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(Chron)   eBay beanie-baby guy IS divorced   ( divider line
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23675 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Nov 2003 at 1:38 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-13 12:29:07 AM  
The silly slpper that bought them is 77 years old?

Can't wait to see those emails.
2003-11-13 12:29:46 AM  
Ok, so I don't have the preview thing turned on.

I meant slapper. Of course.
2003-11-13 12:34:46 AM  
And his story was posted a few hours ago!
2003-11-13 01:43:04 AM  
2003-11-13 01:45:54 AM  
"She says she has reported Kaye to the FBI, the U.S. Postal Service and eBay."
hahahahahaha Stupid old biatch! farking deserves to be ripped-off
2003-11-13 01:48:29 AM  
Stupid old hag knew it was a crap shoot, it's her own tough crap. He said buyer beware, and she wasn't. Tough crap.
2003-11-13 01:51:43 AM  
Anyone who spends more than a couple of drops of piss on stuffed animals gets what they pay for.
2003-11-13 01:53:42 AM  
Funny, she isn't selling anything with her other handle...

Guess I'll have to BUY IT NOW!!!

But let me get this, she is selling the ones that she didn't send off on eBay, while the other ones she did send off are fakes, and she called the FBI? So she is guessing that the ones she didn't send off aren't fakes, but the ones she did are?

Yeah, I see a clear case of do as I say, not as I do.
2003-11-13 01:54:58 AM  
How about he auctions a photoshop of what better good to society these things might bring? Like...

Swiffer mats.
Oil Filters.
Bra Stuffers.

You get the idea... who farking cares?
2003-11-13 01:55:33 AM  
I've seen our cat spending more than a couple of drops of piss on our stuffed animals. They don't pay for anything, the cheap bastards.
2003-11-13 01:56:17 AM  
WTF is a beanie baby?
2003-11-13 01:58:44 AM  
Check this out. Her FBI COMPLAINT.
2003-11-13 01:59:02 AM  
RayD8: An incredibly popular series of day-glo butt plugs.
2003-11-13 02:00:23 AM  
Well I'm just glad that she called the FBI and that my tax dollars are going to be used for this totally worthwhile venture.
Why are stuffed animals less then 10 years old considered to have worth?
2003-11-13 02:02:07 AM  
Tulip Bulbs, man. Tulip bulbs.
2003-11-13 02:02:13 AM  
Bumjube...Thanks for the "slapper" bit. I don't get to hear that much where I am. LMAO.

Oh and the purple bra.
2003-11-13 02:03:03 AM  
Now this is getting odd.... traderlist names her as "J. O'Buck" at glo­rybe­et­o­[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­iamtoh­*com. But the story has her as Pat O'Buck. And the glorybeeto account isn't selling beanie babies. So once again, who is openly commiting fraud on eBay, AND traderlist?!?!

I think that they are real, she just wants her money back. Plus selling them and asking for your money back seems a bit odd don't you think?
2003-11-13 02:05:03 AM  
"She has demanded her money back." but the same day she put them up for auction? she wanted her money back without giving the stuffed animals back?
2003-11-13 02:05:59 AM  
Message sent to Steve Kaye from Traderlist Mediator, Pat

Dear Mr. Kaye,
I am an Internet Fraud Mediator for the Entire Internet Bad Trader List

wow, Pat, such an impressive title. The entire internet you say, Pat?
2003-11-13 02:09:32 AM  
Caveat emptor
2003-11-13 02:12:14 AM  
You know, I read my earlier post and realized it implied that Beanie Babies could be worth more than a couple of drops of piss. I am sorry for the confusion, but they are clearly not worth that much. Thank you.
2003-11-13 02:16:36 AM  
doccm9 - the story posted earlier said he was married, this one says he is divorced, but that there was no affair.
2003-11-13 02:18:15 AM  
Beanie Babies are good for only one thing. As Christmas presents for your girlfriend when its 11:00 on christmas eve, you havent bought a single thing, and the only thing open is a Walgreens.
2003-11-13 02:19:50 AM  
I missed out on this whole auction story fiasco. Anyone have an archive of the auction?
2003-11-13 02:21:00 AM  
Wow, has apathy really sunk in?

I'm not sure if it's physically possible to care less about this article/follow-up/follow-up.
2003-11-13 02:22:34 AM  
people collect the weirdest things, usually ends up in the dump after one generation. stuffed crap is crap. die crap collectors
2003-11-13 02:24:23 AM  
"My particular interest was in the Royal Blue Peanut which has eluded me for my collection."

I'm really, really glad I never got into Beanie Babies, or else I might make statements like that.
2003-11-13 02:29:14 AM  
People still collect this crap?
2003-11-13 02:35:10 AM  
Ok i found a link to the archive,

This is farking hilarious. The old woman is such a farking biatch, they guy wrote a million times that he knew nothing about those stuffed pieces of crap. Im glad she lost and that he got his power tools and beer.
2003-11-13 02:40:50 AM

She SOLD them already! I smell something funny, and it ain't the urine covered beanies!
2003-11-13 02:44:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

GIS. That about covers my views on stuffed animals, old women who can't get enough ebay and the companies which sponser their stupidity (
2003-11-13 02:50:44 AM  
1,289,000 page views ffs.
2003-11-13 02:52:05 AM  
where do the counterfeit forms originate normally? I'd like to know b/c the ones in my possession I'd like to appraise the value of, esp. those very few which I went out of my way to acquire!
2003-11-13 03:01:21 AM  
check out his OTHER auctions. pretty funny eh?
2003-11-13 03:02:01 AM
2003-11-13 03:03:04 AM  
God, this is stupid...

it's fraud to knowingly sell counterfit items... you don't have to go out and get every item you ever feel like selling authenticated to proactively check
2003-11-13 03:03:36 AM  
Fire is cool!
2003-11-13 03:07:17 AM  
2003-11-13 03:20:33 AM  
"The 1500+ beanies in my collection have insisted that I get rid of these interloping buggers because they smell and the rank odor of stale beer upsets their fragile tummies."

The old folks home is calling, biatch.
2003-11-13 03:28:40 AM  
Reminds me of the guy in New York who's defense for murder was that his neighbor's dog told him to do it (Son Of Sam ). I hope they keep her away from sharp objects.

Also what kind of court case could you have if you sell the evidence? I think this is a hoax.
2003-11-13 05:20:05 AM  
It should be used often. At least once a day. You're welcome.

I'd like to see her NARU'ed. Old people shouldn't be using a computer anyway.
2003-11-13 05:38:56 AM  
A sign of intelligence is not to collect anything. (It's true, ask any psychologist or psychiatrist).
2003-11-13 05:49:44 AM  
I collect porn in my cache - I must be a GENIUS
2003-11-13 05:59:22 AM  
HAHA. Those letters to Kaye are hilarious. Tell that OLD FARK TO DROP DEAD or something . First she complains, but she still buys it and STILL COMPLAINS. Then if things doesnt go her way, she calls the post office, FBI, and what not. Wanna call G Bush and see if he will send the navy seals to help you?

If this will help you out old fag, last time i was driving on the freeway, the car in front of me ran over this beanie baby with the tire and the thing just popped up and flew by my car. Wait, I think.. its ROYAL BLUE PEANUT! The elephane beanie...
2003-11-13 06:00:51 AM  
I like that sign that says STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDNT BREED.

heh. I think ill make a new one

"Dumb people do not have the right to talk"
"DUMB FARKS do not have the right to complain"

"Stupid biatches needs to be slapped"
2003-11-13 06:14:15 AM  
"Buyer Beware"

That's awesome. She was sure it was fake but could not resist the greedy temptation to buy it anyway, because after all if it turns out to be fake she can sue for even more, right?
2003-11-13 06:35:22 AM  
Here's another article about it, if it hasn't been listed already:​v02,0,58 96349.story

(too lazy for HTML, it's past midnight here).
2003-11-13 06:38:13 AM  
ah crap it's the original article (from previously), I'm doing a lot of silly things today. Silly oob!
2003-11-13 07:16:38 AM  
Direct all hate mail towards to the stupid woman --> glory­b­eet­o[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamtoh*com .. thanks for wasting tax payer dollars with your high profile FBI Investigation!
2003-11-13 07:52:03 AM  
I had sex with a girl once, her mom collected beanie babies. After I plowed her brains out while mixing nyQuil and dayQuil, I made her give me some beanies. I took a cow and an otter, made up a story that I had to go to work, and went home and played Warcraft. ROCK
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