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(The Register)   UltraBooks™ grab 0.40% of the notebook market, six months sooner than Intel's CEO predicted in January. Wait, he said 40.0%? Damn that pesky decimal   ( divider line
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2012-07-15 06:37:15 AM  

drjekel_mrhyde: I have had nothing but problems with HP products especially laptops and their customer service is about the worst I have ever dealt with.

HP used to be my go-to source for just about every tech thing I buy for the company. Not any more, not even a second glance. What a fall from grace.
2012-07-15 06:53:04 PM  
Ultrabook market share is higher than that. It's just that most of them are called MacBook Airs.
2012-07-16 12:25:59 PM  

StopLurkListen: Carth: Ultrabook is just the windows name for Macbook Air right?

I dunno, but I just started using a Macbook Pro at work, and am having huge transition difficulties. It. Is. SLOW. Compared to my blitzingly-fast video card on my former Win7 laptop.

I brought it to IT and said "Can you swap out this video card for something faster?" to which they gently explained to me that Macbooks are not upgradeable...

Even amongst laptops, most of them do not have video cards, and instead run on a video chipset built onto the mobo. And those that DO have video cards, your options tend to be very limited.
2012-07-16 06:17:46 PM  

RickyWilliams'sBong: Ultrabook market share is higher than that. It's just that most of them are called MacBook Airs.

This, by far. The stats I've seen indicate a ten-to-one ratio in favor of the Air. And honestly, there's very little reason for this to be the case. PC makers did the "thin and light" thing much earlier than Apple - look at the VAIO 505 family, for one example. Sure, they were expensive - but over time, those features could have trickled down to sub-$1,000 machines. Instead, the PC industry got distracted making... netbooks. Bleah. My wife's Toshiba NB100 is so weak, even with maxed RAM, it can't play YouTube videos.

It's like this, Microsoft and friends: If you flood the market with mediocre products, sooner or later somebody (lately, Apple) will take a long hard look at those products, figure out all the ways in which they suck, figure out which ways people care that they suck, and make something that doesn't suck in the ways people care about. They will then eat your lunch. And if you let them do that, they'll establish a dominant position that you'll have a hard time attacking.

You saw this happen with the iPod. You saw this happen with the iPhone - and, to be fair, Android. You're seeing it happen right now with the Air. And you'll see it keep happening as long as you keep not getting a clue.
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