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(   Leonid meteor shower this weekend will be one of the biggest in our lifetime   ( divider line
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4600 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Nov 2001 at 8:46 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-16 08:49:08 AM  
"bah, you kids don't know nuttin."
Strom Thrumond
2001-11-16 08:49:11 AM  
2001-11-16 08:49:21 AM  
How do you know how long I will live?
2001-11-16 08:54:36 AM  
Ahhhh! God's dandruff, shooting majestically across the firmament. Lovely :-)
2001-11-16 09:15:22 AM  
Much better than when he pees on us, or when the dandruff falls six inches thick and we miss school
2001-11-16 09:16:45 AM  
You go ahead and watch it. We'll see who's laughing when you're all blind and the giant carnivorous plants are wandering the streets.
2001-11-16 09:18:13 AM  
I don't understand something. Should we wake up at 5:00 to see it if we live in california? Or Pakistan or Farkistan? 5:00am is not the same time worldwide. What time zone is this chick talking about?
2001-11-16 09:29:21 AM  
Here is a site you can download a pdf best viewing by city from. I would link this but usually this edit box adds a random space to the long ones.
2001-11-16 09:29:57 AM  
These notices are a jinx. They say how spectacular it'll
be and then everybody goes out and looks and gets disappointed.

They should just send out a "Leonids will suck this
year" announcement, so we can get a bad ass, enormous
light show.
2001-11-16 09:39:32 AM  
Thought it said "Liquid Meteor Shower"... That would be cool and sci-fi-ish. Scifish.
2001-11-16 09:44:32 AM  
Since this is a Charlotte, NC website, I'd say it's eastern time. I'd also say that because they mentioned it on the news last night and this morning (our local news never has much to talk about, so they run these things into the ground).

I'll be hoppin in the truck with mah hunny and heddin out tah veiw dem der stars fallin!
2001-11-16 10:05:50 AM  
Its the apocolypse!!
2001-11-16 11:09:57 AM  
thats kewl !
2001-11-16 11:13:12 AM  
Cosmic, man. Now who am I going to sucker into driving out to the country and staying up til 5am with me?
2001-11-16 11:13:55 AM  
Make sure everyone ingests their magic mushrooms before viewing.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee etc.!
2001-11-16 11:21:28 AM  
Wow, how many "biggest in our lifetime" meteor showers am I going to see. Seems like every time there's something falling out of the sky, it get's hyped as "biggest in your lifetime." Wake up scientists! You don't have to compete with Sienfield now and the Simpsons have hit a downward slump. Just let us know there's lights in the sky and we'll be happy.
2001-11-16 11:47:13 AM  
Can someone tape it for me?
2001-11-16 12:01:23 PM  

I will try, but the clouds will prolly be all I see...
2001-11-16 12:54:30 PM  
Candypink, dear, you make me wish I was in ND...
2001-11-16 01:16:21 PM  
Candypink, dear, you make me wish I was in ND...

Hey cool, I'm in ND too. Show should be awesome from here, considering there are no lights (lights need electricity) in North Dakota.
2001-11-16 01:17:42 PM  
We'll probably sleep through it.

But if there's a loud explosion, you bet we have evacuation plans...
2001-11-16 01:18:10 PM  
Leonid Brezhnev?
2001-11-16 01:39:07 PM  
Meta: Day of the Trifids, indeed. I'm not worried, though. So long as there's an abundant supply of salt water we're all safe.
2001-11-16 01:47:46 PM  
If I am still up at 5AM I had damn well better be seeing stars or I want my money back.
2001-11-16 02:43:21 PM  
im gonna watch but as im in england itll probably be farking cloudy,it always is when theres a meteor shower.
2001-11-16 03:09:41 PM  
Sometimes I ride out into the country at night to watch the stars. Since I am getting very farsited, I can see the flicker of micro-meteors at a rate of once every five seconds. I hope I am still sober enough at three in the morning to get 5 or 10 miles away from the city and see this.

I also have hopes of not geting hit with one of these suckers, I mean, that would really hurt.
2001-11-16 03:11:06 PM  
hmm, I wonder if farsighted has an alternate spelling or did I just fark over the language again.
2001-11-16 03:30:00 PM  
It can't be as boring as that goddamn bridal shower I got stuck going to..
2001-11-16 07:05:54 PM  
cool. twist up a fattie.
2001-11-16 07:36:19 PM  
It looked good in the previews.
2001-11-16 08:32:15 PM  
I don't feel like getting up at 5AM Sunday right before I have to go to school to look at burning chunks of rock two-hundred miles above my head. Actually, when you put it that way, I'd never care about meteor showers at all.
2001-11-16 08:39:31 PM  
meta & souldonut -
thanks for; the laugh, the company. one sometimes wonders who else has arcane videos.
2001-11-18 06:18:44 AM  
Well just got in from watching the "Really Big Shoe". Not bad. I probably saw somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 meteors in the 2 and 1/2 hours I watched. Some were rather spectacular. Most where small blips. All in all I guess it was worth it (I'm up this time of day anyway.) but it definately did not live up to it's billing of 1000's per hour. Perhaps if I where in a darker area I would have seen more. Did anybody else get a better show than I did?
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