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(The Smoking Gun)   Mugshot of the 28-year-old female teacher found with beer, porn and seven teenagers at her place   ( divider line
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181500 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Nov 2003 at 4:48 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-13 07:13:44 PM  
Whats that spot under her chin?

Oh yeah its a 10 Ft. pole mark.

Ugly pig
2003-11-13 07:13:52 PM  
It's the teacher's face. Get it? Oh well.

It looks more like about 80% of the teacher's face, actually. Would that it were so easy to lose the extra in real life. However, like Akuinnen, I was too busy looking at her boobies the first time. Kudos to you, PhotoCindy! Kudos!
2003-11-13 07:13:57 PM

Niiiice job farkers. Another innocent website takes it in the tonsils courtesy of the farker nation.
2003-11-13 07:15:57 PM  
One word.

2003-11-13 07:16:18 PM  
ya know all the teen do0ds were there just hoping to get some head from her....
2003-11-13 07:16:46 PM  
another in a long line of smoking gun "hotties"

2003-11-13 07:17:46 PM  
Look at her. She is chubby, not great makeup and sort of trying to hard. In highschool, 10 years ago, she was chubby, not great makeup and trying to hard.

So...jump forward, she finally figures out how to get a highschool boy to "go out with her". She gives them beer and porn. She couldn't get that when she was a student, but as a teacher she can score.
2003-11-13 07:18:57 PM  
I saw much worse get rode in college. Real popular at 2am. Of course I never..........
2003-11-13 07:21:26 PM  
She is actually alot better looking than I was expecting, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Still wouldn't hit it, but I'd let her suck it.
2003-11-13 07:24:19 PM  
Lowery! has any body seen Shelly Lowery?

2003-11-13 07:29:12 PM  

In a few more years you'll be able to surf the Net with your personal wireless device that you brought to work with you and see all the "extreme" stuff you want.

Until then, you pretty much have to live with the restrictions. That said, any company that would insist on filtering my Internet access would have one strike against them in any decision I made regarding a long term employment relationship. If there were a way to discretely let management know that, and others feel the same way too, my guess is something might get done about it. Then again if they are "corporate" enough, they'll just replace anyone who moves on with an imported Indian guy from New Delhi, and not gives a rat's ass what you think.

2003-11-13 07:31:33 PM  

Don't forget what beer can achieve
2003-11-13 07:32:10 PM  
Where are the MARTHA STEWART MUGSHOTS? dammit
2003-11-13 07:32:17 PM  
I would NOT hit that.

...unless she had a fat sack of hydro.

...and if she had some good Silvia Saint pr0n.
2003-11-13 07:35:58 PM  
I would hit it.

Of course after being married for 17 years and hitting the same 3 holes the entire time, I would also screw the crack of dawn.
br>Or a small alligator if someone would hold its tail...
2003-11-13 07:39:36 PM  
Human trash.. even if she was hot looking.
2003-11-13 07:41:15 PM  
Sad. Sounds like she wasn't even able to get high school boys interested before the cops showed up.
2003-11-13 07:46:27 PM  
I can't tell if I'd hit it or not, no boobies in picture.
2003-11-13 07:48:18 PM  
The face is not what I expected. Some huge boobies would definitely make up for that though.
2003-11-13 07:49:41 PM  
Dear lord, it's a slightly thinner Rosie O'Donnel! I would have thought that one was enough for this poor, overtaxed world, but no...
2003-11-13 07:49:59 PM  
i like how most of you say you would hit it, but in reality if she asked you and gave you beer and pr0n you would, how many "oh noes i would not hit that" have actually hit anything besides themselves
2003-11-13 07:54:37 PM  
Just a working theory here, but I'm guessing that teacher was looking for a Penthouse moment and never got around to it, because everyone was too busy drinking (in her case to get her courage up). Lucky to get away with minor charges. Doubtful she'll be working for that school system again and will probably have difficulty getting a job elsewhere.

At 14, I would have probably tried to hit it, but been so nervous I couldn't get up, maybe after some more "liquid courage" I would have gotten around to it finally, but it would have been a lackluster 5 minutes for her.

At 19, I would have had a few drinks, then a few more drinks, decided she had a nice mouth, got some oral and hit it after.

At 28 (her age)...probably would not have hit it. Unless I was lonely and *way* drunk.

At 40...if I don't know about this little "shindig" she might make an interesting project. Needy and attention starved, which means she'd be putty in my hands....*evil grin*

Interesting how your perspective changes with time.

2003-11-13 07:55:05 PM  
it's called "The Lewinsky Syndrome"
2003-11-13 07:56:01 PM  

I certainly would not hit that Monica Lewinski look-alike, but I'll guarantee you that, as a 14-year-old boy, I would have hit her or any other female who would have let me. And so would all of you when you were 14.

You win this thread. Hands-down.

Anything after my post is irrelevant.
2003-11-13 08:00:07 PM  
at least they could have photoshopped her for our fantasies sake. DAMN.

Hell I used paint

[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-13 08:02:05 PM  
I'll be one of the people to admit it. At 14 I would have hit it. Hell at 14 when I went to my friends house the fish stopped swimming. She might even be hitable now, it's a mug shot, she might clean up well.
2003-11-13 08:02:36 PM  
When I first head about this, I pictured my 9th grade english teacher. She was hot. Now this....ughh
2003-11-13 08:03:06 PM  
Did we NOT see this coming?
Did we expect her to be drop dead gorgeous?
2003-11-13 08:05:20 PM  
Gah, I wouldn't hit that... maybe in another 40 years when I turn 60 I would...

Just looking at that picture and thinking of hitting it makes my nuts cry out in pain.
2003-11-13 08:10:44 PM  
2003-11-13 08:18:53 PM  
I can see why she had so much beer present...
2003-11-13 08:24:50 PM  
She's not that bad. You fking nerds would code it, as would I.
2003-11-13 08:25:05 PM  
proteus_theta wins
2003-11-13 08:32:49 PM  
LMAO. Ok I'll join in...

AAAGGGGHHHHHHH! NOOO! There goes my mental image. Damn you smoking gun!

2003-11-13 08:42:16 PM  
That's why god invented beer and drugs, so fat heifers like Shelly could get laid too! Still she sets a terrible example as a teacher of young minds. She needs be punished to the max the law will allow, that'll learn her!!
2003-11-13 08:44:56 PM  

just farkin' nasty...
2003-11-13 08:54:17 PM  

phew, that was a close one
2003-11-13 09:08:14 PM  
OMFG! Mrs. Lowery was my 2nd grade teacher!

Oh, that's a different Mrs. Lowery.
2003-11-13 09:10:35 PM  

That is the best gif i have see i a long time!
That teacher (hippo) looks like my my sixth grade teacher that used to put here boobs in my face every day. When I got to jr. high she was knocked up by this kid in eigth grade.
2003-11-13 09:27:59 PM  
Why? Why in the name of anything are all the women who do things like this or testify against pornography such absolutely disgusting lumps of human flesh?
2003-11-13 09:36:41 PM  
I hit it... with a sledgehammer
2003-11-13 09:37:20 PM  
Oh wait, nevermind someone already has...
2003-11-13 09:48:56 PM  
not hot for teacher....

2003-11-13 09:48:59 PM  
I'd hit it now although I'd probably try to keep my firends from finding out - at 16 I'd have wanted to announce it over the school PA.
2003-11-13 09:55:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I would not touch that with a 10 meter cattle prod

Sorry ... Ghostbusters refrence from the 1st one
2003-11-13 10:42:41 PM  
Gawd, not only are kids dumber than ever, they're blind too.
2003-11-13 10:42:56 PM  
Wow...I am so dissapointed.
2003-11-13 10:47:35 PM  
Used to work children's Mental Health in work is done here.
2003-11-13 10:56:04 PM  
Add me to the list of those who would hit it.

** just on principle
2003-11-13 10:58:39 PM  
Are you sure there weren't a bunch of empty kegs layin around
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