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(AZ Family)   FBI agents hope to catch the female bank robber known as the 'Baseball Babe.' Or at least get to second base   ( divider line
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2012-07-18 09:55:01 AM  

Sylvia_Bandersnatch: miss diminutive: JerkyMeat: 5' 2" and 150 lbs....

How about Fat chick bank robber? Baseball babe, hardly.

[ image 319x233]

Where is she hiding it though? Maybe she's got incredibly thick thighs or has cement feet because she doesn't look all that big from the picture.

I'm 2 inches shorter and slightly more than half her weight, so I'm confused.

First, weight estimates for perpetrators is based on apparent build, not on a scale near the door. So you can rule out cement feet -- she hasn't actually been weighed.

150# is a little over for her build, but not by much -- only about ten pounds over, for someone with an athletic build. And cyclists have a lot of their weight in their thighs, yes. Someone who relies on a bike to escape a serious felony probably has more than a passing familiarity with them.

Now, about you: If you're "slightly more than half her weight" at five feet tall, then you're about 80 lbs. Which, for 5', suggests that you're seriously underweight, even for someone with a 'small frame' -- maybe even dangerously underweight. There are exotics out there with freakishly small frames -- one of my friends is like that. But it's unlikely you're one of them. What does your doctor think about your weight? I'm being totally serious here, not snarky. Being seriously underweight poses real health risks that you should know about, and perhaps do something about. And though it's straying to say this, I also feel the need to tell you that if you're holding your weight down to appeal to boys, well, boys like that don't deserve you. Anyone worth being with will respect you for who you are, not who they may want you to be. Kate Upton is considered 'fat' by some people because she's not anorexic. In truth, she's much healthier than most of her colleagues. And Marilyn Monroe wore a 14.

I appreciate the concern (really, no snark here either) but I'm just one of those people who has a small frame. I come from a long line of short thin people (well one side is short and thin, the other is tall and thin, so genetically it was in the cards) . My grandmother was my size when she was my age and she's still going strong at 87. My doctor has told me that gaining weight would probably be a good idea, although he never mentioned that it was something I needed to do or face serious health consequences.

I'm certainly not keeping my weight down to attract men, I'd love a few more curves and to be able to fill out a strapless dress, but gaining weight simply doesn't come easy to me. I eat well and exercise regularly, but that's just the way it is. I suppose I could just eat bacon and donuts for a few months straight, but I don't feel that would be a healthy alternative.
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