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(The Smoking Gun)   Woman calls 911 to complain about the quality of her mug shot in a local publication. So now she has another mug shot to complain about, charged with misuse of 911   ( divider line
    More: Asinine, mug shots, Winder Police Department, publications  
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2012-07-19 05:36:16 PM  
I've got a

And the only cure is more

/Who I expected
//Not who I got
2012-07-19 05:47:51 PM  
2012-07-19 05:51:36 PM  

Diogenes: Mark Ratner: No way in hell that woman is 45. It's a typo man, baby.

Gotta gree. According to my face classifier software, this face belongs to a 48 years old male.

/gender is marked by the color of the frame, blue = male
2012-07-19 05:52:18 PM  

2012-07-19 05:55:06 PM  
Bwahahahahahahahahahaha *pause* hahahahahahaha!
2012-07-19 05:57:52 PM  
That's a coarse 45.
2012-07-19 06:05:57 PM  

Launch Code: I'd still tap it.

I'd double tap it.

Rule #2: When in doubt, double tap.
2012-07-19 06:17:52 PM  
Mrs Yoda doesn't look so bad for 900.
2012-07-19 06:27:37 PM  

bim1154: [ image 400x306]

It looks dusty in there.
2012-07-19 06:37:27 PM  

scottydoesntknow: The photo that so displeased Fowler, 45, was snapped following an earlier collar.

[ image 400x306]

If you look up the definition for "rode hard and put up wet" you'll find this exact picture

Sorry, there aren't enough opioids in the world to make me ride that!
2012-07-19 07:00:16 PM  
Now THAT'S Farkin' UGLY!!!!!
2012-07-19 07:52:32 PM  
Best I could do:

I may have overdone it on the lip-liner.
2012-07-19 08:38:40 PM
2012-07-19 08:45:05 PM  

Max Awesome: Best I could do:

[ image 400x306]

I may have overdone it on the lip-liner.

Looks like Rob Corddry from that weird ass adult swim show.
2012-07-19 08:49:09 PM  
I see what she did there.

Also over there.
2012-07-19 09:50:02 PM  
I see they finally located Brian Keith & Moms Mabley's lovechild.

2012-07-19 10:47:06 PM  
So what number of 15 will this one be next round up?
2012-07-19 10:54:52 PM
2012-07-20 12:08:24 AM
2012-07-20 12:36:29 AM  

RussianPooper: Is this rash of people calling 911 for reasons that are clearly outside the scope of 911 a new thing, or is it just being reported now? The guy who didn't get enough meat in his Chalupa, this, and countless others recently seem really strange.

I understand that, in the UK, close to 10% of calls are not emergencies..
2012-07-20 01:48:54 AM  
I love this thread. You're all hilarious. Bookmark worthy.
2012-07-20 05:34:49 AM

"How YOU doin'?"
2012-07-20 09:53:52 AM
2012-07-20 11:10:41 PM  

minnkat: [ image 500x728]

Now she looks like that sloth from Ice Age.
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