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(Independent Journal Review)   Guns don't kill people. People who Google guns kill people   ( divider line
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2202 clicks; posted to Business » on 11 Jul 2012 at 5:20 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-07-12 04:29:47 AM  
Incidentally, if the NRA or the freaks that make up farkstick retarded articles such as this REALLY cared about the access to guns, THIS would be the biggest issue on their minds.

Gun nuts (again, these people, who are a subset of gun OWNERS) may have to re-think their principles if a capital investment firm treats gun manufacturing as Bain Capital treated your average company, by using it as much as possible then gutting/cutting/selling when things aren't profitable enough. I mean, wouldn't THAT be ironic?
2012-07-12 08:00:05 AM  
Where were these guys when Siri was refusing to show people where to get abortions? "TOTALLY LEGAL WAH WAH WAH!!! DERP DERP DERP!"

Peoples ability to get upset over the most asinine shiat never ceases to amaze me.
2012-07-12 08:12:16 AM  

puffy999: cidentally, if the NRA or the freaks that make up farkstick retarded articles such as this REALLY cared about the access to guns, THIS would be the biggest issue on their minds.

OK, so I read the article, and the company isn't some mysterious shadow company, it's all above board, and there isn't some conspiracy to shut down gun manufacturing. TFA points out that many investment companies have shied away from gun manufacturers, but that gun manufacturing (and ammo, and other related industries) are booming right now. It boils down to a company that invested in a manufacturing sector that has been traditionally ignored by most investment firms, at a time when that sector is booming.

I'm *SHOCKED* that a firm would do that.
2012-07-12 01:05:09 PM  
You do not have a constitutional right to sell guns to completely anonymous strangers over the web.

vudukungfu: WHARGOOGLE!

Thanks. I think that could be a useful new word. I Goggled WharGoogle and got 312 hits, many of which were irrelevant and most of which consisted of two words thus: WHAR? Google. Some, however, might be relevant to the definition of WHARGOOGLE.

I suggest that "WHAR? Google" (prefered spellings to be determined) be defined as

1) the Birther-like stupidity and irrationality of Google haters demanding accountability from the search and app Giant;
2) Googling that is motivated by Birther-like hate, paranoia, irrationality, and fear;
3) trying to overwhelm your opponent with idiotic or irrelevant Google search links of the sort belovèd of Birthers, Truthers, and other conspiracy theory makers or consumers.
2012-07-12 01:06:40 PM  
Whoops! Part of an abandoned post was left behind in that last one. No connection between the two.
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