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(Huffington Post)   Well, if anything should be attached to a flood insurance bill, it's a "fetal personhood" amendment   ( divider line
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2012-06-27 07:17:18 PM  

jshine: HellRaisingHoosier: As a liberal, I'm willing to compromise on abortion if the conservatives will allow universal healthcare and a tax on religious institutions in which the collected funds will go towards social services.

I agree; seems like a worthwhile compromise. Some fraction of women will be unable to travel abroad for an abortion if needed, and may have their lives altered by an unwanted pregnancy, but that number is probably small compared to the number of people whose lives will be destroyed or ended due to a lack of healthcare.

I usually identify as conservative, but that "compromise" is right in line with my actual beliefs, so yeah count me in.

As for women who go overseas for abortion, I say arrest them when/if they come back, same as we do for people who go overseas for child sex tourism.
2012-06-27 09:17:30 PM  

Trivia Jockey: I, for one, would like to see procedure changed so that any amendment to a bill would have to be relevant to that bill.

This is how honest online poker players got farked by the Bush administration, who tacked the online poker ban onto the Safe Harbor Act (a post 9/11 security law).

I want to see a law passed that mandates a vigorous kneeing in the groin for any legislator that sponsers a bill whose summary includes the phrase "and for other purposes".
2012-06-27 09:28:56 PM  

theorellior: meat0918: Tax and spend is a better way than borrow and spend. If we actually had to tax our people to pay for everything they demand, perhaps they'd demand less, or we'd have more motivation to cut or restructure our biggest budget busters.


OOOORRRRR, true to form; we'd demand even more in this gimme gimme gimme culture we have, and in return, demand MOAR taxes so we can spend MOAR and get MOAR stuff for free! Make the rich pay! Yay!!111!!1
2012-06-28 12:01:35 AM  
Flood is a series of streams. Life begins with stream
2012-06-28 12:23:44 AM  
How's that small-government stuff working out for you Repubs, anyway?
2012-06-28 12:09:53 PM  

Man On Pink Corner: How's that small-government stuff working out for you Repubs, anyway?

You believed them? How precious!
2012-06-28 02:42:26 PM  
A "flood of derp" bill?
2012-06-28 07:08:34 PM
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