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(NYPost)   In a shocking turn of events Jets fans stunned that their starting quarterback plays better than their back-up quarterback   ( divider line
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2012-07-30 09:11:15 AM  

thesloppy: bel4sucks: thesloppy: 4-8 with an INT in 7-on-7 drills? Yeah, I'm impressed.

It says

Tebow finished 4-for-4 with a sack in team drills and 4-for-6 in 7-on-7s.


Tebow took his own shot downfield, hitting Jeremy Kerley on a 40-yard pass of his own deep down the same right sideline. But the play was waved off thanks to an illegal procedure penalty on right tackle Stephon Heyer. Tebow had 2 incompletions between both drills, and one of those incompletions was a long catch called back for an OL penalty. Meanwhile, Sanchez'es long completion came from a pass that was tipped by Revis, in order to finish 7-on7-s at 50% with an INT. Would you rather have the dude who looks uncomfortable throw for 75% on shorter passes, rather than a guy who looks perfectly comfortable throwing for 50% and an INT without a defensive rush?

Well, at least Heyer is in perfect mid-season form. We saw a lot of that of him in Washington.
2012-07-30 09:28:09 AM  
Nothing like the Jets beat writers and their snarky comments:

Rich Cimini @RichCimini
Good passing day for Tebow so far, maybe because he hasn't thrown a pass. No attempts in first period, but had 25-yard scramble.
2012-07-30 09:51:50 AM  

drnugget: MattyFridays: drnugget: ftfa "Tebow looked like someone who was still feeling his way through a new playbook and new teammates."

We all recognize that this is how Tebow looks even when he knows the playbook and his teammates, right?

He's been in the league for three years and this is the third offensive system he's had to learn.

You can't blame poor accuracy, poor footwork, inability to read a defense, being antsy in the pocket, etc on the system. He tries really hard, but he looks like shiat most of the time.

He's also got one year of actual pro experience. Why does everyone expect him to be Payton Manning?

Everyone assumed pre-draft he was going to be a third or fourth round project. Denver surprised everyone taking him first. After McDaniel left, he was buried, only to be brought back because the fans demanded it, and then was working in a horrible situation - I honestly believed that John Elway would be the first NFL GM pissed to win a Super Bowl if he had to deal with Tebow.

Tebow is a backup, situational quarterback. As I said, before, upthread, he is a Brad Smith type, something the jets were lacking last season.

I've also said this, REPEATEDLY - if the Jets had Tebow in the AFC Champ. game against Pittsburgh, that goal-line drive looks very very different. You can swap Tebow in, tell Mangold and Ferguson to push the line forward, and if Tebow didn't see an open receiver, he'd do a reverse sex dragon and run it himself with NO FEAR WHATSOEVER.
2012-07-30 09:52:46 AM  

JohnHall: Nothing like the Jets beat writers and their snarky comments:

Rich Cimini @RichCimini
Good passing day for Tebow so far, maybe because he hasn't thrown a pass. No attempts in first period, but had 25-yard scramble.

And it's exactly what chumpstains like Cimini *WHY* I want Tebow to succeed, because it'll drive them farking nuts.
2012-07-30 10:17:52 AM  

TheJoe03: Tebow just needs to admit he isn't a good passing QB and play some other positions. It's the only way the Jets can utilize him in a positive way (along with the wildcat formation). He has great football skills but he is probably the worst passing QB in the NFL.

No. Teams need to stop pretending he's ready to be a starting QB. admit he should have been a 3rd-4th tounder and that he's a work in progress.

He came a from a dumbed down option offense in college and has poor mechanics. He needs a couple years to work on his form, learn the playbook, and learn how to be a pro QB. There is no shame in taking a couple years to get the starting position (it's what Brady, rothlesburger, and rogers all did).

The worst thing for him was being drafted in the first round and then making the playoffs and actually winning a game. Becuase it makes him think he's better than he is. It proves all the naysayers wrong. See, I am a first round pick...see, I can win. See, an option offense can work. See, I can beat the Stealers.

/I think Tebow is going to be another Vince young. College hero, NFL nobody...who is gonna get bounced around from team to team every other year.
2012-07-30 11:45:06 AM  
My god, the idiocy in this thread is overwhelming.

"typical Chargers late-season collapse"? You realize that under Turner the main thing they've done is suck bags of dicks for the FIRST HALF of the season and have to go undefeated late in the season in order to make the playoffs, right? Before last year or so, Rivers was undefeated in December. That's some interesting "collapsing"

The Dolphins are a BAD team? You realize they went 6-3 to close out last year, right, including a win over the Jets? They have a pretty solid squad. The Jets are better and should beat them, but to write them off is asinine.
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