:53 PM  
damn subway is considered fast food.... other than that im glad i dont eat that shiat anymore
2003-11-17 03:58:59 PM  
I knew what I was getting into when I clicked. Then I clicked and got into it.

Now I'll have to wait at least an hour before going to my favorite joints.
2003-11-17 04:13:38 PM  
"...grime and debris found on this ice chute, and on the drink machine at the drive-thru widow."

The poor BK drive-thru girl lost her husband and they're concerned with grime? Or was it the grime that killed her husband?
2003-11-17 04:21:46 PM  
Check out all of the violations the pool losers have accumulated where I work.

Apparently the chlorine level in the outdoor wading pool is at 0.0 ppm while the pee level is above 100 ppm.
2003-11-17 04:40:46 PM  
Anyone else find it mildly disturbing that the 3 best places (though not in order) wound up with the 3 worst records? Yeesh. Ah well, it's still some mighty tasty stuff. Personally I try not to care about this kind of stuff. Things like this happen all the time, if you thought about it you'd never eat again.
2003-11-17 04:57:31 PM  
Burger King at numero uno is no surprise. There's a BK across the street from where I live. They suck and their burgers are toxic.

The last, and very last time mind you, I ate there I got my usual hangover lunch -- four cheeseburgers with heavy pickles and onions. Easy. What I got was a bag of four cheeseburgers with no pickles, no onions and no heat. That's right. The burgers were cold to the touch, so cold in fact the cheese wouldn't melt. I went bback inside and confronted the manager.

"Hey man, my cheeseburgers are ice cold and they lack onions or pickles," I said matter-of-factly.

"I'm sorry sir, let me fix that," the manager replied. He then took my four cheeseburgers, opened them up, put onions and pickles on them and placed them in the microwave. All this without washing his hands or wearing gloves. He had been cleaning the garbage when I approached him!

I just left the burgers on the counter and walked out.

I had been sickened before from this BK and I should have, and should still, sue them into the stone age. It would be a boon to the neighborhood to get this disease factory out of town. They have been cited numerous times I later found out for employees not washing hands and dirty food prep surfaces. I've worked food prep before, it ain't easy getting stuff perfectly clean but dangit at least I put maximum effort into trying. This BK and many others they don't even try. Disgusting.
2003-11-17 05:33:09 PM  
Let me ask you something: How can a brand new, open less than a week, chinese place already have a bad enough infestation that they serve me bugs in my rice?
2003-11-17 05:33:27 PM  
The only one of those i ever eat at is wendys - and its usually a salad.

Im not to surprised or worried
2003-11-17 05:57:33 PM  
Taco Bell - rat droppings..isn't that the meat?

Subway...I've inquired several times at various locations, why their food area is not refrigerated. It is completely asinine to just have that shiat sitting out. (I am food certified)

All in all, this article made me never want to go to a fast food joint. Ever.
2003-11-17 06:43:37 PM  
The scarier part that's missing here is many snooty, expensive, five-star places have just as bad, if not worse, food handling problems. However, since they are trendy and usually owned by the super wealthy, bad health reports seem to just "vanish". I have worked at hoity-toity places, the kind of place where a patron tips a busboy ( me ) $50, and let me tell you more than one wealthy elitist ate a steak that had "floor seasoning". Trust me, just because you pay $100 for a meal doesn't mean it's any better than the $1 burger at Hardees.
2003-11-17 07:21:48 PM  
Ah yes, one of the many reasons I bothered to learn how to cookmy own damn food. I have yet to sicken or kill anyone. Burn stuff, maybe. Screw up the marinade with too much of something sure. But none of that will sicken or kill anyone.

I am reminded of a story one of my co-workers told me of when he worked at a Boston Market. One whole rack of rotisserie chicken fell on the floor. Managers solution? Back into the rotisserie, served at lunch.
2003-11-17 08:17:37 PM  
The "meat" in my Taco Bell enchilada is actually rat droppings? It's OK, I had Subway for lunch.
2003-11-17 08:41:57 PM  
So Arby's is the Avis (#2) of foodborne illness?
"We try harder."
2003-11-17 09:02:16 PM  
I used to work at a Wendy's in college on campus no less. That place was the cleanest place I've ever seen. No floor seasoning, nothing. Longest anything was left out was the french fries and that was 5 minutes then in the garbage.
2003-11-17 09:13:26 PM  
Sometimes there are really good fast food locations, and sometimes they're really farking nasty.

In my hometown, the Taco Bells and Wendy's were pretty sketch. Burger King generally got my order right, but that doesn't mean I don't think it was still dirty back in the kitchen area.

As always, the best places to eat are non-affiliated or super-independent franchises. Subway has always baffled me, too, with leaving their cold cuts out, but I trust 100% the Jersey Mike's at which I eat.

Mmm, hungry now!
2003-11-17 09:45:54 PM  
What's with all those words. I need a pie graph or something
</USA Today reader>
2003-11-17 09:55:05 PM  
2003-11-17 10:00:05 PM  
At a Hardees in Florida, a customer was handed a cup of soda with blood dripping from it. There was blood on her change as well.

Yikes! was there a finger in the fries as well?
2003-11-17 10:01:31 PM  
The 100 Taco Bells we sampled had the fewest total critical violations

That's the most shocking thing to come out of this report IMHO.
2003-11-17 10:02:14 PM  
Ugh, Hardees, the worst hamburger chain out there. Their crap is much worse than White Castle (which did not make this list ;) ).
2003-11-17 10:03:31 PM  
I like to eat at Subway and was hapy to find it in the above average part. Then I realized I also like to eat at Arbys.
2003-11-17 10:04:27 PM  
Two words:

Scare mongering.
2003-11-17 10:05:12 PM  
"To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making."
-Otto von Bismarck
2003-11-17 10:05:21 PM  
The food is garbage before it hits the floor anyway. Eat up, America!
2003-11-17 10:06:42 PM  
So I created a complaint form letter and sent it (with all the necessary info changed for each) to 7 different fast food headquarters. This is an attempt to see how much free food I can get.

I will inform of the success or failure of my experiment as soon as it materializes.

2003-11-17 10:07:10 PM  
Could someone explain to me why the woman with the kid who almost died still keeps going to fast food restaurants?

Every single time I go to a fast food restaurant, theres that doubt in the back of my mind that they could get sick. Every single time.
2003-11-17 10:07:33 PM  
I prefer to eat out at the Y.
2003-11-17 10:08:03 PM  
And of course, these are all franchises. So, there is only so much that the parent company can control.

Of course, what about the KFC/Taco Bell combo places? What a combination.
2003-11-17 10:08:15 PM  
Scare mongering or not, this makes me feel even better about either cooking all my own food, or eating from non-chain places that have a semblance of respect for cleanliness.
2003-11-17 10:08:21 PM  
"This study funded by In-n-Out Burger."
2003-11-17 10:08:36 PM  

That's because White Castle isn't one of the top 10 fast food places in America.
2003-11-17 10:09:09 PM  
The A&W I used to work at only ever got one health complaint - one of the cashiers was a self-mutilator, and she often had open wounds on her wrists and arms while serving customers.

This same chick is now suing the restaurant for wrongful dismissal.

/So glad I don't work fast food anymore...
2003-11-17 10:10:22 PM  
Honestly, I don't care about this stuff. I find it interesting, indeed.

I still like fast food. I almost never get sick, either. My immune system could take over a small country!

2003-11-17 10:12:21 PM  
ahh, elitism!
2003-11-17 10:12:34 PM  
At Subway the coldcuts aren't just sitting on a counter at room temperature. The are sitting in a refrigerated counter thing.
As far as some of these infractions who cares. So what if they aren't wearing gloves. If they aren't gonna wash their hands after they sneeze or cough they are not gonna change their gloves.
I'm not saying that these places aren't gross, but 99% of them are cleaner than most home kitchens. If i drop a piece of meat in the kitchen, I'll rinse it off and through it in the pan. Its not a big deal.
2003-11-17 10:14:29 PM  
FFS can't people learn how to make a burguer at home?!@
It's cheaper and better.
2003-11-17 10:14:36 PM  
There have been TWO different anti-Arby's jokes in The Simpsons. I agree, it's wretched.
2003-11-17 10:14:55 PM  

Some people are such pussies.

I swear, humans in general are frickin' pussies. Animals can rip apart a raw animal, eat fruit that was laying in feces, or roll in the dirt. We humans have to send back the steak we ordered because it's "a little raw".

2003-11-17 10:15:02 PM  
George Orwell, in Down and Out in Paris and London said that the more expensive the retaurant, the filthier the food, largely because more people have touched it before you get it. Of course, back in his day, "fast food" meant the short-order cook made it, then somebody took it to your table at the pub. Total people = 2. At a Mickey D's it's more like 5 that touch it/spit in it.
2003-11-17 10:15:43 PM  
The Velottas, whose little boy became almost died, hope thats true.

2003-11-17 10:16:40 PM  
BloodyL- Jersey Mike's is amazing
2003-11-17 10:16:48 PM  
ricardomontalban: How can the levels of "pee" be at 100 ppm? Considering the differents salts in urine, how do you quantify that? Besides, urine is pretty damn near sterile (the possible contaminants being epithelial cells from the inside of your urethra) and really is only dangerous if you drink pints of it. Urea's not particularly toxic, after all.
2003-11-17 10:16:55 PM  
He had been cleaning the garbage when I approached him!

What more do you want, they clean their garbage!
2003-11-17 10:17:14 PM  
If Dateline really wantedthe poop (sorry) on the fast food industry, they should have checked out some Chinese joints. I used to lunch at one regularly until I was urinating in the john, and the cook came in, had a leak, and left without washing his hands. And if you ever see the kitchen, you'll never eat Chinese again.
2003-11-17 10:17:52 PM  
Ummm, yeah, I worked in a fast food place.

Lemme put this very simply for you people, If you want me to go to all the trouble of obeying basic health regulations, your gonna have to pay me enough to give a shiat if I get fired.

I can find a new minimum wage job anywhere, why should I work my ass off at any of them when getting a new one takes 2 minutes?
2003-11-17 10:20:10 PM  
"If i drop a piece of meat in the kitchen, I'll rinse it off and through it in the pan. Its not a big deal."

Yeah, but you're not serving it to total strangers who are paying you to do so. Big difference. And your kitchen is pretty clean, I bet. Mine right now is down to a 3-second rule... if the cats don't grab it first :-0
2003-11-17 10:24:59 PM  
heh.. on a 2 week hike through the mountains one time, our guide told us that we would have to abide by the 30- minute rule ;)
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