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(Japan Times)   Escaped animals are good for ratings. "In fact, a certain type of commentator dominated social media, cheering the errant penguin on and lamenting his eventual capture. A few of these boosters named him Steve"   ( divider line
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ZAZ [TotalFark]
2012-06-28 08:06:09 AM  
According to other reports, zoo officials have recaptured 38 of the 30 escaped squirrels mentioned in this story. Public awareness is credited.
2012-06-28 08:11:00 AM  
Interesting. I had no idea that Japan has (or had) such a big bear population.
2012-06-28 08:22:08 AM  
Sir Nils Olav, Colonel in Chief of the Norwegian army and resident of Edinburgh Zoo thinks deserters bring shame to the service.

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Sir Nils Olav
2012-06-28 08:30:40 AM  
Steve is a good name for a penguin. Most of the others are named Mortimer or Don or even Ralph.
2012-06-28 08:34:08 AM  
Pity that The Great Penguin Escape was thwarted.
2012-06-28 08:35:50 AM  
Beat them with shovels.
2012-06-28 08:37:15 AM  

apoptotic: Interesting. I had no idea that Japan has (or had) such a big bear population.

Yep. You can even hunt them, which puts this into perspective:

Though Japanese brown bears and black bears are classified as being "threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, thousands are shot every year as a result of contact with people. In 2005, such encounters resulted in 4,679 bear deaths and three human deaths.

I'm guessing that the majority of the bear deaths were the result of sport hunting, with a smaller fraction being from permits issued to take a nuisance bear (ie., one damaging crops or one that is too habituated to human presence and is thus a danger).
2012-06-28 08:37:57 AM  
Then they must be very happy that John Edwards did not go to jail.
2012-06-28 08:42:42 AM  
militarytimes.comView Full Size
2012-06-28 08:44:10 AM  

spentmiles: Beat them with shovels.

Again? My arms are still sore from clubbing with the seals.
2012-06-28 08:54:26 AM  

probesport: [ image 640x395]

I'm pretty sure that Don Stigall, W0RD, isn't happy that they are using his callsign.
2012-06-28 09:03:09 AM  
That Ben Richards turtle is one mean piece of meat!
2012-06-28 09:03:19 AM  

Dheiner: spentmiles: Beat them with shovels.

Again? My arms are still sore from clubbing with the seals.

i48.tinypic.comView Full Size

2012-06-28 09:03:41 AM  

Enormous-Schwanstucker: Steve is a good name for a penguin

2012-06-28 09:34:56 AM  
A few of these boosters named him Steve

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He's looking at you Gargamel.
2012-06-28 10:47:48 AM  
Crazy web memes.

Did you know that Scumbag Steve has a rap video out? Everybody is trying to cash in on their web fame nowadays.

Next thing you know there will be dancing penguins all over the place.

Antarctica Can Haz Dance? Yikes. I hate dance Depression-Era dance contests. Dance contests are boring and stupid.

Feed them all to killer whales is what I say. And then start on the dancing penguins when you run out of Palins, Bonos and Abduls.
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