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3878 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2012 at 8:00 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-07-16 10:35:48 AM  
S'o'n'o'va Beach:
2012-07-17 11:07:25 AM
2012-07-18 01:07:16 PM  
I made a few subtle changes
2012-07-18 09:29:48 PM  
The_Cisco_Kid: I made a few subtle changes
[ image 850x478]

I give up. What did you change?
2012-07-18 09:51:03 PM  
stertz: The_Cisco_Kid: I made a few subtle changes
[ image 850x478]

I give up. What did you change?

My first idea was what you did so smoothly. Then "Alien Night" popped into my head and it grew from there, one of the more fun ones I have done in awhile. I do have one question with mine. Just what does that creature lounging in the chair look like from the front? That would be a good photoshop creation.
2012-07-20 02:02:32 PM
2012-07-20 02:34:15 PM
2012-07-20 08:50:58 PM
2012-07-21 03:08:12 PM
2012-07-21 08:06:12 PM
2012-07-21 08:27:20 PM

/quick n nasty
//like skunk piss
2012-07-21 08:45:20 PM
The Mega: you forgot the best part of the Corona comercials
2012-07-21 08:58:13 PM

2012-07-21 08:58:30 PM
2012-07-21 09:03:58 PM

2012-07-21 09:14:11 PM

2012-07-21 09:20:21 PM
son of a ???
2012-07-21 09:22:05 PM  

DarthBart: [ image 600x277]


Nothing is obscure obscure obscure obscure obscure on Fark.
2012-07-21 09:22:57 PM
2012-07-21 09:29:06 PM  

DarthBart: [ image 600x277]


If you think that's obscure, you're mad, mad, mad, mad.
2012-07-21 09:30:25 PM  

My Bologna Has A Maiden Name: [ image 850x531]


Very nice detail adding the Tsing Tao.
2012-07-21 09:32:53 PM  
Damn, missed IHKAS1984's post due to the default "don't show replies" setting.
2012-07-21 09:34:59 PM
2012-07-21 09:35:58 PM

/had to include the table extras...
2012-07-21 09:38:56 PM
2012-07-21 09:42:20 PM
2012-07-21 09:55:15 PM  

DarthBart: [ image 600x277]


Mad, mad, mad , mad world.
2012-07-21 10:47:57 PM
2012-07-22 12:46:54 AM  

DorkusThe2nd: [ image 850x478]
The Mega: you forgot the best part of the Corona comercials

Never even occurred to me; actually never seen a girl drink one of those beers in my life... and I'm 42.
(I've only drank maybe a case-worth of them... because someone else bought them. The freeness seems to help the taste/smell)
2012-07-22 02:00:29 AM

Beach?.... What Beach?

Vote Whoring the traditional way.
2012-07-22 12:04:27 PM
2012-07-22 02:55:44 PM
2012-07-22 03:04:37 PM  
It's a mad mad mad mad mad world, not obscure
2012-07-22 08:17:49 PM  
The Title is "Sonava Beach" and not one Timothy Stack reference? You guys are slipping.
2012-07-23 09:41:06 PM  
--Fark, I am disappoint. All these entries and no Son of the Beach / erect nipples yet?
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