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2012-07-02 12:22:12 AM  

I would take them both out for pie and black coffee.
2012-07-02 12:24:51 AM  
i.imgur.com i.imgur.com i.imgur.com
2012-07-02 12:26:31 AM  

fragMasterFlash: I would take them both out for pie and black coffee.

Good catch. I thought she looked somewhere in that vein but I couldn't quite reach it. Nice job.
2012-07-02 12:29:51 AM  

Obligatory but still fun.
2012-07-02 12:31:14 AM  
Wash them and bring them to my chambers

/first on this one?
///off to math HW
2012-07-02 12:40:55 AM  


Perhaps it was rubbed off by friction?
2012-07-02 01:01:47 AM  
I was going to say I thought this week's lineup was weak.... Then I checked the comments and now I'm loving it.

Behold the power of Fark.
2012-07-02 01:30:22 AM  


Commence to jigglin'.
2012-07-02 02:19:38 AM  
#1 dont go there dont go there dont go there pleeeeeeze say it dont go there

#3 Who left the gates of hell open? DAMMIT
2012-07-02 02:20:50 AM  

2012-07-02 04:24:35 AM  
#1. Yes, penis went there.
#2. Yeah, but she's crazy. Hmm...Exactly how crazy?
#3. Zombie Spicoli
#7. Birth of a meme.
#8. Me... and... my... SHADOW.
#10. GW's first mugshot.
#16. Hate to see whoever he was assaulting.
2012-07-02 06:35:01 AM  

Trance354: [i.cdn.turner.com image 600x750]
[i.cdn.turner.com image 500x625]
Wash them and bring them to my chambers

/first on this one?
///off to math HW

The hell with that. Leave them just as they are. I'm just going to sully them most completely as it is.
2012-07-02 06:38:38 AM  

2012-07-02 07:17:28 AM  

Bigdogdaddy: [i.cdn.turner.com image 500x627]


His name is Valentino. Pic number 127 in this Link
2012-07-02 08:44:35 AM  
2012-07-02 08:53:14 AM  
2012-07-02 09:10:20 AM  

Balchinian: Dammit.

Trying again.

[i.imgur.com image 500x625]
[i.imgur.com image 442x550]

/mods, plz delete last one, thx

I thought he had more of a Jethro Tull thing going on.
2012-07-02 09:16:27 AM  
Was the traffic offense for # 3 "Driving Without a Soul"???
2012-07-02 10:36:21 AM  

2012-07-02 02:40:54 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: [www.anthonyjosephevans.com image 320x240]
[www.wearysloth.com image 320x240]

My first thought
2012-07-02 04:37:27 PM  

eas81: Dammit Kitty i'm gonna put a foot in your ass!!

[i.cdn.turner.com image 500x622][img.skitch.com image 640x480]

Oh, crap. I *just* saw this.

Sorry man, I totally ripped you off.
2012-07-02 06:17:35 PM  
Sex with Ducks?
2012-07-02 07:47:40 PM  

fragMasterFlash: [img189.imageshack.us image 256x320]
[img152.imageshack.us image 320x242]

I would take them both out for pie and black coffee.

Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Sheryl Lee. Gawddam David Lynch packed that show with some insanely hot women.
2012-07-02 07:49:18 PM  

"What do you need a fake I.D. for?"
"So I can vote!"
2012-07-02 08:12:51 PM  
"...Where we're going, we don't need eyes..."


"Get your hands off me, you damned dirty ape!"
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