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(ESPN)   MLS marketing tries to build national profile beyond Beckham tantrums by promoting potent rivalries and crazed supporters. Skeptic: "When your hottest team is in Portland, Oregon, it reinforces the perception you are a fringe sport"   ( divider line
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2012-07-25 01:14:51 PM  
2 votes:
If the NBA is the ideal for mainstream sports, then I'll be over here on the fronge with the MLS, being happy.

/fark the NBA
2012-07-26 12:45:15 AM  
1 vote:
Citing attendance numbers to convince farkers that MLS is worth watching is like citing AB InBev sales numbers to convince farkers that Budweiser is worth drinking.
2012-07-25 07:52:25 PM  
1 vote:
MLS marketing tries to build national profile beyond Beckham tantrums by promoting potent rivalries and crazed supporters.

Well there's your problem.

Instead of promoting tnagential things like the fans or the one celeb player you have, try promoting the sport itself...the exciting play, or the dramatic scoring, or the amazing feats of physical strength involved. Oh, Never mind.
2012-07-25 03:08:03 PM  
1 vote:
We get a small MLS crowd in our bar. And by small, I mean like 4 people, but they are intense. They dress up, yell at the screen when nothing is happening, make a big deal out of rivalries nobody else seems to care about, and get offended when nobody takes their sport seriously.

Basically they're the Juggalos of the sports world.

2012-07-25 02:54:02 PM  
1 vote:

JohnHall: MLB - Best Baseball league in the world (other leagues in Asia, Latin America)
NFL - Only Top Tier American Football league in the world
NHL - Best Hockey league in the world (Other leagues in Canada, Europe)
NBA - Best Basketball league in the world (Other leagues in Europe, South America, Asia)

MLS - At Best, a top 25 league in the world.

As it's easier to watch games overseas, it becomes increasingly difficult to watch local MLS action on TV. That's the hardest thing for the MLS to overcome, and frankly, I don't really see how they ever become a "big 4" league, when the league skill level is simply a massive drop compared with the rest of the world.

I like MLS, and follow my local team, and go to a few games every year. But, It's hard for a casual fan to really get into it when there are far better leagues out there.

With increasing revenue comes increased player salaries comes better players comes a more entertaining/competitive product.
2012-07-25 02:18:44 PM  
1 vote:
What the guy meant by "Hottest" is that it has an expanding fanbase and is growing in popularity. Seattle and Portland have the best support in MLS. Both of them build national fanbases because people enjoy watching them play at home because the atmosphere is always great. Given the number of areas without an MLS team that have high interest in soccer, lots of people from there probably follow, at least marginally, one of those two over the New England Revolution whose atmosphere is turgid.

Still, the point of Portland being big is that the MLS has stopped catering so much to soccer moms and kids to focus on building building a strong base of supporters. Most of the new teams have great support compared to most US teams regardless of sport or league. The MLS is trying to transition from novelty to a serious sports league and has done a good job. Will it be as big as the NFL anytime soon? No, because it's about 80 years younger than pro football. MLS will continue to grow. Entering into enthusiastic markets like the Pacific Northwest will only help.

People biatching about how bad Portland should remember they're an expansion team.
2012-07-25 02:13:26 PM  
1 vote:
MugzyBrown: Truth be told the NHL is such a distant 4th, and really has always been, that it's not really a big 4.

It's a regional thing, isn't it? Having the really hardcore fanbases in the NE and upper Midwest is balanced out by.....YOUR STANLEY CUP CHAMPION LOS ANGELES KINGS!

Sorry, I'm still pumped. Of course, us old folks remember a time pre-Magic/Bird/Jordan when the NBA Finals were broadcast after the 11:00 pm news, so things can change. They won't, probably, but they can.

The MLS is a fringe league and is awful to watch. And I watch a lot of soccer...and hockey.

This. So much THIS. It's a league where players from "real" leagues go to earn a big paycheck when they can't get employed in Europe any more because OMG!! he played for Bayern Munich 15 years ago!!!!! It's like watching the sport at half speed. See also: the WNBA.

At least MLS partisans seem to have stopped with the lie of "All those kids playing AYSO = future fans" thing. That was always so embarrassing because most kids in AYSO were there because their parents wanted a few hours break from them, not because it was a feeder league for the MLS.

/Go Kings GO!
//Go Everton, Europe is the goal this year
///Oh, and finishing ahead of the Red Filth again
2012-07-25 01:17:55 PM  
1 vote:
Portland is the hottest team in the league? Last place in the West, outscored 11-3 in their last 3 games, including giving up 5 goals twice, and on their 2nd head coach of the season. Yeah they sound pretty hot.
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