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(Yahoo)   Bon Jovi makes NJ wish it never existed again; admits "I don't know if anyone's gonna buy this"   ( divider line
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22405 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Nov 2003 at 5:18 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-16 02:49:44 AM  
I guess the "Left Feels Wrong". Maybe if they got off their asses long enough to write and track some songs, instead of having some producer just remix the "B" reel, they wouldn't have this problem.
2003-11-16 04:27:50 AM  
From what I heard on the commercial, it sounds awful. The remakes are not inventive or interesting. They are slow and boring. Sounds like a band just trying to make a quick buck.
2003-11-16 05:26:37 AM  
Hey, I never bought any of their stuff when it was new.
I'm really not gonna buy this crapola.
2003-11-16 05:38:22 AM  
Old and used up.
2003-11-16 05:39:07 AM  
Bon Jovi was washed up long before this came out, they're not artists, they are a product, and products have shelf lives

/hurray for Rock N' Roll
2003-11-16 05:40:19 AM  
Just wondering... when did Bon Jovi make New Jersey wish it never existed the first time?
2003-11-16 05:54:04 AM  
Ah, the Jersey mulletheads lineup for days to buy this shiat. Does anybody in the world outside of New Jersey still care about Bon Jovi? Seriously.
2003-11-16 06:04:05 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-16 06:17:55 AM  
"To actually be able to reinvent your songs and be happy with them, I can't recall any band in history exactly ever doing that."

How about the bazillion bands that have done mtv unplugged, not to mention the countless songs that have a live version that is radically different from the studio take? Somebody please correct me if I'm way off on that...
(been drinking)
2003-11-16 07:05:46 AM  
you give poop a bad name.
2003-11-16 07:44:24 AM  
I heard the remade "Wanted Dead or Alive" on the radio last night, and it truly sucks. Not that I was a big fan of the original, or its cheese-o-rific video.

Rather sad when a band runs out of its mediocre-to-begin-with original ideas, and begins repackaging and regurgitating.
2003-11-16 07:54:35 AM  
Cheers to them for being willing to take a chance and displease nation of cynical, irrelevant Fark readers.
2003-11-16 08:03:09 AM  
I actually picked up this CD about a week ago. The majority of the songs, I think, are really good. It's interesting to get a different feeling from a song you've heard so many times before
2003-11-16 08:10:15 AM  
How nice of them to milk their existing catalogue to get more money from whatever is left of their fan base.

Fark readers are cynical and irrelevant?
2003-11-16 08:14:38 AM  
Lets ban all remakes by any band, then. They're reworking some old material of theirs. Big deal. Fans aren't required to buy an album that offends them.
2003-11-16 08:18:42 AM  
i'm in jersey and bon jovi ain't a jersey thing. i mean, i'm sure there is isolated pockets of resistance to good music just like any where else, but it's not a jersey thing.
ummm.. i hope not.
2003-11-16 08:57:31 AM  
I like to look at Bon Jovi, not listen my husband feels the same way about Shania Twain.
2003-11-16 09:01:00 AM  
...and a whopping 57% said they would kick Bon Jovi square in the balls if given the opportunity.
2003-11-16 09:06:31 AM  
Aside from it being Bon Jovi, I kind of like the idea. Surely there are more ways to play a song, and it could be interesting to listen to.
2003-11-16 09:06:45 AM  
Bon Jovi is a perfect example of why the 1980's was a black hole for pop music!
2003-11-16 09:26:35 AM  
It's a coded message from Bin Laden!
2003-11-16 09:29:41 AM  
On behalf of the citizens of New Jersey, I would like to apologize for bringing you:

1. Bon Jovi
2. Christie Whittman

Thank you.
2003-11-16 09:30:20 AM  
New Jersey is the armpit of America, and this album stinks. Seems like a perfect match.
2003-11-16 09:32:18 AM  
I think the quote "I don't know if anyone's gonna buy this." deserves the obvious tag.
2003-11-16 09:51:38 AM  
i thought deleware is the armpit and jersey is the stumpy mutated left arm.
but of course, i'm kinda partial.
2003-11-16 09:51:48 AM  
New Jersey will not exist once Fiscal Year 2004 gets underway. We intend to rescind the statehoods of several Northeastern states, claiming them as federal land using the principle of eminent domain, and turn them into large federal incarceration facilities to hold dangerous terrorists such as Tommy Chong.
2003-11-16 10:09:24 AM  
Bon Jovi's new songs sound just like the crap they have been making since 1985. Why do people buy any of their "new" stuff anyway? It's retirement time for both Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. The 80's are over, as well as 80's power ballads, dudes. Get with the program.
2003-11-16 10:11:34 AM  
Waitin' for the disco versions.
2003-11-16 10:27:39 AM  
Yes wannabes
2003-11-16 10:50:34 AM  
If Jon BJ (pun begged to be intended and responded to) would open his eyes long enough to see anything at all, he'd know that Todd Rundgren did this in '97 with "With a Twist," in which he re-did his catalogue songs in Bossa Nova style.

Granted, it came out on Guardian records, which is already defunct, but he's in the industry. He should know as much as I do.

Example: I work the window at Wendy's and I know when Sonic does something stupid, tired and irrelevant.

2003-11-16 11:13:21 AM  
Since I happen to LIKE Bon Jovi, I will probably buy it and add it to my on going collection of their music. I see NOTHING wrong with doing something a little different with existing tunes. Other bands and singers have done it in the past and will more than likely continue to do so...if you don't like it, don't farking buy it!
2003-11-16 11:22:35 AM  
If people have been stupid enough to buy the previous stuff, this shiate will certainly become gold.

As someone who thinks lyrics are essential, I find this to be a huge cop-out. if you're going to make different sounds, just write new lyrics, damnit. I think it's a slap to the face of fans who somehow mustered love for the old stuff.
2003-11-16 11:35:02 AM  
I live in NJ and the most overrated singer beside Bon Jovi is Springsteen. Boy is he horrible.
2003-11-16 11:40:06 AM  
I heard the new Dead or Alive the other day on the radio. It sucks! Call me a geek from Jersey, but the original is a classic. Leave it the fark alone, Jon.

They did a simulcast from the concert at Borgota last night? Anyone listen to it? I was at the Elton John concert on the other side of Atlantic City last night. The concert rocked. See, HIS songs have lasted the test of time and don't need to be remade.

Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand
2003-11-16 11:41:04 AM  
Hey, now. New Jersey has plenty to be ashamed of besides Bon Jovi.

And I'm ashamed to say I purchased it. Livin' On A Prayer is about as close to the Concert For New York version as you can get, studio-wise. The rest is neither acoustic nor electric. It falls somewhere dead in the middle.
2003-11-16 11:42:08 AM  
Damn I hate Bon Jovi and Springsteen. The second is worshiped in New Jersey its sickening.
2003-11-16 11:45:47 AM  
Coach I have to agree with you. And why does everyone that doesn't live in Jersey think that everyone from Jersey loves Springsteen? Most people that I know can't stand him. Sheet! Asbury Park was a thriving resort town until he came along.
2003-11-16 11:50:17 AM  
Yeah, Springteen is worshiped like Sadam is worshiped in Iraq. People are too afraid to state in public that they can't stand him for fear of being banished to Delaware.
2003-11-16 12:02:06 PM  
Sad? Bullsh*t, Bon Jovi is craptacular.
2003-11-16 12:03:04 PM  
This cd sucks.

I'll give Bon Jovie credit. They're the only hairband still making #1 albums and selling out arenas. I'll even admit I like their music. But this cd is superbad.

Jon's voice is shot, the drum machines are ludicrous, and the new versions are just embarrassing. I thought Firehouse's acoutsic cd was bad. This one makes that one look like a masterpiece.

And I know a lot of FANS are saying the same thing, so you can imagine what everyone else is saying. Well, you don't have to imagine, you can read it here on Fark.

probably looked good on paper though.
2003-11-16 12:07:40 PM  
I can't stand Bon Jovi, I can't stand Springsteen, and I am from NJ. I am not afraid to share. =) NJ puts some good things out, but these two assmuffins do not qualify.
2003-11-16 12:12:27 PM  
Didn't we talk about this a while back? Shouldn't this be a followup? Why am I always a jackass?

The only good things that came from New Jersey are Kevin Smith and I-80
2003-11-16 12:21:50 PM  
I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and I think that the new album sucks. They took some cool songs and stripped all the Bon Joviness out of them (no catchy hooks or cool guitar solos!). I hope no one buys it so they go back to making good music.
2003-11-16 12:25:19 PM  
I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and I think that the new album sucks. They took some cool songs and stripped all the Bon Joviness out of them (no catchy hooks or cool guitar solos!). I hope no one buys it so they go back to making good music.
2003-11-16 12:28:21 PM  

I don't know, maybe, and who knows.
2003-11-16 12:55:56 PM  
the only good thing to come outta jersey is Jay and silent Bob
2003-11-16 01:25:06 PM  
I was at the Elton John concert on the other side of Atlantic City last night. The concert rocked. See, HIS songs have lasted the test of time and don't need to be remade.

Goodbye, England's rose
May you ever grow in our hearts
You were the grace that placed itself
Where lives were torn apart

2003-11-16 01:27:36 PM  
I-80... gotta love it.

I love New Jersey... even the disgusting coastal ocean water. ha ha.
2003-11-16 01:31:53 PM  
Ok, I have to come clean. I think Bon Jovi rocks. I always have and always will. However, I just don't get a single bit of satisfaction from attempting to listen to the tracks on this album.

Maybe it's a big lead up to an April Fools joke or something.
2003-11-16 01:52:18 PM  
The first thing that came to my mind was the boys from South Park fighting to keep George Lucas and Steven Spielberg from destroying their own movies...

I'm a Bon Jovi fan too but I just don't get why he'd torpedo his old songs like that. I doubt I'd buy the album. I don't want to damage my memory of the good music.
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