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(Think Progress)   Justice Scalia: "The right of a 16-year old to keep and bear rocket launchers shall not be infringed"   ( divider line
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2012-08-01 05:39:16 AM  

Chimperror2: So how long before your kind claims any licenses, background checks, and other policies infringe on your Constitutional right to fly a Cessna?

1. What constitutional right? It's like driving; it's not a constitutional right.
2. There's not much in the way of licensing required to fly a Cessna. You need a private pilot's license to fly one alone, and there are rules about taking passangers with you if you have a 'private pilot' license - you're not normally allowed to charge more than gas money.
3. A Cessna is a suprisingly ineffective weapon. I've read about Cessna type planes, at least the 'easy' small single engine types, crashing into buildings at least a dozen times. Hint: A Cessna weighs less and is about as fast as a compact car. It's only 'advantage' is being able to hit spots said small car can't, and if you look at 'believe it or not' pictures, you'll find there are situations where you CAN hit the 2nd floor with a car ;). Anways, about the only 'substantial' part of the plane is the engine. Damage on hitting multiple story buildings has historically been pretty much 'messed up the office it hit', and that includes 'middle manager's small office'. Fatalities for building occupants are surprisingly rare for daytime strikes.

Chimperror2 - Crashing into a terminal of refueling 737s would, in my estimation, result in the destruction of maybe ONE 737. Given the type of fuel involved, you might get a fire, but it would be easily containable by the airport fire department. Jet Fuel/Kerosene burns, it doesn't explode. You'd also have to hit one of the wings just right, they're suprisingly tough.

For the record - my policy is to more or less ignore guns. We need to fix our prisons so they actually reform, our schools so they actually educate, our mental health system so it actually helps people, and end the war on drugs so we can afford all of the above.
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