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(Google)   Subby's boyfriend found out last month that he's a Son of the American Revolution. What random, fun fact do you know about your lineage?   ( divider line
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2012-07-13 07:54:01 AM  
i too am a son of the American revolution.
i have the same name as my relative (great +5 grandfather) who joined the continental army 1 year prior to the war. i just learned this last week as well.
hell, i never realized that someone with my name served both sides( a famous hessian soldier that fought against the colonies) of the war.

/was in the military also
//my family kicked your families ass back across the pond!
2012-07-13 07:58:23 AM  
That I had a great great great aunt who was a run away slave, who came to shanty bay Ontario (near Barrie) using the under ground railroad, where she met my great great great uncle, who was white, married and had 12 children.
2012-07-13 08:00:07 AM  
My grandfather built this:

i2.photobucket.comView Full Size

...and thus HMS Belfast is referred to as "the family yacht"
2012-07-13 08:02:31 AM  
Whiskey Rebellion! They lost in the end, but still... whiskey!
2012-07-13 08:05:26 AM  
I was told that most natural born Americans can be traced back to one of 3 or 4 families. Just goes to prove that, while they disagree with marrying first cousins, most Americans are perfectly OK with anything beyond that. Sick people!
2012-07-13 08:07:59 AM  
I'm related to Soloman Wheeler. One of five assholes in Lee's army of Northern Virginia who refused to surrender at Appomatox and was taken prisoner of war. A few days later, the union detail just felt sorry for them all and sent them home.

That sounds like my family... "I'm not wrong damn it! I'll starve to prove it!"

Good ol' Soloman, however many "greats" a grandfather he was...
2012-07-13 08:07:59 AM  
2012-07-13 08:14:04 AM  

sunsawed: HOWDY, CUZ!!!

I'm not a descendent of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, but of his Father, according to family legend.

John Rolfe and Pocahontas had a son Thomas Rolfe, who married Jane Poythress. This Jane was the daughter of Francis Poythress and Mary, who is my ancestor by her other husband, Robert Wynne (I descend from Robert's son Joshua).

Since Thomas is the only child of Pocahontas, and Jane Rolfe (married Robert Bolling) the only child of Jane (Poythress) Rolfe, all of Pocahontas' descendants are my cousins, since we all descend from Mary (maiden name unknown) Wynne Poythress.
2012-07-13 08:16:41 AM  
One of them was a founder of St. Paul, MN.
2012-07-13 08:16:44 AM  
Direct descendent of This Guy. Really.
I look more like him than my granfather for some reason.
Indirectly related to Abe Lincoln.
Had a grandfather who has a statue of him from his civil war days.
Given half a chance, I would mate with casey.lurvs.bacon.
2012-07-13 08:17:04 AM  
One of my great great grand uncles was killed in a classic shootout with the town sherrif over a spilled bottle of vinegar. They both were in a saloon, words were exchanged, they both drew. Great great grand uncle lost,
2012-07-13 08:17:11 AM  

Veritas: Croat

LOVE it. I'm half-Croat, half Scots-Irish.

Found out that my Great Grandfather's occupation, listed on my grandfather's birth record, was "peasant."
2012-07-13 08:19:29 AM  

Bonzo_1116: The Southern Dandy: I heard a story that STATISTICALLY*...there was a guy that lived in South Eastern China around 2000 BC, that we're all descended from. Imagine that.

*offer not valid for native tribes of the Americas or Australian aboriginal peoples.

I can buy Africans, if that Chinese guy had descendents who made it to the middle east. The Arabs got some good penetration in there.

That's not legal anymore.
2012-07-13 08:23:49 AM  
My aunt is part of America's Most Wanted.
2012-07-13 08:25:16 AM  
I'm a descendant of Frederic Passy the first (joint) winner of the Nobel prize... Can't remember how many greats to add.
2012-07-13 08:25:20 AM  
I'm 1/4,096th Montauk. No really, I did the math.
2012-07-13 08:32:39 AM  
Direct descendent of William the Conqueror.
2012-07-13 08:33:20 AM  
Oh Kayyyyy ... I had my family tree done and it dates back to 1066. There's an Earl of Coventry in there, a coat of arms and Everything!

/still no cure for cancer though
2012-07-13 08:36:08 AM  
My great grandfather was the chief editor for the Kansas City Times. And apparently he was such a big deal that his divorce trial made the papers when he moved to California. (Either that or, man, they were hard up for entertainment back then.) But he sued his soon to be ex-wife for cheating on him. She in return said that he was a brute and that he was cheating on her with his stenographer. He denied it. However, he lost and had to pay her ten grand. Which back at the turn of the last century was a hefty sum. Oh, and the stenographer he swore he wasn't having an affair with? He married her two years later. She turned out to be my great grandmother.

Here's one of the many articles about the divorce. This one from 1908 states how the ex-wife won.
2012-07-13 08:36:14 AM  
A german immigrant to the colonies ancestor of mine had 2 medals at the end of the Revolutionary War for his actions against the Red Coats/British
2012-07-13 08:38:06 AM  
My grandfather went to Montreal and brought his sister back across the border using my grandmother's passport.
2012-07-13 08:38:56 AM  
I'm descended from two signers of the Declaration of Independence, both on my mother's side:

Through maternal grandmother I'm descended from Stephen Hopkins.
Through my maternal grandfather I'm descended from Charles Carroll

Every generation of my family on my father's side, myself included, have served in the US Military at some time or another in their life since the Revolution.

I'm 1/16 Cherokee.

I'm very distantly descended of royalty, through Princess Gundred of England (a cousin of William the Conqueror).
2012-07-13 08:39:00 AM  
Oh, and my other grandfather was Overseer of the Poor in Jersey City NJ during the Depression.
2012-07-13 08:40:04 AM  
I'm related to either Lewis or Clark (I've been told several times, but honestly, I don't care enough to remember).
And then also some dude that was a well-known confederate general.


Other than that, family from Germany were killed due to being Mennonites, so they fled in the early 1700's to Pennsylvania.
Quite sad. Only one recorded direct relative made it alive and pretty much (as in, I've been snoopy in the past and people who look for other relatives always come to the same conclusion of who their great great great whatever great grandfather is--which I know is mine from family actually keeping records... and we have his original portrait.) anyone with the surname Gochnauer is related to my family somehow.
2012-07-13 08:40:09 AM  
The character Harry the Horse from Guys and Dolls is based on one of my Great Great Uncles.I am also related to the guy who caught the Son of Sam.
2012-07-13 08:45:26 AM  
Alice, from Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, is my aunt.

/as kids, mom wouldn't let us around Aunt Alice
2012-07-13 08:46:57 AM  

LadyHawke: I'm a direct descendent of Emperor Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire.

My family had a castle outside of Galway, Ireland, until it burned down (you can google it... Castle Menlo), which I've visited twice.

/Mom was in Daughters of the American Revolution
//she's done a ton of genealogy research

Me too! About Charlemagne
2012-07-13 08:50:58 AM  
My original ancestor was a borderland Scot. During the Jacobin rebellion, a band of reivers loyal to Charles and the Lochiel Camerons burned his shop for some reason. A month later, British regulars under the Duke of Cumberland's reprisal raids burned his house. He figured this was a good time to GTFO.

He arrived in Philadelphia with all his worldly goods in a burlap sack he carried over his shoulder and walked the Wagon Road into central NC. The first item he bought was a rifle, which he noted in his Bible he would use "against any prince or priest." He was apparently a belligerent SOB, participating in the Regulator Rebellion, the Revolution, and the Whiskey Rebellion.

We're still here, living on the same land, and still wish to be left the fark alone.
2012-07-13 08:51:04 AM  
My great, great, great, great, grandfather burned down a courthouse in South Carolina to destroy evidence that was to be used against him in an upcoming trial. They caught him and threw him in jail where he was facing "death, without benefit of clergy" if convicted. He escaped and move to Tennessee.

I also had a direct ancestor (a couple more 'greats' up the tree via a different fork) that was a body-guard for George Washington during the revolutionary war.
2012-07-13 08:51:12 AM  
Mayflower, Daughter of the American Revolution, Augustus Cesar and Charlemane, Admiral Dewey ( liberated the philipines)

thats dad for making history interesting....

/Empress lol
2012-07-13 08:52:41 AM  
From what i was told by my mother (who hated my father and his family, and she was batshiat crazy.. so...) I fathers family was in the "Lamont" clan in ireland and was basically almost wiped out by the campbells for being thieving scum.. thus my last name being slightly changed from the original spelling..

She was probably full of shiat.. but knowing my family... i can see it:)
2012-07-13 08:54:54 AM  
My Grandfather's brother has a sizeable Florida Air Force base named after him and my father was named after him.
2012-07-13 08:56:38 AM  
Related to Daniel Boone . And a Son of the American Revolution .
2012-07-13 08:58:23 AM  
One of my ancestors was the 19th Governor of Virginia and nearly bankrupted Thomas Jefferson. No wonder my credit sucks.
2012-07-13 09:00:25 AM  
I have ancestors that fought in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Spanish American War, one relation that died at the Alamo, the American Civil War (aka the War of Northern Aggression), WW1 and WW2. Recent family members fought in Korea and Vietnam. In short, my family can't get along with anyone.
2012-07-13 09:01:15 AM  

bjex: Supposedly, I'm Mayflower material.

Same. I'm a descendant of Mayflower passenger Thomas Rogers.
2012-07-13 09:05:09 AM  

bdub77: I'm related to William the Conqueror

My cousin reckons he's done the history and so am I. The 27th great grandson or something.

Not sure if i buy it, I think I'll have to actually see it before I do...They say that mathematically speaking everyone's related to everyone that far back (although there wasn't much intermarriage between the classes, and DNA tests of english people show that there hasn't been much geographical movement by the majority of the population since the stone age)

My dad reckons it's true though.

I do know that both my great great grandfathers fought in France in WW1, one was wounded at Bullecourt...
2012-07-13 09:06:49 AM  
I am a direct descendant, on the white side of my family, of a seventeenth century British outllaw named John Liddle. He is thought to be the inspiration for the fictional outlaw Little John, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.
2012-07-13 09:07:20 AM  
I'm related to the guy who invented the first mechanical cotton gin which made the process of de-seeding cotton more efficient.

Sadly this had the affect of the South increasing the number of slaves they had (from 700,000 to over 2 million in 10yrs time) since it made cotton a very profitable crop thus leading to the Civil War.

So I have that going for me.
2012-07-13 09:10:13 AM  
My dad and my mom's cousin are both really into the genealogy stuff, so I know more about my ancestry than I really care to. But some interesting things have popped up. On my father's side, my siblings and I are descended from 16th century Spainsh/Galecian nobility. One of my ancestors came with Hernando Cortes to the new world.
2012-07-13 09:13:14 AM  
I'm almost 75% certain that I know who one of my birth parents is, and about 40% certain I know who the other one is.
2012-07-13 09:15:21 AM  
My first cousin, many many times removed, was the original Christmas scrooge of Charles Dickens lore. He was an obnoxiously drunk grave digger who would beat children with a lantern if they sang too close to him in the Dickens tale. He was pounding bootleg liquor while digging a grave on Christmas Eve, when a bunch of goblins harassed him and brought him down to their realm where they showed him images of a Christmas that could be, while also making him drink some nasty liquor concoction that burned his throat. He then woke up from his dream hung over, laying in the grave he dug, and turned his life around to become a nice man who appreciated whatever the hell was the true meaning of christmas that Dickens was trying to portray.

Dickens got the idea of using him as the character in "The Goblins Who Stole a Sextant" when he read about his escapades in the court records of the region he was staying in to write Pickwick Papers. I come from a long line of distinguished drunks. The only other one I will reveal for now is one guy who was wasted at church, so he decided to fart and make profane noises until he got kicked out of the congregation entirely. Lol
2012-07-13 09:16:36 AM  
My great-grandpa Froehlich was Wisconsin's Secretary of State for a few years.

A little later he was a wealthy banker and businessman, but evidently lost most of the money after investing poorly. My sister and a distant cousin discovered that he was forcibly removed from the bank after using its funds for personal speculation. Guess he was born 100 years too early.
2012-07-13 09:17:38 AM  
My dad worked on THIS:


//great work
2012-07-13 09:19:10 AM  
FFS, I just typed out my entire gedcom file for your reading pleasure and the farking screen refreshed or some such shiat.

Royal Bastard of James IV

Ancestors were kidnapped and forced into indentured servitude, rather than willingly contracted into it, by Lt. Gov. Spotswood.

DAR several ways - most of my matrilineal line has been here well before the Revolution

LBJ is my 3rd cousin

Kellie Pickler is my 9th cousin (this is how I got started in genealogy. My mom's maiden name is Pickler and I traced the relationship for her for Christmas a few years ago. My mom, who is 82, met Kellie at a local concert and got her autograph...I think it was one of the most memorable moments of her life). Kellie has closer relations that were killed by a dress catching on fire and a baby that drowned in a bucket of water.

I am also researching my ex-husband's lines for the benefit of our kids. The patrilineal side is descended from accused witches in Salem and a few prominent East Coast, old money families. The matrilineal side were a bunch of illiterate sharecroppers. One had his head blown off by a boobytrap while trying to steal chickens - in 1942. Another child died from neglect in the 1930s when a wound from a pitchfork on his ass was treated with only coal tar and allowed to fester. His grandparents were 8th cousins.

I have lots of stories, notable relations and historical events in my lines. Hoping to eventually unlock my Dad's adoption records to find out whose bastard he was.
2012-07-13 09:20:15 AM  
I'm a Daughter of the American Revolution myself. My father's side came over on one of the first ships to establish a Quaker colony in PA and one of my however-many-great uncles had the dubious honor of being the first white settler killed in that colony by hostile natives. Family then moved to South Carolina in the 18th century and grew a fine salt water raised cotton until my ancestor decided to go into the wool business instead and moved with his brother and their families to Indiana. There they founded a town (still named after us) and had one of the most booming wool businesses in the USA complete with brand recognition. Ancestor's brother decided to keep heading west, even traveled with the Pike expedition through the Rockies. There's a peak named after us as well. Then if you go to Napa Valley the first town in that area was settled by him and that town was, wait for it... named after us. Name's still the same too.

Two boys, one of whom was my ancestor, went against the Quaker faith to run off and join the Union army for moral reasons. One of their sisters made it a personal mission to educate black children in the south but when she realized that wasn't going to be allowed to fly she contributed aid to ferrying escapees West instead.

Rail road didn't go through ancestor's town though and the wool mill suffered. The family's biggest supporter was the government because they got into the military uniform business. Then there was some dick of an inspector who tried to get my very religious and moral great great grandfather to bribe him or else he was going to report that the wool was inferior. Well, after refusing to pay the bribe the business went under and we all scattered in the wind.
2012-07-13 09:21:38 AM  
Oh, yeah, and after my dad dropped out of seminary school in the 50s for it not being Catholic enough anymore he went into acting and I'm all but certain that he banged a pretty popular folk star in the late 50s/early 60s.
2012-07-13 09:25:56 AM  
I have an ancestor who threatened to sue Shakespeare for slander and burn his theatre down.
2012-07-13 09:27:58 AM  
My great-great-grandfather was in a photo in 1893 holding a watch that I now own. It's a Waltham that wasn't made until 1929. All it needs is a new mainspring and it will be as good as new.

Also, no one on that side of my family had any skill with photography until my grandpa, but that was in the 1950's and he only worked with celluloid.

So either my grandpa faked a photo using the Lippman process, or my great-great-grandpa was a time traveller.

/Please let it be time travel... I want the impossible to be possible.
2012-07-13 09:28:57 AM  
I'm very distantly related to several Philippine leaders including Imelda Marcos, which may help explain my obsession with shoes.
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