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(Yahoo)   Flipping somebody the bird while yelling at them makes you smarter   ( divider line
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5853 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Nov 2001 at 10:03 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-16 10:07:00 AM  
It worked for me.
2001-11-16 10:09:53 AM  
That explains those guys on ESPN Sunday Morning Countdown.
2001-11-16 10:12:24 AM  
Speaking of...I love those new Countodwn commericals, especially the one with TJ and Sterling in a stare down.
2001-11-16 10:20:21 AM  
So my mom was full of crap when she said my dad was a bad influence on me growing up because he flipped people off and cursed while driving? No, ma, dad was making me smurt!
2001-11-16 10:21:44 AM  
*flips off Elton John*
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-16 10:24:41 AM  
I think they inferred the wrong way, I think that it is that smart people use hand gestures a lot more, so of course they can remember more. Every smart person I have met uses hand gestures. Kinda like the whole false analogy thing from back in school
2001-11-16 10:32:36 AM  
That's why men should talk to pornos while jerking off. They'll learn stuff.
2001-11-16 10:40:39 AM  
the blind people they speak of were actually just twitching.
2001-11-16 10:42:18 AM  
"To draw the conclusion, memory test results were compared when study participants were permitted to gesture and when they were told to keep their hands still."

This would go against your theory, Rasputin.
2001-11-16 10:45:37 AM  
Flippin off the wrong person can make you deader
2001-11-16 10:53:05 AM  
Peaches: I KNEW it!!

2001-11-16 10:55:50 AM  
Deaf people do this all the time.
2001-11-16 11:35:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I guess that would be true
2001-11-16 11:42:32 AM  
I don't think this test is very valid. If I was told to memorize something, but I couldn't move my hands, I would have a harder time memorizing because I would be concentrating on my hands. I would be worrying about not moving them.
2001-11-16 12:24:14 PM  
Sburbncwby: bingo
2001-11-16 12:58:46 PM  
Wow, I'm going to have to spend a weekend driving around in the Tulsa area some time soon. My IQ will go up by at least 20 points.
2001-11-16 01:06:39 PM  
Does that mean that Italians are the smartest people on earth?
2001-11-16 01:11:27 PM  
2001-11-16 01:21:22 PM  
you beat me to it.
2001-11-16 01:24:23 PM  
What is with all the misleading article descriptions lately???????????????????????????
2001-11-16 01:34:46 PM  
Fairy_Farker - People trying to show their wit on a public forum.
2001-11-16 02:10:16 PM  
Does that mean that william shatner is the smartest man on earth?

Hell, I gesticulate wildly and wave my arms around while I talk on the radio.
My listeners can't see it, but I do it. A LOT.

When doing a complex bit, I subconciously pretend to press imaginary buttons (think of an erratic Homer-simpson eenie meanie miney mo button pushing spree)

It helps free up my mind...and ..uh...stuff.
Guests on my show are often even more so entertained
when they see my wild gesturing and expressions

(I got a standing ovation from a tour group after doing

- Oh elizabeth taylor.. I'm so lonely in prison..
visit me!! Bring a cake.. and a file ...and
a CUB SCOUT...!!!!

2001-11-16 02:32:45 PM  
I agree with sburbcwby, it is distracting to try NOT to use your hands while speaking. Just asking Frank Oz or Jim Hensen.
2001-11-16 02:36:27 PM  
I deal with wanna-be "professional" public speakers on a daily basis for the line of work I do, and it is my understanding that the idea is to avoid gesticulating with one's hands while talking, as it has proven to be distracting by those who have been diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder), and generally non-professional. It's too bad, I mean, how else are you going to teach people how to whack off if you cannot gesticulate while explaining how to do it?

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-16 03:50:42 PM  
Why is it that 'professional' speakers are always such terrible speakers?
2001-11-16 04:14:11 PM  
well thats obvious.... only smart people do those things....
2001-11-16 06:45:34 PM  
I don't care what some ppl think of the description, but I thought it was pretty funny... If the appropriate title was written, I wouldn't even have bothered clicking on the link.
2001-11-16 11:27:27 PM  
That headline is awesome! I laughed my ass off.
2001-11-16 11:27:59 PM  

I keep trying to ask Jim Henson, but he just lays there, ignoring me.

And he kinda smells.
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