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( (St. Petersburg Tim)   Elderly, diabetic Wal-Mart greeter loses home, family after Black Friday shopper attacks her. Wal-Mart: Always low morals. Always   ( divider line
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2012-07-02 11:48:10 AM  

ransack.: Evil Canadian: My wife would side with the greeter on this one, for sure. She did sue Walmart for wrongful termination, and got a settlement out of them. She isn't allowed to say anything about this, but I can!!

Walmart's lawyers are the nastiest, most despicable legal team out there. It took a very long time to get her settlement, and the questions asked during deposition were sought to be threatening and intimidating, along with being far too personal and incredibly traumatizing. It was like getting worked over by Walmart a second time around. There were no threats of violence, but they had spent a lot of money finding out EVERYTHING about my wife - including that she is gay and her partner was also dying of cancer at the time, so how could she possibly have enjoyed life anyhow even though they *might* have done her wrong blah blah blah. Also threats to out her to her next employers, to her family, out her partner publically and all that. Pretty nasty stuff all in all. That was the nice part of the whole thing, compared to the other things they said/imtimated/threatened.

I do feel bad for this woman since she really has no recourse and would be dealing with the sharkiest of landsharks even if she had the resources or support to sue.

Uh how can your wife be gay?

Since gay marriage is legal in Canada, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Evil Canadian is a woman. Women are allowed to use the internet up here and everything.
2012-07-02 11:54:11 AM  

fluffytuff: There's a lot of heartless bastards in here. Who cares if she didn't make the proper choices in her life. Doesn't mean you can't have some sympathy for her. Oh, and to the guy that won't help his dad out with his A/C in the hottest summer so far, because he has payments to make on a car he may not have needed, fark you. Way to thank the man that gave you life, you heartless bastard.

/family helps out family no matter what
//be a better son

Who says I haven't helped him?
2012-07-02 11:59:15 AM  

DjangoStonereaver: This is exactly what the GOP wants the country to become, folks.

This is what full on retard looks like
2012-07-02 12:59:58 PM  
She should have taken a Euro League Soccer player dive the second she was touched. A 40 something angry shopper -vs- a 73 year old lady would have been the financial score for the greeter. Sue walmart for an unsafe workplace, sue the angry shopper for pain and suffering... Win win win, hell even the Walmart lawyers would be hard pressed to be a d-bag when it's a 73 year old woman.
2012-07-02 01:23:33 PM  
I hope she gets some help, and FU Wal-Mart.
2012-07-02 02:43:29 PM  

Jimmiesbluz: "1) Self made woman? She worked at Wal-Mart for 22 years. That isn't "self-made" That is too dumb or unmotivated to do anything better."

Really? How so? If she managed to build a life that she was happy with, made enough money to live in what she considered comfort, and never took a hand out from the state* - how is that something for you to disparage?

* - until now
2012-07-02 07:21:35 PM  

Gyrfalcon: Babwa Wawa: Gyrfalcon: No no, it's all her fault for wanting to live like a human being and have nice things. She should have lived in a hovel and saved her money like a miser just in case something bad happened.

Now who's trolling?

There's a difference between wanting nice things and blowing 18 months of pay on those nice things.

She wanted some nice things, she had the money to buy them, and she had NO REASON to believe she was going to lose her job when she bought them.

She should have been happy to hoard her money or invest it in some Ponzi scheme like everyone else, I guess.

I hate to counter your derp, but if she had the money to buy these things, then why is she now in debt? Put plainly, you don't have the money to buy a house when you get a mortgage- you are betting that you will be able to consistently make the payment until you pay it off, at which point it becomes yours. The other comments in this thread aren't to say she should have bought nothing- but to say that being almost 70 and receiving $50,000 whilst having a mortgage should have been a light bulb to say, "Hey! I could pay off (or seriously reduce) my mortgage, and then I can do whatever with that extra money I'll be getting by not paying a mortgage!" Same with the car- could have went with a used vehicle for thousands less, while sacrificing on practically nothing (if she was patient enough to shop around a bit).

So yeah, go ahead and add me to that haters list, cause I hate it when other people's bad decisions affect me, be it directly or indirectly.
2012-07-03 09:42:46 PM  

Babwa Wawa: CheapEngineer: For those who haven't been keeping score, here's the "miserable farking douchebag" list for this thread.

Babwa Wawa
Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom

\not much interested in separating the trolls from the real douchebags
\\your prize is being favorited in red with "Douchebag"
\\\these posts of yours will be quotes in a year or two when you complain about some misfortune happening to you

You're giving quite a few people around here a pass, aren't you?

What really pisses me off about this story is that there are a shiat-ton of people out there are facing real hardship not of their own making, have none of the safety net that this woman has, and get none of the sympathy.

Well, I can identify most of the trolls.

And good job deflecting "well, things are worse elsewhere, so F this woman".

I'm expected to spend my days actively looking for people who have been sh*t upon, and assign them a dumbass level? There aren't enough hours in the day.

Here's my process: Read story, come to the conclusion "Boy, that sucks. Why the F did they have to do that?". Read next story.

Your process: Read story, assume worst possible options to person, blame then for their troubles, read next story.
2012-07-03 09:45:36 PM  

tarhammer: cruise into your 70's with no savings

Yep, here's the "lets invent some facts and burn her with em" part.

Some people have misfortune. It doesn't make them bad, or f'ing stupid, or lazy if bad things happen in their lives. Sometimes they just do.

\you *have* to be a Republican, above quote is basically the party platform
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