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(Newser)   Pity poor, poor RIM, which will soon have to make do with just one of its two private jets   ( divider line
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1015 clicks; posted to Business » on 11 Jul 2012 at 3:00 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-07-11 03:08:41 PM  
Sadly, this means that the pilot and crew of one of those two jets will lose their RIM jobs.
2012-07-11 03:32:53 PM  
At this point RIM needs to borrow a page from IBM and stop making consumer level hardware and focus on services.
2012-07-11 04:01:18 PM  

wildcardjack: At this point RIM needs to borrow a page from IBM and stop making consumer level hardware and focus on services.

That's what Balsilli wanted to do. That dude wasn't the smartest bulb in the chandelier, but he had that right.

He also had one of them jets.
2012-07-11 05:26:26 PM  
The problem with this is that now some RIM executives will have to fly commercial.

And we know what happens when RIM executives fly commercial.
2012-07-11 07:03:14 PM  
So I was at Blackberryworld in Orlando a few months ago, and I couldn't help but notice that RIM sent a Towncar and driver to the airport for every single executive that came in, and let them keep it around for the duration. For three days, the driveway of the resort was lined with chaufers and Lincolns waiting around for the management team that ran their company into the ground to take them to Disneyworld. These guys still think they're dominant players.

I took a cab.
2012-07-11 09:31:11 PM  
RIM will be saving an estimated $2.1 million a year to operate the plane, but it won't all be gravy, as its commercial travel expenses will rise. a private jet to save commercial airfare? Brilliant!

/$2.1M will buy a lot of coach tickets.
2012-07-12 07:41:41 AM  
Insert "Generic lame RIMjob pun" here.
2012-07-12 09:21:36 AM  
RIM is the new Palm.

Bondholders should demand the whole place be shuttered before it goes completely under water in every way except literally.
2012-07-12 10:30:30 PM  
If only there was some way for their execs to communicate with places without travelling to them.
2012-07-13 12:14:14 AM  
They'll be as healthy as Nortel soon.
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