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(Courier Mail)   Group of nurses pissed off after reviewing ten videos about nurses on YouTube and discovering 60-percent of the videos depicted nurses as sex objects. For the record, one of those videos was a clip from "Frasier"   (couriermail.com.au) divider line 35
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2012-07-17 01:54:37 PM
4 votes:
Seriously, is there a larger discrepancy between the fantasy and the reality than nurses? In the fantasy is a thin, busty blonde in a low-cut smock, yet the reality is a heavyset brownish woman with a neck tattoo of her baby daddy's name, wearing 2xl scrubs.
2012-07-17 01:55:52 PM
3 votes:

2012-07-17 05:56:53 PM
2 votes:
I want to personally thank Grables'Daughter for her indefatigable efforts of posting incessantly these wonderful, healing photos of nurses.

My hat's off (or maybe on) to (for) you.
2012-07-17 01:53:55 PM
2 votes:
Those nurses sound fat
2012-07-17 11:54:51 AM
2 votes:




MUST I do everything?

: )
2012-07-17 11:17:06 AM
2 votes:

unlikely: Only 60%??

they had the safe filter on.
2012-07-17 10:50:02 AM
2 votes:
Well, I wonder what's going to happen in this thread.
2012-07-18 02:45:46 AM
1 votes:

chaosweaver: Nice to see you again, DWC. Here to nurse this thread back to health?

No. No. You hear me? (fingers in ears) Also, it's bloody late and I've got 5 tons of stuff to do tomorrow, bleah.
2012-07-18 01:52:24 AM
1 votes:

Omahawg: what kind of lowlife recycles pictures from previous fark threads? I am that kind of lowlife

Lowlife? You? The thing is, we're OK with that. We can even appreciate it.


This one is sorta borderline, linking.
2012-07-17 10:49:13 PM
1 votes:

I would let this nurse take my temperature the old country way.
2012-07-17 08:41:18 PM
1 votes:

P-Money All $tar: anyone want FREE pics?? No wishlist included??

2012-07-17 07:40:24 PM
1 votes:
Grables'Daughter: I have said it before and I will say it again. Thanks for your great work, you make fark a better place.
2012-07-17 07:27:54 PM
1 votes:
What did they expect There is only two things most women are good for: sex and spending your money.
2012-07-17 06:29:54 PM
1 votes:
Yep, just as I expected...no pictures of sexy nurses to be found here.
2012-07-17 04:13:27 PM
1 votes:

Grables'Daughter: .
Okay, Here's another. NSFW.

2012-07-17 04:02:38 PM
1 votes:

Grables'Daughter: .
Okay, Here's another. NSFW.

2012-07-17 03:35:35 PM
1 votes:
2012-07-17 03:33:01 PM
1 votes:
They should watch this:
2012-07-17 02:50:18 PM
1 votes:
Okay, here goes...

2012-07-17 02:44:32 PM
1 votes:
It's not a sexy nurse thread if it doesn't have...


2012-07-17 02:42:59 PM
1 votes:
2012-07-17 02:33:48 PM
1 votes:
"My God, you're ugly, aren't you?"
2012-07-17 02:25:45 PM
1 votes:

I May Be Crazy But...: sofarsogoodsowhat: SoupJohnB: Came here hoping for GD's shenanigans

/might stick around

This, and the usual snark about eip.

/also to brag about being met at the door last night by my wife in a corset

I'm one ahead of you. She met in that corset two days ago.

It was too obvious a setup.

At least that explains why my dinner was late.
2012-07-17 02:25:12 PM
1 votes:
My fiancee is an optical technician. She wears scrubs to work. She says she hates how they look, but I honestly find them kind of sexy. I can't really pinpoint why that particular uniform hits my sexy-button, but it does.

For the record, though, I hate hospitals and haven't had good experiences with nurses, as they're usually the large, dumpy women who jab me with sharp things. When I had my tonsils out as a kid, I woke with a throat and mouth full of phlegm, and felt like I was suffocating. I gestured to the nurse-- A fat, cranky Black woman who didn't seem to know how to smile-- indicating I needed something to spit into, and she looked at me with the rudest, most condescending glare and said "Swallow it."

I couldn't, of course. My throat was a raw, painful mess and it felt like the phlegm filled me from my stomach to my mouth. I honestly don't remember how I dealt with that, but I'm fairly certain it ended in me spitting anyway, with or without a pan to spit into.

So nurses? No, they don't really "do it" for me. I'm not really attracted to the whole "sexy nurse" thing, because my brain knows the reality is that most nurses are 300-pound women who are overworked, mildly hostile, and sick of dealing with sick people.

But scrubs? Oh, yeah. Scrubs are kinda hot. At least, they are on my girl.
2012-07-17 02:08:06 PM
1 votes:

/she can assist with MY prime directive
2012-07-17 02:05:20 PM
1 votes:

Frowns upon GD's shenanigans
2012-07-17 02:04:38 PM
1 votes:

Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: Seriously, is there a larger discrepancy between the fantasy and the reality than nurses? In the fantasy is a thin, busty blonde in a low-cut smock, yet the reality is a heavyset brownish woman with a neck tattoo of her baby daddy's name, wearing 2xl scrubs.

This mostly. With one caveat: pediatric nurses are quite often even hotter than a lot of the naughty nurse pics.
2012-07-17 01:57:18 PM
1 votes:
real life nurses are gross about 94% of the time
2012-07-17 01:54:52 PM
1 votes:

Oh Daphne! You can rectally check my temperature anytime!
2012-07-17 01:53:39 PM
1 votes:
2012-07-17 01:35:10 PM
1 votes:

2012-07-17 12:51:34 PM
1 votes:
I guess most of the videos with firefighters were about fire safety, right?
2012-07-17 11:59:48 AM
1 votes:


2012-07-17 11:36:37 AM
1 votes:

The Stealth Hippopotamus: unlikely: Only 60%??

they had the safe filter on.

and a really small sample size.
2012-07-17 10:37:38 AM
1 votes:
Well then, they need to stop wearing those provocative outfits.

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