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(Reuters)   Iraqi graffiti artists express themselves. The consensus? They think Metallica sucks, too   ( divider line
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18708 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Nov 2003 at 3:53 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-17 11:34:04 AM  
Heck, Metallica sucking is a universal concept even Plato tought alongside squares and mathematical truths. He was very much dead before they even showed up and yet he knew it all along!
2003-11-17 11:42:16 AM  
Intelligent discourse on walls... interesting.

Here in the states the best you can find is "Agua was here"
2003-11-17 12:10:06 PM  
Ahmed the giant has a POSSE.
2003-11-17 12:15:03 PM  
In an interesting twist, graffiti has also revealed that a high percentage of Iraqi people understood Matrix: Revolutions, unlike the more superficial Elf loving American audiences.
2003-11-17 03:56:24 PM  
Admit it. Revolutions sucked.
2003-11-17 03:56:46 PM  
2003-11-17 03:57:37 PM  
Admit it. You suck.

Metallica has and always will suck.
2003-11-17 03:58:08 PM  
Were there any of those, "For a good time, call 555-5555" messages?
2003-11-17 03:59:04 PM  
Do they think Duke sucks, too?
2003-11-17 03:59:13 PM  
Metallica Sucks?

Who needs comedy writers anymore?
That's gold for the next 25 Years.
2003-11-17 04:00:37 PM  
2003-11-17 04:00:40 PM  
Yeah Metallica sucks but they did have 4 good albums and an EP. (Kill em all, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, Garage Days Revisited and And Justice For All)
2003-11-17 04:00:51 PM  
Metallica wants americans' money.
Iraqis want americans' money.
They're simply expressing their concern over this competition.
2003-11-17 04:03:07 PM  
Metallica didn't used to suck.
2003-11-17 04:03:51 PM  
"give me FUEL, give me fire, give me that which I desire, ooh"

coinsidence?....I think not.
2003-11-17 04:04:05 PM  
now if only they would kidnap Lars and force him to listen to his snare drum on St. Anger for the rest of his life then all would be good...
2003-11-17 04:04:10 PM  
I love political graffitti.
It usually provides humourious results.
2003-11-17 04:04:22 PM  
Wow, it sounded like a Fark flamewar, only more intelligent and civilized.
2003-11-17 04:06:27 PM  
Bored24 -

My sentiments exactly.

They ruled... until they wanked.

At least you can't accuse them of wanking half-assed.
2003-11-17 04:07:53 PM  
well there's always hope for the future... I just wish they'd bring back jason, or tell rob to stop that farking monkeywalk thing
2003-11-17 04:08:03 PM  
My question is: Why do they suck?

I mean of all the boy bands and crappy rap out there, why do farkers always fall back on Metallica?

If Metallica sucks, then surely Snoop'SNC-cent cube_boys blow harder than a catagory 5 tornado.
2003-11-17 04:08:28 PM  
Metallica rocks. Too bad they waste their podeum time to rant about political issues, and whine about kids warez'ing their MP3's. At least they're not nearly as bad as Pearl Jam... That dude (Eddie) just has "STFU" written all over him. It's like every time he opens his mouth, all I hear is "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahhhh...".

Lars is a great drummer, but an asshole of a person.

So, let the "Metallica sucks / Metallica Rules" flamewars begin.
2003-11-17 04:08:56 PM  
TutefreakIntelligent discourse on walls... interesting.
Here in the states the best you can find is "Agua was here"

You noticed that too...

No slogans, no jokes, no erudition, just elaborately drawn initials: the human equivalent of marking your territory. Odd.

I remember there used to be a huge piece of graffiti along the railway line outside Paddington station, neatly drawn in three-foot tall letters, stretching at least a hundred feet along a wall.
It said Far away is close at hand in images of elsewhere.

I haven't a clue what it meant. I wonder if it's still there.
2003-11-17 04:08:56 PM  
yeah - lars ullrich - lawsuit - rubbish mussic for a while now - trying to forget that you wore tight leather pants and shiat......

i agree with the iraqis on this one
2003-11-17 04:09:02 PM  
Now, that's progress.
2003-11-17 04:09:13 PM  
lory to both the Sunni and Shi'ite martyrs of Islam," says the Islamic Daawa Party. The Communist Party, a lone secular voice amid Iraq's Islamic politics, adds timidly: "Free nation, happy people."

This is exactly what a pot smoking Iraqi would say. Thats awesome.
2003-11-17 04:10:46 PM  
Jack Johnson - Bad News

A billion people died on the news tonight
But not so many cried at the terrible sight
Well momma said
It's just make believe
You can't believe everything you see
So baby close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight

Who's the one to decide that it would be all right
To put the music behind the news tonight
Well momma said
You can't believe everything ya hear
The diagetic world is so unclear
So baby close your ears
On the news tonight
On the news tonight
The unobtrusive tones, on the news tonight

And momma said, mmmmmmm
Why don't the news casters cry when they read about people who die?
At least they could be decent enough to put just a tear in their eyes

Momma said
it's just make believe
You can't believe everything ya see
So baby close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight

A billion people died on the news tonight
But not so many cried at the terrible sight
Well momma said
It's just make believe
You can't believe everything you see
So baby close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight
2003-11-17 04:11:07 PM  
Funny how the mass market never liked Metallica until the Black album released (well they got a little attention from the 'One' video) - and -then- they suddenly decided that -after that they 'sold out' and started sucking.

how do we spell irony?
2003-11-17 04:11:36 PM  
helix400 - the problem with an Iraqi flame war is that they use real flames.
2003-11-17 04:11:49 PM  
Metallica peaked with Ride the Lightning and has progressively sucked more with each release after.
2003-11-17 04:14:07 PM  
Give Shrubya and all the neo-cons that support him a pistol, three clips of ammo, and a canteen of water. Drop them all off in the middle of Iraq. Try to get directions to the border from the locals. Let's see who walks out.
2003-11-17 04:14:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-17 04:14:48 PM  
A few weeks ago I actually took the time to re-edit St. Anger. I cut over 20 mins of crap out.

The songs actually flow now, and are paced MUCH better. On the average they come in around 3 1/2 - 4 mins each.

Much better? Absolutely. Is the album good now? Not really.
2003-11-17 04:15:25 PM  
Master of Puppets = Masters of Pop Metal Puppets
2003-11-17 04:16:01 PM  
Yeah, they do suck. At least NOW they suck. RIP Cliff!!!
2003-11-17 04:17:17 PM  
Sad but true
2003-11-17 04:17:33 PM  

As you may have seen in an earlier thread, there have been anti-terrorism protests in Iraq. I learned this from a short blurb here, which I'll quote in full:

::Huge anti-terrorism demonstrations were held in Nassiriyah yesterday by students association condemning the attacks on the Italian force carrying signs such as 'No to terrorism. Yes to freedom and peace', and 'This cowardly act will unify us'. I have to add that there were similar demonstrations in Baghdad more than a week ago also by students against the bombings of police stations early this Ramadan. I hope the demonstrations advocates that bugged me are satisfied now. There are also preparations for anti-terror demonstrations before Id (end of Ramadan holidays).
2003-11-17 04:18:06 PM  
2003-11-17 04:19:09 PM  
Even the American rock group Metallica gets a look in, advised in strong terms to get lost in a message daubed in English.

Hahaha, I am so enjoying this.
2003-11-17 04:21:36 PM  
Ohh, so close. I'm sorry, the correct answer was 'Creed Sucks' better luck next time.
2003-11-17 04:21:59 PM  
pontechango said:
What's this, then? People called Americanas they go the house?

Nope, offtopic. Read the article.
2003-11-17 04:23:00 PM  
in english please?
2003-11-17 04:23:05 PM  
Bet money it was an American soldier who put Metallica Sucks in english on that wall. He probably had a flamewar with a fellow soldier and put it there in big letters.
2003-11-17 04:24:08 PM  
Humans rule! Metallica can SUCK IT!!!

2003-11-17 04:24:27 PM  
I think everyone's missing a very interesting point here.

Iraqis are expressing themselves.
I'm awed.

Did you know that beforehand it was illegal to deface a picture of Hussein. If a newspaper with his picture on it was lying on a bench and you sat on it, not realizing, you were arrested.
2003-11-17 04:25:34 PM  
Gizank- Yeah, Metallica went full out with the suckage, right down to the pubes!
2003-11-17 04:26:46 PM  
Well, since nobody else said it, I will...

"Americans go home."
2003-11-17 04:27:25 PM  
I actually don't care for "Master of Puppets" the album, though the song is OK. I prefer And Justice For All, Ride The Lightning, and the Black album.

/just happen to be listening to Megadeth right now..
2003-11-17 04:27:40 PM  

Nope, offtopic. Read the article.

Page 3.

But apart from general references to "independence" and "freedom," there is a marked absence of graffiti commentary on the U.S. military occupation.

"I haven't noticed anything against the Americans, but they are present all over Baghdad, so who's going to trouble themselves?" Yasiry said.

Anyway, I couldn't resist the reference :)
2003-11-17 04:28:54 PM  
Well obviously there are two types of people on Iraq right now. The ones that want to have be free and a lucrative oil producing country, and the kind that want it to be communist and a lucrative oil producing country. So maybe the former kind should go back to America from whence they came and the latter kind can go back to being communist killers.
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