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(AP)   James Brown to get statue in his hometown. Overcome with emotion, the singer said, "Dunni mez moozie dee bah. Hai!"   ( divider line
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3158 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Nov 2003 at 12:33 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-16 10:10:34 AM  
Great headline.
2003-11-16 10:20:01 AM  
Applause for the poster.

Taken right from the article James said:
"I want people ... to take advantage of me while I'm still here. Utilize this face"

Pardon? I don't believe I would have said that, at least not in that order.
2003-11-16 12:00:41 PM  
Gonna get in the hotub. Gonna make wet. Gonna make me sweat!
2003-11-16 12:36:23 PM  
Aside from some of his "problems" lately, James Brown SHOULD have a statue. His music kicks more ass than just about anyone else who ever lived.
2003-11-16 12:36:30 PM  
Haaiiii!! too HOT, in the hot tub! HUH!
2003-11-16 12:36:39 PM  
Tonight, on 60 minutes: James Brown will interview Bob Dylan. Translators wanted.
2003-11-16 12:37:14 PM  
That James Brown, he a humble man.
2003-11-16 12:38:05 PM  
So will JB be there? Will he be on the scene, like a sex machine?
2003-11-16 12:39:09 PM  
Everyone run out and watch Eddie Murphy's standup special called "Delerious". He does a great James.

"Take a step back, I'm gonna kiss m'self! Heh!"
2003-11-16 12:39:52 PM  
Cerie, james brown can say anything he wants to. that's just how things work. and it's still gonna be a sad day when he finally does hit it and quit.
2003-11-16 12:42:08 PM  
Good Gawd, ya'll!! Hai!
2003-11-16 12:42:51 PM  
somehow james brown has a bridge named after him here in Steamboat Springs, don't ask. I really don't know why the godfather of soul has a bridge named after him in a ski town. Or why it's near the lake we call Fart Lake because of the stench of sulfar...
2003-11-16 12:43:07 PM  
anyone else read that headline with a James voice in their head.... or was it just me ?
2003-11-16 12:45:37 PM  
I just woke up so the only part i used his accent for was the 'hai'. Goodness knows it was plenty.

2003-11-16 12:47:24 PM  
Say it loud!
2003-11-16 12:47:27 PM  
Get in the hot tub is by the same guy who interviewed Opie Cunningham. Owwwww!
2003-11-16 12:51:39 PM  
I'm Black and I'm PROUD!
2003-11-16 12:55:56 PM  
The hardest working statue in show business.
2003-11-16 12:59:20 PM  
Headline: awesome

Anagrammer: just as awesome.
2003-11-16 01:07:44 PM  
Go here to watch the BMW short film/commercial he appears in, in which he is so intelligible that they give him subtitles. Still badass.

HAI! Hot tub! MukkaZWET
2003-11-16 01:08:24 PM  
Duckman! HUH! Give yourself up!
2003-11-16 01:09:13 PM  
add "un" prior to "intelligible" in my previous post. HAI!
2003-11-16 01:09:53 PM in america.

2003-11-16 01:26:10 PM  
Discover the Godfatha of Soul's compatability with any of these other two-bit celebs, including the Hilton sluts. Link goes to Eddie Murphy and JB's study.​=Eddie_M urphy

Sorry for the lack of HTML skills. Anyone wanna help?
2003-11-16 01:27:50 PM  
Get on the scene. Statue machine. Right on right on. HAI!
2003-11-16 01:31:40 PM  
Gonna mix cement. Don't pay the rent. Birds will come. Cover me with dung. Don't break it down, yall.

I got nothing.
2003-11-16 01:34:34 PM  
I just love him on the Fox pre-game show.
2003-11-16 01:45:18 PM  

I just love him on the Fox pre-game show.

Yeah? Well, I think your'e a great baseball pitcher!
2003-11-16 01:51:10 PM  
Hey, loudmouthsoup, thanks for the link. Pretty cool!
2003-11-16 01:56:28 PM  
I was born and grew up in Augusta, and went to high school two blocks away from James Brown Boulevard. He was often seen cruising around the city in a purple Rolls Royce. The local paper used to love to follow his drug-fueled domestic violence exploits.
2003-11-16 02:05:10 PM  
Brown said that lending his name to the spring Garden City Music Festival has been something he's been begging the city to do for 15 years. right after his 15 minutes of fame ran out.

ok don't take it personal. i have his albums (vinyl 33 1/3) in mono. been a fan a while but he does remind one of an attention whore.
2003-11-16 02:12:01 PM  
Dude, you just called James Brown an attention whore. The man is a cultural icon. In the words of Jame's himself.

"I can do rappin.
I can do scrappin.
But I don't do no damn, backstabbin'."

I just hope you're ready mofo, for the big pay back.
2003-11-16 02:22:23 PM  
Now everyone in the house thinks I'm high on crack simply because I've spent the last 20 minutes impersonating Eddie Murphy impersonating James Brown from his stand up...while the dogs bark and circle frantically trying to decide how best to save me from whatever horrible thing is happening to me.

It's kind of like Victor/Victoria...Neuro doing Eddie doing James...

Oh nevermind...

2003-11-16 02:25:28 PM  
I make a motion that the next Fark Cliche (TM) is "Dunni mez moozie dee bah. Hai."
2003-11-16 02:25:49 PM  

Tonight, on 60 minutes: James Brown will interview Bob Dylan. Translators wanted.


I heard Ozzy is up for translation on this one. :)
2003-11-16 02:32:08 PM  
"Dunni mez moozie dee bah. Hai."

David Lee Roth, is that you?
2003-11-16 03:03:34 PM  
Backwards it makes much more sense:

"I ah Habeede. I zoom zem in nud!"

Jessica Lynch says "I zoom zem in nud, too!"
2003-11-16 03:03:48 PM  
On behalf of we the oppressed liberal minority here in Augusta, I would like to apologize for the moronic backwater redneck right wing bigots that have ignored Mr. Brown for so long. He is the one celebrity (of many) from Augusta who is actually willing to admit he's from this alien-white trash breeding ground.

I hope they actually follow through on the statue (they may not, this is the Asshat Capitol of the World). We already have a gargantuan 50 ft. high aluminum abstract Klingon sculpture that the city paid a million dollars for, it will be curious to see how much they appropriate for the Godfather of Soul.
2003-11-16 03:25:17 PM  
OpieCunningham, you're from NW Arkansas?

I'm from Fayetteville.
2003-11-16 04:30:44 PM  
What would David Lee Roth say if it were him?
2003-11-16 04:47:45 PM  
Do you see the light?

Do you SEE the light?

Have you SEEN the LIGHT?
2003-11-16 04:51:38 PM  
I think David Lee Roth would respond, "Dunnie mez moozie nee bah. Hu."

2003-11-16 04:59:25 PM  
David Lee Roth?
Zibbity Bibbity BOP!

Where's Kattan when you need him.
2003-11-16 05:09:47 PM  
I think David Lee Roth's response would be "Holy God in heaven how did I get mentioned in the news? Is it still 1984?"
2003-11-16 07:12:51 PM  
Einherjar Springdale.
2003-11-16 07:54:15 PM  
i live in that city.........this is probably the only place in the world where they will spend our taxpayer money to erect a statue of a crackhead......
2003-11-16 08:54:55 PM  
"Hero Air Controller: 'Lackie de boo, sippy doo wo.'"
2003-11-16 09:41:40 PM  


2003-11-16 10:04:33 PM  
Opie- Love the name, when I see him (Ron Howard) on TV, I refer to him as that. Noone gets it though.
2003-11-16 10:15:22 PM  
On the topic of musicians who can't be understood when talking. I interned as an edit tech at a radio station (not the big cheese but the little guy who spliced tape for airing and such and it was already premarked for me all i had to do was cut, tape and check to make sure it was good) And one time I had to edit down an interview with ZZtop to like 5 minutes, those guys are messed up in the head. They all stutter like like like they all stutter like like like they stutter like like like the worst like the worst like like like the worst like the worst uh where was I? And half the time the sentences they formed made no sense whatsoever. "yeah it was like that when we went...went...went...went...but the beer was there." HUH? Not an exact quote. But still.
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